Cardiff Season 4

Kicking off S4 here in the diff!

Last night we had our reg/awars night:

Here’s the run-down,


As a club (we’re not just a league, we’re a club who HAS a league) we’ve collectively lost a whopping 491.4kg (1081lbs)

That’s a team breakdown of:

Purple - 73.50
Green - 35.40
Yellow - 79.70
Orange - 41.90
White - 111.60
Black - 71.40
Red - 29.30
Blue - 48.60

5% winners:

|Mr. Christopher Bibby|Mr. Kyran Duggan |Mr. Jon Searing|Mr. Mike Bryan|
|Mr. Darryn Baldwin|Mr. Dody Constantinou |Mr. Billy Jackson|Mr. Shamy O’Donnell|
|Mr. Ben Gleeson|Mr. John Daniel Sarto|Mr. Anthony Jones|Mr. Martyn Williams|
||Mr. Owen Gent|Mr. Chris Bruno|Mr. Chris Norman|
|Mr. Graham Rix|Mr. Paul Rayner|Mr. Eithan Cording|Mr. Mouldi Gouido |
|Mr. Dan Ayre|Mr. Scott Stanton|Mr. Adam Aldridge|Mr. Matthew Burge|

5% & 10% winners:

|Mr. David Irving|Mr. Matthew Williams|Mr. David James|Mr. Mike Hurst|
|Mr. Leighton Mitchell|Mr. Ian Coles|Mr. Tom Chapman|Mr. Matthew Maksimovic |
|Mr. James Courtman|Mr. anthony barry|Mr. James Brown|Mr. Gareth Jenkins|
|Mr. Michael Toynton|Mr. Keenan Wynne|Mr. Lee Caddis|Mr. Kieran Matthews|

Amazing Loser:

Dropping a whopping 20.35% of his bodyweight (24kg/53lbs) MASSIVE well done to David Irving

Also big shout out to James Courtman who almost caught him at 19% (20kg)

Top Scorer

Both scoring 16.5 for the season, Michael Toynton & Gareth Jenkins

BMI Boss

These two fellas have worked their asses off for it & deserve all the praise in the world for reaching a healthy BMI

Ian Coles & Matthew Maksimovic (Maxi)

Now for the team awards:

Season 3 league winners: FC Largentina

Weightloss winners: Auberlean

Total KG winners: F.C FatArselona

Really well done all, amazing season with our new set up of 8 teams & a now HUGE brotherhood of supportive men

Looking forward to seeing you all continue to move forward into season 4

PS - anyone who wasn’t around to collect medals/certificates, I’ll keep them in my folder for when you next attend the session, so if you’re name is listed above make sure to come & ask for your medal/certificate.

PPS - As we only had about 35 of our 80 guys last night, it’s unavoidable that next week will likely be heavily affected time-wise, as we still have about 45 players to take their starting waist measurement, height, weight & enter reg details on the database, then also the usual weekly stats need to be updated,

meaning I probably won’t be able to give individual feedback next week & a few players might not make their fixtures on time,

So if you haven’t had your reg stats taken yet, if you can try to get there a bit early that will help massively & I’ll also ask the team captains to take their members measurements who haven’t yet had it done to help us manage time

I’m thinking of you guys & your fixtures here, not myself.

I’ll be doing the FB lives on Wednesdays around 7/7.30

Stan & Maxi will be alternating the weekly write ups & will get them up for you by the weekend if not before, with every write up appearing on this season 4 thread.

Cheers all,


Season 4 – Week 1

What a start to the season. Obviously nothing can be predicted at this stage in the season, but one thing is for sure, it looks to be another stellar season in Cardiff. A huge welcome to our newbies joining the MANvFAT Cardiff family. If every week is like this I can see BT Sport and Sky getting into a bidding war!


Borussia Dortmunch v F.C. FatArselona

Pitch: 6 v 5 (+4)

Scales: 4 v 5

Combined: 10 v 14

MotM: Dan A and Harry

MotW: Mike C and Mike Hurst (Amazing weight loss and 2 in the nuts!)

Season one got off to an electric start with a well matched affair between the Yellows and the Whites. On the pitch the Yellows won by one but due to taking two subs Whites ran out 9-6 winners for the pitch league.

AuberLean v F.C. Largentina

Pitch: 5 v 4

Scales: 6 v 5

Combined: 11 v 9


MotM: James B and Neil H

MotW: Adrian (AKA the Cat) and Eithan C

Our second match of the night was a bruising affair, which was quite apt as the teams were Purple and Black. AuberLean, defeating the undefeated F.C. Largentina, our reigning league champions at the end of the 28 minutes.

Ballotellitubies v Citrus Elba F.C

Pitch: 6 v 3

Scales: 2 v 2

Combined: 8 v 5

MotM: Paul T and Mark

MotW: Paul R and Billy/Nick

A technicolour affair to open our third fixture with the always organised Orange team facing off against the luminous, in their shirt colour and with their dazzling skills, Greens. The greens finally running out winners after a hard fought game.

Red Chubbernauts v Unathletico Bilblue

Pitch: 0 v 6

Scales: 2 v 2

Combined: 2 v 8

MotM: Chris N and Chris B

MotW: Chris N and James C

Our final game of the night saw the Reds take on the Blues, who looking down at the pitch look anything but unathletic. Final score in favour of the Blues.

Shout outs

5% Club: None (Yet)

10% Club: None (Yet)

BMI Bosses: None (Yet)

Lots of time on this. A few hovering around 3.5% which in one week is blooming amazing. Especially after losing over 1000lb last season!


Absolutely love it mate!!! Good to be up and running again for season 4!!!

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Another solid summer week in the dif!

The games:

Orange 7 v 6 Red
White 10 v 23 Blue
Black 24 v 5 Green
Yellow 11 v 14 Purple


Yellow - Dai / James C
Purple - Lee / Ben
Black - Eithan / Nathan
Blue - Paul D / Chris I
Red - Tom / Billy
Green - Manny / Maxi
White - Stan / James C

The 5% club

Dai Irving & James Courtman smashing the 5% in the 2nd week!

Apologies to Jon Searing, who I said had his 5%, but it wasn’t the case (my fault)

The 10% club


Team total weightloss so far this season

Purple - 24.6
Green - 9.4
Yellow - 18.3
Orange - 10.4
White - 24.4
Black - 21.6
Red - 11.3
Blue - 18.6

**Club total weight loss so far - 138.6kg **

Till next week…

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Season 4 - Week 3 Summary.

WOW! What a week, i think we had it all this week down in sunny Cardiff. Goals, Injury’s, Pen’s, Hat-tricks, 5%'s Milestones and a total of 54 Goals scored on the pitch! AMAZING and its only week 3!!

The 1st Match we saw a real goal fest. The Inform Auberlean take on the Weight Kings of last season FatArselona aka The White team in what promised to be exciting contest on and off the pitch and it did not disappoint. The match began with both sides cagey before The Purples began to dictate the game forcing the Whites to chase the ball. It wasn’t long until the Home side Auberlean took the lead through Joe after a neat pass from Skipper Dejay from the right side. The Purples began to move through the gears but the Whites showing resilience as they they forced 2 saves from Purples keeper Adrian early on. However It wasn’t long before Purples threw on some reinforcements and despite pulling off an impressive 3 saves in succession the Whites GK Leighton was beaten shortly after by Aled. The Whites however never let their heads drop and kept forcing the Purples back but it was a very good counter attack from the Purples which saw a great 3 feet pass move with Lee Caddis unleashing a beautiful strike only for the White’s GK Leighton to pull off another class save. It was apparent that the Purples were growing in confidence and it wasn’t long before the lively Aled after some more neat football managed to dink a cheeky placed shot over the Whites keeper to make it 4-0 at the half. The second half started as the first ended with the quick tempo, but it was the Purples who drew first blood by bagging a couple of quickfire goals through Darryn & Dejay. Had it not been for 3 more excellent saves from Leighton who appeared to be a brick wall despite what the score suggests in the White goals. The Whites chose to press more and ended up scoring midway through the 2nd half after some nice play involving 11 a side starlet Mike Hirst who constantly made a nuisance of himself. The Purples appeared to take their foot off the gas and adopted a counter attack approach by keeping the ball, passing to feet and it wasn’t too long before their skipper Dejay bagged a top corner worldie beating MOM contender Leighton once more. With the Purples growing in confidence once again Aled managed to score a cheeky dummy slash back heel in what could have, if not, been goal of the game but goal of the night. The score stood at 9-1 Auberlean. Time was running out for the Whites but they did not stop working hard with the Purples GK tested on 2 more occasions and had it not been for 2 decent saves and the post saving the Purples the Whites could have found themselves right back in it. Sadly with time ticking, the Purples managed to extend their lead again finishing the game with every outfield player getting on the scoresheet in one game. That is some stat! Not sure we have witnessed that before. Final Pitch score Auberlean 15-1 FatArselona.

Overall Match Score: Auberlean 27-11 Fat Arselona

Auberlean MOTW - Lee Caddis
Auberlean MOM - James
FatArselona MOTW - Mike H
FatArselona MOM - Harry

Special Mentions - Well Done Lee Caddis of Auberlean and Mike Hirst of FatArselona who both hit their 5% Weightloss this week, well done chaps, amazing work!

The second match involved BalotelliTubbies v Borussia Dortmunch. The Yellow’s visited the Tubbies without Captain Will plus 2 others this evening but certainly showed they can manage without their talisman in particular. The Green machines welcomed back Paul R and MvF most experienced CB in their other Paul who have been seriously missed recently. The game started off very even with both sides playing some fantastic neat football. Both sides had 3 shots apiece in the first 5 mins which you would assume their would be as many goals as the first match. How wrong we are! The Yellows scored against the run of play with a tidy well worked goal from the rejuvenated Dan A. However the Yellows didn’t rest on their laurels and we witnessed another strike from Dan to make it 2-0 to the visiting side. The Greens with a couple of absentee’s and with a couple of experienced faces returning to their line up saw a nice team goal from the 11’s new call up Kyran who scored a very nice strike from long range which appears to be his trademark this season. With the match becoming a very intriguing, unpredictable, end to end contest the Greens ‘go to guy’ and last seasons top scorer Mo picked up the ball and managed to turn the ‘Munch’ defender and curled a lovely left foot chip to the top bin of the Yellow’s Goal. There was nothing Ben Gleeson could do. What a finish! With the game ending at 2-2 at the half it was game on for the 2nd half. With the rest done and the competitiveness building it wasn’t long after the half before Yellow’s striker Pete fell and suffered a nasty bang, however he decided that he was ok and chose to carry on. The Greens pushed and pushed and thought they found an opening but a fantastic double save from Yellow’s keeper Ben Gleeson. As a result it was the Yellows turn to build some more confidence and decided to push for a another and managed to bag 2 more with the best of both strikes coming from now hat-trick hero Dan A with a sweet strike after some good work from Scott combining with the Yellow’s back line.
Sadly while chasing the ball Pete of the Yellows pulled up and shortly after had to be substituted no-thanks to his previous injury. Undeterred the yellows brought on a topless Gareth Jenkins to replace their striker and opted to chance the 2 goal penalty in favor for more goals. The change didn’t appear to disrupt the match as Manchester bound Scott Stanton managed to slot his first of 2 in the match making it 5-2 and the Yellows now having that one goal cushion after taking the 2 goal penalty. Later on the Greens appeared to tire therefore the Yellows capitalized buy notching in 2 more goals to take the on field score 8-2 at the final whistle.

Overall Match Score: Ballotelli Tubbies 8-15 Borussia Dortmunch

BallotelliTubbies MOTW - Mike T
BallotelliTubbies MOM - The GK
Borussia Dortmunch - MOTW - Pete
Borussia Dortmunch - MOM - Ben G

The 3rd match was described by many as easiest one to predict of tonights fixtures, but as always in MvF nothing is ever certain and there was almost another shock on our hands. It featured FC Largentina v Red Chubbanauts. Sadly the Reds didn’t have enough players to field therefore had to borrow and chose inform goalscoring striker James Courtman. The match started off quite nervy with both sides pushing for the opener. Both keepers found themselves tested for either sides but it wasn’t to long before the loanee Courtman bagged his first slotting past the stranded Blacks Keeper Maksimovic. With the Blacks known for their quick passing it wasn’t long before the home side pushed ahead with a couple of goals from Jenks and Kieran. As stated a few fans thought this game was expected to be a one sided affair but never was that the case on the pitch. So with some good work from the right mid a nice through ball from Lewys put Courtman through to level the game. Haftime 2-2. It’s Game On!
The Blacks kicked off the half looking for the early goal and no sooner did Kieran Matthews stake his claim for scoring the quickest goal in MvF history after scoring a tidy finish in just 11/12 seconds after the restart according to the referee. The game began much as it did in the first half with several chances for both sides and it was Black Skipper Adam A who bagged the visiting sides 4th after some good work from Jenks on the left. The game was certainly hotting up with the Reds heavily reliant on their loanee striker much of the time, As the match progressed it was the Reds who proved to be more difficult to break down after they decided to field 1 up top with the ‘men behind the ball’ approach hoping to starve the Blacks of the ball closing down any sort of attack. It was obvious that it was route one when the Red backline got the ball looking to find Courtman each time and it wasn’t too long before the Ginger man bagged his hat-trick slotting through the Backs GK’s legs. This tactic appeared to cause the Blacks a lot of problems. Was there another upset on the cards?
Soon after the Blacks drew on their experience and managed to restore the lead through skipper Adam and sub Kieran again with some good passing involving Neil in the middle of the park going in to the last few mins of the game. With more movement from Kieran M & Jenks the Blacks managed to bag another late on ending the game 13-7 winners including the 2 goal penalty for the Reds having to borrow.

Overall Match Score: Red Chubbernauts 7-13 FC Largentina

Blacks MOM - Gareth Jenkins
Blacks MOTW - Matthew Maksimovic
Reds MOM - Anthony Jones
Reds MOTW - N/A

Special Mention: Eithan Cording who managed to secure his 5% for this 2nd successive season, Well Done bother.

Finally we finish with Unathletico Bilblue v Citrus Elba. This is one of the oldest fixtures in the Cardiff MvF so you would think both sides knew each other well. Not tonight. There was just 3 players on the pitch combined from both sides that was present from season 1 from a possible 20. So this was a tough one to call. The game began with a few half chances so after a good 5/6min the game remained a stalemate. Citrus came tonight looking depleted with no subs stating they have 3/4 players missing from their ranks and 1 leaving. But despite this came to win and gave more than a good account of themselves. Around the 8/9min mark with some good running the inform Courtman for the Blues he continued his scoring form to put the Blues ahead. The Blue side could have doubled their lead but for the post preventing Adam O’s shot on 2 occasions. With some more good passing the Blues did double their lead thanks to new player Rhys Sellers with a nice mid range strike. Just before the half Citrus had a couple good chances through Tom & the ever reliable Billy but 2 good saves from the homes side keeper kept Citrus at bay. The game went in 2 to the good for the Blues.
The second half kicked off with Citrus wanting to take the game to the leaders forcing Blues keeper 2 saves both from Citrus talisman Dave Quinn. The game stared to become an end to end affair with Citrus player Gareth clawing one back for the former Cup champions soon after the half. The Blues didn’t waste no time in restoring a 2 goal lead through Adam Owen who took his shot tally for tonight’s match to 4, which is unusually quiet for him. With both teams tiring the game slowed a little with no goals for 4 mins but in the last 4mins despite there being a couple chances each one from Billy but sadly outstreched meant the Blues keeper was able to collect. Soon after the Blues bagged 2 more through Sellers and a Courtman pen pretty much putting the game to bed. Citrus battled on and Dave Quinn managed to chase a loose ball down the left only for the Blue’s keeper to stand his ground picking up the rolling ball. Time was almost up on the pitch but always time for a Dave Quinn special, it however ended up nothing more than a consolation strike form the Citrus legend Quinny, who does love a strikers goal. You can never leave him unmarked! So that left the score on pitch ending at 7-2 to The Blues.

Overall Match Score: Unathletico Bilblue 11-9 Citrus Elba

Blues MOM - Adam O
Blues MOTW - James
Citrus MOM - Mark W
Citrus MOTW - Billy J

Special mention goes to Billy, who also smashed his 5% tonight, a massive achievement buddy. Well Done.

So a great night of football was accompanied with another great night on the scales. 4 more players hit the 5% milestone in just 3 weeks and continue to show why the Cardiff league is in such high demand.

This week we welcome an old Man v Fat player from season 1, he’s decided to return back to the MvF family and look forward to helping Chris reach his goals & targets.

As a footnote Cardiff MvF are pleased to announce that we have 3 Teams going up to partake in the National Man v Fat festival in Manchester. Be great to meet so many more people involved with this fantastic program.

So till next time chaps, have an amazing week.



Brilliant write up @maxi-83

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As the rest of the UK is enjoying the sun, Wimbledon and England actually reaching a world cup final, the lads in Cardiff have been doing what they do best, Losing weight and scoring goals and this week has been no different, with some fantastic games on the pitch, and some fantastic losses on the scales.

We start off this week with our Big losers with 3 new members of the 5% weight loss club big shout outs to

Anthony Barry
Scott Stanton
Dan Ayre

Well done lads you are absolute heros

And we also had James Courtman who not only scores 10 million goals a game but also hit his 10% this week and hit maintenence this week which he has been working so hard for and this is so well deserved well done james!! we are so proud of you buddy

Now onto this weeks games

the first game this week was the silent underdogs the ballotellitubbies vs the regenerated FC Fatarsealona the on pitch score was 6-4 to the whites in a close game with some fantastic goals and skills on show the final score was 13-6 to the whites.

The whites man of the match was: Chris
the whites man of the week was: Anthony for getting his 5%

the second game of the evening was the red chubbernaughts vs the in form Auberlean, again this match did not disappoint and as the sun started to go down in cardiff the on pitch score was 5-2 to the purples with a final score of 12-7 to the purples.

The Red man of the match was:Anthony:
The red man of the week was:Anthony

The purple man of the match was: Dejay
The purple man of the week was: Matt B

Our third game of the evening saw the unbeatable Unathletico Bilblue vs Bourissia Dortmunch this fiery affair finished 7-4 to the blues with a final score of 17-13 to the yellows which highlight just how important those weight goals can be and why the yellows are the weight loss masters.

The Blue man of the match was:Chris Bruno
The blue man of the week was James C

The yellow man of the match was: Ben G
The yellow men of the week are scott and dan for their 5%s

Our final Game of the week was the Old boys of Citrus Elba FC vs our current league champions Fc Largentina, with citrus having to borrow 2 players this handed the blacks a 4 goal headstart but it didnt stop this from being a hugely competitive game and the blacks showed why they won the league last season with a fantastic team performance with notable leadership from maxi against a spirited citrus side. the on pitch score was 12-4 with a final score of 21-6 to the blacks.

The Citrus man of the match was Billy
The Citrus man of the week was Billy

The Black man of the match was Eithan
The Black man of the week was Jenks for letting someone else get man of the match

and that is everything that happened this week in sunny cardiff

until next time



Season 4 Week 6
Another scorcher in the 'diff and away from the pitch we can definately see some summer bods being created. In pitchside scenes not witnessed outside of the Costa del Sol, FC Largentina decided to have a team sunbathing session, suns out guns out! Cue the wolf whistles and whoops of sheer delight from passers by. Aled and Dejay, looking like the new Top Gun film will need to be recast - rocking aviators and chiseled jaw lines and Chris N swapping the glove glu this week for factor 5, high quality tanning oil - helpfully rubbed into his back by several members of the red team (there was a queue by the way)

All joking aside, and lets be completely honest - everyone is looking so much better. As Nas says one off scale weights can be misleading and has shared how his own weight fluctuates from morning to night, day to day, so the off-scale measures such as belt holes, changing clothes sizes, feeling less bloated, puffing less have got to be celebrated just as much. Wives, girlfiends, colleagues and aquantences who havent seen us in months or years are often better jusdges of the drastic changes that we dont see day to day. Perhaps this week almost halfway through the season would be a good time to share your before and after pictures with your team chats and get another mini-boost. Anyway on to the equally sizzling football.


Borussia Dortmunch v F.C. Citrus Elba

Pitch: 14 v 2

Scales: 6 v 6

Combined: 20 v 8

MotM: Will and Mark

MotW: Nathan and Dan Ashcroft

While the on pitch score was heavily in the yellow’s favour, with only three players in attendance a lot to celebrate for the oranges with a 6 all draw being ground out on the scales.

FC FatArselona v F.C. Largentina

Pitch: 2 v 8 (+2)

Scales: 4 v 8

Combined: 6 v 18

MotM: Leighton and Jenks

MotW: Anthony B and Adam A

Defending league champions, blacks, at their scintilating best outgunned a five man (Thanks to James C for stepping in) white team. As the song goes it don’t matter if your black or white, unless you had a fiver on the outsiders FC FatArselona!

Auberlean v Athletico Bilblue

Pitch: 11 v 10

Scales: 12 v 3

Combined: 23 v 13

MotM: Adam and Liam

MotW: James/Darren and Paul

A close finish to a game where Purples started strongly and blues finished with a flourish almost snatching the draw, all bar one final goal. Purples once again showing, while they do it with style on the pitch they also know how to finesse the scales with a strong scales win also.

Balotellitubbies v Red Chubbernauts

Pitch: 5 v 4

Scales: 9 v 6

Combined: 14 v 10

MotM: Anthony and Kyran

MotW: Chris N (a massive 5.2kg loss) and Mike T

Another close fought affair and with the sun going down on the pitch greens managed to edge the reds by a margin of one goal. The story of the night though came on the scales with Owen and Chris N trading blows gaining their 5% in the same week. In reality Owen created the scales win from a certain draw by scoring his 3 goals.

Shout outs

5% Club: Chris N and Owen G

10% Club: None this week

BMI Bosses: None this week

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Game one:

Red Chubbernauts vs Fc Fatarsealona

On pitch score 2-1 to the whites
Final score 8-7 to the whites

Red Man of the Match: Norm
Red Man Of The Week: Lewis
Whites Man Of The Match: Leighton
Whites Man Of The Week: Anthony

Game 2

Unathletico Bilblue vs The Balotellitubbies

On Pitch Score 5-0 to the blues (green forfeit)
Final score : 10-1 to the blues

Blue Man of the match: Liam
Blue Man Of The Week: Mike
Green Men Of The Match: Owen Mouldi and Paul
Green Men of the week: Owen Mouldi and Paul

Game 3

Citrus Elba v AuberLean

On pitch Score 8-2 to the Purples
Final score 15-5 to the Purples

Orange Man Of The Match: Tom
Orange Man Of The Week: Nathan
Purple Man Of The Match: TBC
Purple Man Of The Week: Aled

Game 4

FC Largentina vs Borussia Dortmunch

On pitch score 4-1 to the Blacks
Final score 10-5 to the Blacks

Black Man of the Match: Maxi the Cat
Black Man of the Week: Dody
Yellow Man of the Match: Dan
Yellow Man Of The Week: Dan

Total weight lost as a club at the halfway point of season 4 262.4kg!!!

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Sorry to butt in here , but I just wanted to give a shout out to the Cardiff boys in our group in Manchester

special mention to Chris (dodgy haircut) and Ash (the slim one who scored all the goals)

looks like a good set up you have down there … I look forward to seeing some of you for an 11 a side game soon.

Rich (Choux Army - Northampton Goalie)

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Season 4 Week 8
Holiday season (coupled with a few unavoidable injuries) meant that we were missing a few this week, but as we know its the fat loss that counts and a few have returned from holiday recently with solid maintains or even a small loss. Shout out tho John D Sarto for coming back from a three week holiday and sporting a 6kg loss. Unbelievable tekkers!


FC FatArselona v Borussia Dortmunch

Pitch: 4 v 0

Scales: 10 v 7

Combined: 14 v 7

MotM: Leighton and Dan

MotW: John and Ben

With a hard fought out victory, a 4-0 scoreline didnt do this tense and close affair justice. Leighton, the Whites keeper, kept them in the game at several points. A win puts Whites into the top half of the table. They’re heading for Europe!

F.C. Largentina v Auberlean

Pitch: 5 v 7

Scales: 7 v 10

Combined: 12 v 17

MotM: Jenks and Joe

MotW: Burge and Adrian

Now this was really a top of the table, 6 pointer. In the end Auberlean overcame Largentina despite the game looking like it could go either way at any stage. An exibition match of how to play MvFF for any spectator. The season isnt won by the Purples yet only being two points clear, but they are very well placed.

F.C. Citrus Elba v Ballotellitubbies

Pitch: 5 v 0 (Forfeitted match)

Scales: 3 v 4

Combined: 8 v 4

MotM: Michael and Owen/Mouldi/Paul

MotW: Mark and Owen/Mouldi/Paul

Thank you to everyone who stepped in to play this fixture. Both teams were at least two men down and a very enjoyable friendly was played by all. Enjoyable for everone but the ref as it turned into a multicoloured shirt affair. A great example of what MvFF is all about, being part of a club and working together.

Athletico Bilblue v Red Chubbernauts

Pitch: 11 v 7 (+2)

Scales: 5 v 5

Combined: 16 v 14

MotM: Liam and Normski

MotW: Liam and Lewis

We finished our evening with the in form Blues versus the Reds. A enjoyable and hard fought match that was close, but no where near as close as the draw on the scales. A shining example of how even one extra tracking goal on the scales can level the match or even help you to win it.

Shout outs

5% Club: John D Sarto

10% Club: None this week

BMI Bosses: None this week

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The games:

Orange 3 v 13 Red
White 4 v 17 Blue
Black 9 v 0 Green
Yellow 16 v 15 Purple


White - Anthony / Bruni
Yellow - Dan & Irv / Clive??? (who the hell is this? lol)
Purple - Joe / Pete
Blue - Chris / Leighton
Red - Chris M / Billy the kid
Black - Matthew Wren / everybody for making sure there was a ‘green’ team to so the blacks could play

The 5% club

Chris Bruo & David James (under 95kg, whooop!)

The 10% club

Dai Irving… obviously lol

Shout out to Dan Arye for getting under 25 BMI!

Team total weightloss so far this season

Purple - 37.3
Green - 14.1
Yellow - 40.8
Orange - 9.5
White - 50.1
Black - 36
Red - 30.3
Blue - 28.2

**Club total weight loss so far - 270.3kg **

Till next week fellas!


The games:


White - Chris & Anthony / Matt
Yellow - Dan /Owen
Purple - Aled / Anthony
Blue - Liam / Billy
Red - Shammy / Keiron
Black - Marek / Gareth
Green - Kyran & Paul / Pete
Orange - Michael / Liam

The 5% club


The 10% club

Anthony Barry & Mike Hurst

Shout out Aled & James C for getting under 25 BMI & Chris Bruno for getting into single digits!

Lot’s of hatricks also, but not all written down sorry

Team total weightloss so far this season


Club total weight loss so far - 284.40 kg

Till next week fellas!


Sorry for the lack of write ups folks,

Here’s the deets for the penultimate week of this season

The scores

Special mentions

Congrats to - Owen Gent, Billy Jackson & James Stanford for hitting their 10% goals!

I don’t have MOTM/MOTW details sorry, they’re lost in a mass of whatsapp messages that I’ll never be able to recover in a million lifetimes

Ahhhh… whatsapp… I long for the good old days of landlines :stuck_out_tongue:

See you next week for the final fixtures of this season!

Thanks Coach @maxnas Best week of MvF in 4 seasons for me. A super enjoyable match against the blacks.