Catch up with captains part one

Stu Bromley
Fridge raiders

Played in the West Brom league for 9 months.

I love the fact I can now get into xxxl clothes from primark :joy:.

Im a fan of the NFL and wanted to incorporate one of the team names into our name, and it was the wife’s brainwave to have fridge raiders.

The Chef of the team has to be Ronnie. Always putting in the chat the great food that he’s cooked himself and it really gives us all ideas.

My first game I ever played, after 3 minutes, I was completely shattered. Now I play for an hour on Wednesdays with the guys from the league and I’ve also started playing with the 11 a side team. Something I never thought I’d be able to do again.

I lost 13.5kg in my first season which really gave me the emphasis to go again and also captain a team this season. Also in our first 11 a side game I was made captain for the day for my achievements which I was very happy with.

Well done Stu great progress and insight into team :clap: here’s a comparison photo of progress so far

Sean Derrington
The Leftovers

I’m into 4th season at West Brom league
Main difference is my waist line has shrunk.
For team name we all talked in whatsapp group and then came up with ideas and picked best one we liked.
no one is really a chef we tend to motivate ourselves with banter. Rob b is probably the joker of the pack. One day he may pass to Jimmy.
I can now play football for an hour without coming off.
Most memorable game we lost a game 8-0 on the pitch we came off downbeat. Within an hour the group was bouncing we had scored 16 weight loss goals to completely turn the result. We went on to win the league that year that result was definitely the cataylist. It proves it’s the effort of that pitch that matters most.
I joined manvfat football in June 2017 into the oldbury league and currently play in two leagues

Paul Slaney
Nacho average team

I’ve been in the West Brom league since it started beginning of 2018.
Played for black pudding , OB city, Aston Vanilla, Bayern munchies and now Nacho average team
when I started I had recently come back off a knee injury which plays up every now and then had keyhole surgery. I can play outfield minutes in the 11s game that we set up, I can fit into a team kit when I play on sundays instead of taking my own. I used to be xxxl now can get into XL.
This season team name came from us all throwing ideas in and this one stuck, also change if team colour to bright orange.
All of the team have great ideas the team group helps massively see all sorts of ideas. But I do like super Jeff’s home made kebab meat :meat_on_bone:, there has been a lot of meals shared where you feel you can go and try it out.
I have recently signed up to play Sunday football league as cover for goalkeeper as they are short there was no chance of me doing this over the last year or so.
Had many battles on the pitch over the seasons a couple that stick in mind one was OB city vs largentina always a battle quite like a local derby we had a free kick last kick of the game and it looked like someone would shoot but I got the ball and scored from an angle so last second pitch win. Another is playing for Aston Vanilla I was out injured this week we had a nightmare on pitch lost 8-0 was receiving end of banter but when the overall result went in we took the game on weight was awesome shows what ManVFat is all about enjoy the football but the diet if you go well can massively change results.
I joined Manvfat in jan 2018.

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