Cardiff S2, Cup Finals


Cardiff S2, Cup Finals in the Diff

A manic one it was!

As well as it being the finals of Season 2, We’ve had 19 new members sign up over the past week, most of whom came down last night to meet the fellas, watch the finals and have a friendly after the official games,

On top of that we had ITV come down to do a feature on us, filming and interviewing myself and some of the fellas.

Busy night, but we got through it!

Really glad we we’re able to hold a friendly match so we could let the new fellas get involved, hope everyone enjoyed it!

Anyway… The Results!

Cup finals:

The The Red Chubbernauts defeat Greens (BALOTELLITUBBIES) in the Cup final 12 - 8 & sweep the league this season!

3/4th place match:

Blues (AlltheDeGeaNoIdea) defeat Orange (Citrus Elba F.C.) 9 - 8

The weightloss this season thus far (next week BAF week still counts towards logging weight)

Blue - 31.2k
Green - 24.3k
Orange - 31.5
Red - 76.8

Club total = 168.6 (that’s 371.7lbs)

Man of the match

Blue: Chris B
Red: DJ
Orange: TBC
Green: Kyran

Man of the week

Red: David Noakes
Blue: TBC
Orange: Big Mike

Special mentions, bonuses and all around awsomeness

Hit 5% bonus -
Hit 10% bonus - Ian (he’s been busting his butt of for this, well earned!)
Hit a Hatrick bonus - Jon Searing & Nick Manuel

Some side notes:

Nick had a bit of an injury when making a sharp turn yesterday and suffered what looks like a soft tissue (ligament/tendon) injury, possibly to his ACL.

Really gutted for him as he’d just hit a hatrick and was doing great, hopefully he’ll be back to full health sooner rather than later & will still come down as a non-playing member until he’s ready to play again.

Next week is bring a friend week (details to follow)

Thanks, great week, great season & cup finals.

PS - I’d like to express how much of any amazing job James Stanford, Matthew Maksimovic & David Quinn have all done for the club. Mostly stuff you guys don’t see.

They’ve pretty much been working full time on MVF stuff over the past 2 weeks & quite literally ensured the future of the club for everyone.

I’d be lost without them

Thanks fellas! :slight_smile: