Cardiff S2, W4


Week 4 in Cardiff, as a club we’re down almost 80kg so far!

Teams are down:

Blue - 17.6
Green - 12.5
Orange - 21.10
Red - 25.50

Team captains have nominated the following as ‘man of the week’ for the fantastic effort, attitude & support over the course of the week on all things weightloss:

Orange - Nathan & Tom
Blue - Matthew James
Red - David James
Green - Tim O’hara

Well done guys, it’s the habits & behavious that will ultimately lead to results, as we can’t directly control the scale, but we can control what we choose to do!


Blue 11 v 13 Orange

Rev 6 v 11 Green


Orange - Tom
Blue - Maxi
Red - Prousey (borrowed from blues)
Green - Tim O’hara


We’ve got Paul (ref) next week, but he’s then away for 2 weeks, so we’ll need to find a replacement or Captains to arrange player resfs to cover for 2 weeks


“Breakfast burns fat & boosts your metabolism” is a myth, it’s not science or evidence based, you don’t need to eat breakfast if you don’t wake up hungry, you can instead save those calories for later in the day when you’re most hungry

Anyone who tell’s you “it boosts you’re metabolism” doesn’t understand what ‘metabolism’ means

Eat breakfast if you want, or skip it & have a bigger meal later if you don’t want it

But if you do start skipping it, consider taking a healthy snack with you during the day in case you find yourself getting hungry before lunch

Same time next week?

Why not! :slight_smile:


Another amazing week of weight loss from everyone. Great support from @maxnas as always. If you are looking to lose weight in the Cardiff area sign up. You won’t be disappointed with the results!