Cant wait to start a MVFIA

I am quite new to this. Cannot wait to join a group and get to know more of you all. I was wondering what tends to happen; do u all do the same diet so u can empathise with each other?
Im unsure how to lose the weight. Low carb is depressing and wondered if the MVFIA group would encourage me to try something new

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Everybody does what works for them. In the end of the day, all weight loss comes down to a calorie deficit. How you achieve that- low carb, low fat, low sugar, intense exercise, all that matters long term is a sustainable calorie deficit that doesn’t lead to binging and making up the whole week’s spare calories :smile: good luck on your first group!


the groups are good, im in my 1st one and its interesting to see what everyone else is doing.
By being in the group you really think about what you eating. Im obsessed right now, but in a controlled and enjoyable way :slight_smile:
great accountability.

main thing is chnage the bad habits, slowly, ie reduce the crap foods and get more active. if you remove a food group ie low carb you may end up not enjoying the process.


I’ve lost just over 80 lbs since Jan 8th, and the only thing I’ve “given up” completely is sugared (and fake sugared) beverages. Everything in moderation.


So we are put in with 6 other guys and they stick with you for 30 days? Do we all weigh in on the same day etc or is this decided once we get in there?


You weigh in on day 1, day 8, day 15, day 22, day 29, and day 31. You all set achievable goals at the beginning of the group, and hope to hit them over a month :smile:
Every day you will track and post your meals, drinks, and any activities.

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Yeah weigh in once a week on a specific day.
you go onto the main post on here (it has over 1.5k posts) and request to go on the next one.
currenlty there is only 4 in my one, but can get more

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Thanks guys. I will wait for the ‘ready’ badge and then ask to join one. Think ive done all i need so shouldnt be long

Just put a request in on the link below. Groups kick off when they have 7 people. Seems to be a group every few days or so.

how do i get the ready badge?

Hi @TooBigDad
I think I just answered the other post from you however in case any one else sees this -

Once you have done the following it will automatically be issued to you within 24 hours.


  • Update your profile and add an avatar (here’s how).
  • Update your About me and Location in your profile
  • Have at least 5 posts made on the forum and have been granted the MVFIA Ready Badge
  • Reply to this thread and let us know you want to join.

Same here as well. I went for a GP health check last week and was told I was overweight. Crazy thing is that I am quite active, so we’ll see how it goes on here.