Cardiff Season 4

Kicking off S4 here in the diff!

Last night we had our reg/awars night:

Here’s the run-down,


As a club (we’re not just a league, we’re a club who HAS a league) we’ve collectively lost a whopping 491.4kg (1081lbs)

That’s a team breakdown of:

Purple - 73.50
Green - 35.40
Yellow - 79.70
Orange - 41.90
White - 111.60
Black - 71.40
Red - 29.30
Blue - 48.60

5% winners:

|Mr. Christopher Bibby|Mr. Kyran Duggan |Mr. Jon Searing|Mr. Mike Bryan|
|Mr. Darryn Baldwin|Mr. Dody Constantinou |Mr. Billy Jackson|Mr. Shamy O’Donnell|
|Mr. Ben Gleeson|Mr. John Daniel Sarto|Mr. Anthony Jones|Mr. Martyn Williams|
||Mr. Owen Gent|Mr. Chris Bruno|Mr. Chris Norman|
|Mr. Graham Rix|Mr. Paul Rayner|Mr. Eithan Cording|Mr. Mouldi Gouido |
|Mr. Dan Ayre|Mr. Scott Stanton|Mr. Adam Aldridge|Mr. Matthew Burge|

5% & 10% winners:

|Mr. David Irving|Mr. Matthew Williams|Mr. David James|Mr. Mike Hurst|
|Mr. Leighton Mitchell|Mr. Ian Coles|Mr. Tom Chapman|Mr. Matthew Maksimovic |
|Mr. James Courtman|Mr. anthony barry|Mr. James Brown|Mr. Gareth Jenkins|
|Mr. Michael Toynton|Mr. Keenan Wynne|Mr. Lee Caddis|Mr. Kieran Matthews|

Amazing Loser:

Dropping a whopping 20.35% of his bodyweight (24kg/53lbs) MASSIVE well done to David Irving

Also big shout out to James Courtman who almost caught him at 19% (20kg)

Top Scorer

Both scoring 16.5 for the season, Michael Toynton & Gareth Jenkins

BMI Boss

These two fellas have worked their asses off for it & deserve all the praise in the world for reaching a healthy BMI

Ian Coles & Matthew Maksimovic (Maxi)

Now for the team awards:

Season 3 league winners: FC Largentina

Weightloss winners: Auberlean

Total KG winners: F.C FatArselona

Really well done all, amazing season with our new set up of 8 teams & a now HUGE brotherhood of supportive men

Looking forward to seeing you all continue to move forward into season 4

PS - anyone who wasn’t around to collect medals/certificates, I’ll keep them in my folder for when you next attend the session, so if you’re name is listed above make sure to come & ask for your medal/certificate.

PPS - As we only had about 35 of our 80 guys last night, it’s unavoidable that next week will likely be heavily affected time-wise, as we still have about 45 players to take their starting waist measurement, height, weight & enter reg details on the database, then also the usual weekly stats need to be updated,

meaning I probably won’t be able to give individual feedback next week & a few players might not make their fixtures on time,

So if you haven’t had your reg stats taken yet, if you can try to get there a bit early that will help massively & I’ll also ask the team captains to take their members measurements who haven’t yet had it done to help us manage time

I’m thinking of you guys & your fixtures here, not myself.

I’ll be doing the FB lives on Wednesdays around 7/7.30

Stan & Maxi will be alternating the weekly write ups & will get them up for you by the weekend if not before, with every write up appearing on this season 4 thread.

Cheers all,


Season 4 – Week 1

What a start to the season. Obviously nothing can be predicted at this stage in the season, but one thing is for sure, it looks to be another stellar season in Cardiff. A huge welcome to our newbies joining the MANvFAT Cardiff family. If every week is like this I can see BT Sport and Sky getting into a bidding war!


Borussia Dortmunch v F.C. FatArselona

Pitch: 6 v 5 (+4)

Scales: 4 v 5

Combined: 10 v 14

MotM: Dan A and Harry

MotW: Mike C and Mike Hurst (Amazing weight loss and 2 in the nuts!)

Season one got off to an electric start with a well matched affair between the Yellows and the Whites. On the pitch the Yellows won by one but due to taking two subs Whites ran out 9-6 winners for the pitch league.

AuberLean v F.C. Largentina

Pitch: 5 v 4

Scales: 6 v 5

Combined: 11 v 9


MotM: James B and Neil H

MotW: Adrian (AKA the Cat) and Eithan C

Our second match of the night was a bruising affair, which was quite apt as the teams were Purple and Black. AuberLean, defeating the undefeated F.C. Largentina, our reigning league champions at the end of the 28 minutes.

Ballotellitubies v Citrus Elba F.C

Pitch: 6 v 3

Scales: 2 v 2

Combined: 8 v 5

MotM: Paul T and Mark

MotW: Paul R and Billy/Nick

A technicolour affair to open our third fixture with the always organised Orange team facing off against the luminous, in their shirt colour and with their dazzling skills, Greens. The greens finally running out winners after a hard fought game.

Red Chubbernauts v Unathletico Bilblue

Pitch: 0 v 6

Scales: 2 v 2

Combined: 2 v 8

MotM: Chris N and Chris B

MotW: Chris N and James C

Our final game of the night saw the Reds take on the Blues, who looking down at the pitch look anything but unathletic. Final score in favour of the Blues.

Shout outs

5% Club: None (Yet)

10% Club: None (Yet)

BMI Bosses: None (Yet)

Lots of time on this. A few hovering around 3.5% which in one week is blooming amazing. Especially after losing over 1000lb last season!


Absolutely love it mate!!! Good to be up and running again for season 4!!!

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