Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


Lads we post on here from the 1st and every week I’ll start a new thread to keep it tidy.

At the minute I have @Zero4 @atb88 @Steve_Green @Darren_Welch @Chocoholic @Unimatrix0 @Biffa94 @Josh @Orion1 @Drums1875 @martinwhite

Have I left anyone out? If anyone else wants to join feel free

First week back from the holidays, Still so hard to stay under my daily limit

Ok Salad dodgers, I’m 6lbs up on last weeks weigh in, something to do with having to bulk up for the kids (I was playing Santa this year)

Loads of carbs over the last week, so I’m pretty relaxed that some of that weight will be water retention.

Been out for an early morning walk and got 12k steps under my belt already.

Back to proper IF eating framework tomorrow; eating between 1200 and 1800. Might struggle with that discipline today due to NYE family party


Hey @Greenballs, I know others have offered - I am also happy to help out with a spreadsheet if you need it.

I’m pretty good with that sh!t, although not nearly as good as @rkr786 (with me you wont get individual updates, just a progress sheet and League table and maybe a trend chart (for those competitive types - who, me??). I have the advantage of being ‘sorta’ retired, so can spend time (enjoying) playing around with this sort of stuff. Just an offer - let me know


About 11lbs up from a fortnight ago.

Back tracking today, but like above, ignoring tonight but dedicated to the cause completely from tomorrow.

Similar plan range that should generate a 7000+ calorie deficit each week if my calculations are correct.


Whoever wants to. The job is there is people want to volunteer themselves. Just as a means to keep track feel free get one set up. Just needs to be something simple


I haven’t been to my MVF session since the first week of December and I’ve put on 3KG, currently 111.8kg, I’m not too upset about that considering I’ve been totally off it. I’m well up for this challenge but not starting until the 2nd because I need to eat to get over my inevitable hangover tomorrow


Yet again sat here feeling sick from overeating. Hit the weights at gym this morn so that’s something. Christmas chocs now all gone. Binned the last of the toffees and other bits we’re not bothered on. Cannot wait to get started now


I don’t know whether to enjoy life in the smugzone, or chastise myself for placing myself in an impossible position in the ‘lose 20 lbs by Pancake Day’… I’ve bombed through Christmas week and lost 3.4 lbs despite the celebrations which added to the 3.6 lbs of the previous week.

Everyone else seems to be enjoying having got themselves on a ‘false’ high and I’m embarrassed by my weightloss premature ejaculation…

I have, however, two sneaky cards up my sleeve. I reckon I’ve cracked the code of daily intermittent fasting BUT:

…this is one trump card, my eating window has been around 5 hours (19:5) because I’ve been supping wine over the holiday period once I’d actually stopped foodstuffs, but I will be following 22:2 , I reckon, from tomorrow, so that’ll be 22 hours in fasted mode making around 4 hours of that each day in fat-burning mode.

…my second trump card will be starting ‘Dry January’…so I’m anticipating further and continued losses even though I’ll likely to be weighing in within 16 lbs of my optimum weight! If I lose 20 lbs in this group I should be overdrawn!

We’ll see… I’m wholly convinced that Intermittent Fasting will achieve for me what I require…getting me to 180 lbs, but if another 4 lbs looks like a better fighting weight when I get there I’ll go the whole 20 !


Looking forward to this, gents!

Like you, @Zero4, I’ve lost weight over this period. I started on Christmas Eve at 379lbs and weighed in today at 373lbs - this was after getting up to 384lbs on Boxing Day!

Fortunately, I have a bit more of an advantage in the forthcoming weeks!

@Chocoholic - you’re lucky it’s not day 1 otherwise there’d be some grief coming your way. As it’s day zero, enjoy today, get your fixes out the way and let’s get this done!

For the rest of you, let’s f*cking go!


Nope, my Christmas food blitz was in full swing when I signed up to this party.

Happy New Year food…


That’s what I mean! is that going to do if not bosh your weight up as high as poss for tomorrow’s weigh-in!! I don’t blame you, or anyone else… I’ve £ucked up, that’s all (I feel fine though!..the point WAS, after all, to lose weight and be fit, just not ahead of the start of a ‘challenge’!


To be fair:

Breakfast -porridge, banana
Elevenses - boiled egg, apple
Lunch - sweet chilli mackerel salad

That’s about 739 calories. Yes I will probably do double my daily allowance by the end of this evening, but I haven’t cared the whole festive period. Even the healthiest people indulge at Christmas. I haven’t gone up a size because of Christmas, I have been for a run this evening after work.

But in the interests of fairness, I’ll take my weight now, as my MvF football weighins are on a monday night so my 'new week always starts on a tuesday (i.e. tomorrow!)

105.6kg, which I make as 232.80lbs. My I have enjoyed Christmas…


@atb88 Uh oh my first warning! Tbf I’ve chucked out a load of crap food in time for the big start tomo. Was quite empowering seeing it all slide into the bin instead of my fat gut

Hope you all have a good NYE and a happy and healthy 2019!


A little bit of Chinese take out tonight and life is back to normal. I’m dropping pizza and soda from my January diet. Although it is diet soda, I am quite addicted to it, but there is no value to it. Gonna try that water.


@Orion1 There’s still calories (and totally empty useless one’s at that) in it…go for carbonated water, no flavourings. I find it staves off any hunger pangs I might get on my 22 hour fasts.

It doesn’t spike your insulin levels and make you feel hungry when you aren’t genuinely hungry, so has to be better than both your options which WILL do that (make you feel hungry within an hour).




I lost weight over xmas but not loads. I went out sum1 i kno said hav u lost weight? I was like eeh no? Lol
Iv not slept yet am still in 2018 haha. Today am not gona b up2 much like.cannit see me hav much appetite tho, so thats gd. Need 2 sleep!!


Good morning campers.
Up early as struggling with a really bad cold over the last couple of days. Nearly bedridden but not succumbed to it. You’re dead a long time.
I’ve weighed in a massive 322lbs this morning. Putting on about a stone over the last 3 weeks. Obviously 20 lb is the target but i shall be trying to get below the 300 lb mark. Nearly got there a month ago but the fat bloke returned. Dont know why when i got so close. A new day, a new year, something to use as a starting point.
Hope everyone has a good 2 months. Is there a weigh in thread @Greenballs

Oh by the way. I never had a drink last night due to illness. Can’t do a dry month as I’ve got the missus birthday in a fortnight and already booked a meal and a weekend away.


Here we go!

Today I’m going out with my housemate to watch the football and most likely consume too many alcohol free beers and not eat the best of foods.

BUT - I’ll be skipping a meal to ensure the calorie count doesn’t go too high and I intend to go to the gym provided we get back at a reasonable hour. If not, I’ll hopefully get a good few steps in around London.

I weighed in this morning at 372.25lbs, the lowest I’ve weighed in years and I’m looking forward to shifting to 352.25lbs or less! This is my start weight for the group, I’ll be using my scales at home instead of the football scales. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a discrepancy between them and I feel the home scales are more accurate. Either way, they track a loss and that’s all that counts.

I uninstalled all of the games from my phone after the bells symbolising the start of a stronger, more productive and well read me.

Let’s do this, gents, my year is here, hope yours is too!