Cardiff S2, W8


Week 8 in the big Welsh smoke!

Very evident that the cold weather is affecting numbers (as expected)

The weight stuff:

As a club we’re down: 125.30 kg
Blue - 27.30
Green - 20.70
Orange - 17.90
Reds - 52kg, 52 FLIPPING KG!!!

The scores:

Reds v orange

Orange only had 2 players, so according to rules they forfeit the pitch scores

Reds win 17 - 1

Green V blue

On pitch score was 10-3 greens, but blue then borrowed a player when Javier injured his calf which gave greens an extra 2 points for the own goal.

Blues also borrowed a player due to a freak unprecedented situation, as one of their guys (mathew james) was helping the oranges out as a sub in the first game of the night & lost his contact lense, thus meaning he couldn’t play in his own game.

We delegated this to the captains to agree on a decision to make blues play with 5 or allow them to take a sub without scoring an own goal against them due to the unprecedented situation (if they hadn’t have been helping oranges they would have had all their 6 players on the pitch) to which the captains agreed to allow the latter (no own goal)

Final score Greens win 15-9

men of the match:

Red - Jamies McGowan
Orange - David Quinn
Blue - Steve Bullock
Green - Paul Thompson

December goals:

keep these in mind over Christmas & new years

1 - Limiting weight gain compared to previous years is perfect!
2 - Maintaining weight, give or take a few pounds is Amazing!
3 - Losing weight this time of year is exceptional!

PS - Well done to Chris Norman for hitting his 5% & hat-trick in his 4th week!

& also Chris Bruno for hitting his hat-trick (he’s been fighting hard for this, well done mate!)