Cardiff season 2, week 6


Week 6 in the capital went like…

well like a movie

Citrus saw the return of Tom Whapples

It was just like when Batman comes back in Batman rises! (kinda)

More new faces Lee Rogers & Owen Gent (also Paul Conway who hasn’t been able to make his first session yet)

The weight stuff:

As a club we’re 107.70kg down!
Blue - 27kg
Green - 17kg
Orange - 23kg
Reds - 40kg! (WOW!)

James Pickett hitting his 5% for the blues also (well done!)

The scores:

Greens defeat Orange 19 - 5
MOTM - Mouldi & Lee Rogers (in his fist session)

Reds defeat Blues 17 - 11
MOTM - Maxi & Chris Norman

Captains have nominated the following as ‘men of the week’ for the effort & support all things weightloss

Chris Norman
Jamie McGowan
James Pickett
Tom Whapples

Final MASSIVE thanks to the captains who arranged to ref games between themselves as we’re without our usual ref for two weeks

I’d be lost without you guys :slight_smile:

Same time next week!


Another excellent week of weight loss for all. Well done to the referees also.