Cardiff season 2, week 5


Week 5 in the diff (wow that’s gone fast!)

Bonus goals galore this week lads!

5% goals hit:
David James
Matthew Maxi
Will Jones
Chris Bruno
Ina Coles

& to top it off Steve Bullock with a hat-trick

MASSIVE well done fellas & lot’s of cheers at the session which was great!

Game scores:

Game 1 saw the Reds defeat the Orange team 19 - 11

Game 2 saw the blues defeat the greens 21 - 18 (Greens smashed it on the pitch but blues smashed it on the scale this week)

Red - Chris Norman (on his first night, diving all over the place saving goals, well done mate!)
Orange - Martyn Williams
Green - Tom Allen
Blue - James Pickett

As a club we’re down by 92kg in 5 weeks
Blue - 24kg
Green - 16kg
Orange - 23kg
Blues - 28kg

Again, well done lads, that’s bloody amazing considering we’re still a small league (at the moment)

Captains have nominated ‘men of the week’ for their solid effort & team support during the past week:

Red - Stan (Captain but nominated by vice captain Nick)
Orange - Ian Coles
Blue - Matthew James


I also want to mention how fantastic everyone is doing this season on & off scale, the atmosphere, camaraderie & inter mixing/communication between teams has been amazing & I’m really starting to see things shaping up as a ‘club’ with teams inside it, rather than a bunch of different teams by themselves

We also had a guy visit this week who just wanted to see the set up & plans to join next week (he said he was impressed by the atmosphere in the weigh-in room & was looking forward to get involved)

Finally a big Welcome to Chris Norman on his first week (also Andy Donaldson who joined last week)

I’ll be online (aqa) Tues 7pm

Smell you later