Cardiff: S2, Cup W1


Back on it in the Dif for cup week 1:

We’ve had 6 new guys register over the new year which is great, 5 of whom’s we’re with us last night… welcome to the MVF Cardiff family:

Nick 2 (lol)
& Nigel (who wasn’t with us this week)

We’ve pretty much decided to look at last night as a fresh start & fresh new year, & almost everyone was pleasantly suprised by the LACK of weight they gained over Christmas & new years.

This just shows how much you’ve changed your behaviour which is now functioning on a subconscious level to some degree… many even lost weight over the holiday period.

Well done all, it’s much easier to move forward without having to dig ourselves out of a big hole.

I’m not going to tally the weight this week as every team was slightly up overall due to the holiday period, so it’s a mute point.


The Red Chubbernauts defeat AlltheDeGeaNoIdea 13 - 8

BALOTELLITUBBIES defeat Citrus Elba F.C. 10 - 7

Special mentions:

David ‘DJ’ James smashing things & hitting his 10%


Blue - Geraint on his first week!
Red - DJ
Orange - Mike
Green - hasn’t been nominated yet, will update when I get updated


Red - Will
Blue - Chris
Orange - Jon (showed up on his birthday fair play)

Side note:

Few IT glitches last night with the system I’ve logged back onto today & all seems fine now, apologies for the multiple automatic emails.

Also whatever ‘issues’ there were on the pitch last night, It’s been nipped in the bud, lets keep this in mind going forwards & remember why we’re all here.

Fun, Support, Community, Weightloss!

See you guys next week!


Massive congratulations to all you guys if you gained moderately, maintained within around 3lbs or even lost over Christmas. All the conscious planning and subconscious changes in mindset and behaviour paid dividends for the league and for everyone individually.