Cardiff Season 2, Week 7


Week 7 in a very wet Cardiff!

More new faces again with Paul & Huw joining the greens!

The weight stuff:

As a club we’re 110.30kg down!
Blue - 25.4kg
Green - 22.20kg
Orange - 20kg
Reds - 42.70kg! (WOW!!!)

The scores:

First of all, being that it’s December, people are out with injuries & some life situations, tonight was largely a big mix n match for both games, for that reason we haven’t done ‘man of the match’ for this weeks games, as everything was pretty well mixed up between teams borrowing players

Reds defeat Greens 18-17

Orange ties with Blue 2-2

(was actually 14-12 on the pitch, but as the rules state that teams with less than 4 of they’re own players have to forfeit, both teams officially drew on the pitch 0-0, leaving scale & tracking goals to do the work)

Captains have nominated the following as ‘men of the week’

Will Jones
Mike Thompson
Javier Somavilla
& a shout out to the new greens Paul & Huw for taking the plunge and getting started on the journey

Final MASSIVE thanks to @Orangethunder (Nathan) for reffing both games, on a broken leg (he’s still showing up for his team every week although he can’t play right now) as we’re without our usual ref until next week

PS - Will is on stage in theatre starring in ‘The producers’ in January, give him a shout if you’d like to know more

Great week even with limited numbers this week!


One of the best weeks so far. December is busy for us blokes but the guys that are there are consistently losing. There was an excellent squad atmosphere last night. People like Javier who turn up and weigh are so important to the team scores. Well done. Amazing job by @Orangethunder with the whistle tonight. Free flowing games that were lots of fun to play in. Well done for turning up to weigh through injury.


It really was a great ‘club’ environment & enjoyable night

Hat’s off to the fellas who turn up & weigh in for their team even when they can’t play!