Cardiff S2, W9,


Final league week of season 2 in Cardiff before we break for Christmas & start the cup in the new year

I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have?

What a change compared to the start of the season (& from what I’m told about last season eh)?

Lower than usual numbers as expected this time of year & with injuries, but once those xmas parties are finished, it’s time to get back on it fellas!

The scores:

Green defeat Orange 8 - 2 (orange pitch score was forefited due to having less than 4 of their own players)

Reds defeat Blues 28 - 12

Captains have nominated ‘men of the week’ for their effort & support off the pitch:

Nathan George
Jon Searing
Owen Gent
Javier Somavilla
David James

The weight:

120.9kg down as a club
Blues - 28.20
Greens 17
Orange 20.4
Reds…55.30!!! :open_mouth:

PS : Congrats to Matthew James for hitting his 5%!

Xmas & NY plans:

As per email from Ben, no session next week but I know you’re going to see if you can get numbers between you & book privately,

Bring a friend week on the 3rd (see email for details)

Officially back to league stuff on the 10th of Jan (start of the cup)

Finally, can I just say that this season has been fantastic in my eyes, as far as the turn around & the club coming together as one big group who all look out for & support each other…

although we do really REALLY need more numbers, we have an amazing foundation to build upon, we just need to bring more people into the fold so we can help & support them

Have a wonderful Christmas & a happy new year all (& thanks so much for the presents, you made me blush) :slight_smile:


Another brilliant week. Really proud to be captain of The Red Chubbernauts winning the league triple (Scale, Pitch and Combined tables)

Thank you for all the support @maxnas

As you can see from our loss statistics in 9 weeks we have shredded off the pitch and become an amazing supportive group. On to the cup!!!