Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


@Orion1 There’s still calories (and totally empty useless one’s at that) in it…go for carbonated water, no flavourings. I find it staves off any hunger pangs I might get on my 22 hour fasts.

It doesn’t spike your insulin levels and make you feel hungry when you aren’t genuinely hungry, so has to be better than both your options which WILL do that (make you feel hungry within an hour).




I lost weight over xmas but not loads. I went out sum1 i kno said hav u lost weight? I was like eeh no? Lol
Iv not slept yet am still in 2018 haha. Today am not gona b up2 much like.cannit see me hav much appetite tho, so thats gd. Need 2 sleep!!


Good morning campers.
Up early as struggling with a really bad cold over the last couple of days. Nearly bedridden but not succumbed to it. You’re dead a long time.
I’ve weighed in a massive 322lbs this morning. Putting on about a stone over the last 3 weeks. Obviously 20 lb is the target but i shall be trying to get below the 300 lb mark. Nearly got there a month ago but the fat bloke returned. Dont know why when i got so close. A new day, a new year, something to use as a starting point.
Hope everyone has a good 2 months. Is there a weigh in thread @Greenballs

Oh by the way. I never had a drink last night due to illness. Can’t do a dry month as I’ve got the missus birthday in a fortnight and already booked a meal and a weekend away.


Here we go!

Today I’m going out with my housemate to watch the football and most likely consume too many alcohol free beers and not eat the best of foods.

BUT - I’ll be skipping a meal to ensure the calorie count doesn’t go too high and I intend to go to the gym provided we get back at a reasonable hour. If not, I’ll hopefully get a good few steps in around London.

I weighed in this morning at 372.25lbs, the lowest I’ve weighed in years and I’m looking forward to shifting to 352.25lbs or less! This is my start weight for the group, I’ll be using my scales at home instead of the football scales. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a discrepancy between them and I feel the home scales are more accurate. Either way, they track a loss and that’s all that counts.

I uninstalled all of the games from my phone after the bells symbolising the start of a stronger, more productive and well read me.

Let’s do this, gents, my year is here, hope yours is too!



Weight logged. Good luck everyone! Let’s do this


Starting off today at 286. Up a few from before Xmas so I’m aiming for as close to 260 as I can. That will be 26. Gym booked for later as I slept in for this mornings class after a feed of wine.

Nearly 3 here and not up long. Only had a chicken and toast with some coffee.



Nah seriously… game on.


Added my weight to main thread. 296lb
Today I am taking down the decs tree etc then will get a 2k walk in later today. Eating healthy today and that’s already sorted so I just have to make sure no bad snacking and that i do my exercise.


Morning. I am planning 2 sleep or at least in bed til 3 it is off 2 a good start with my intenmittent fast plan. I rly want beans on toast 4tea with them wee sausages in. I am not at the gym cos it closed. I will weigh myself 2moro or 2day if i get out. Eitherway it will b a number n everyweek i will kno its that number minus whatever. Am lookin forward 2 get in2 my gym routine again.
Im lookin back on 2018 i made a new year resolution but i failed it. No resolutions 4me this year just a winning mentality n smash all my goals


Down about 3 lbs on christmas day despite quite a bit of troughing. Offset by a 12.8 mile walk on xmas day and 14 miles on Sunday.


Morning lads. So hungover this morning and have offered to take the in-laws out for a meal (wish me luck!) I probably will consume a lot of food to get over the hangover but from tomorrow i’m properly on it. Once I find the motivation to get out of bed I’ll post my weight. This week I’ll be weighing on my scales but for the rest of it I’ll use the MVF ones moving forward once it starts again as I trust them more than mine!


That’s a lot of walking! Was it part of a hike?


The party’s over, all the shite food has been either binned or offloaded to others :laughing:

I’m back to proper food planning and execution today. 2L of water consumed so far as well; target is 4L.


Got up too late for breakfast so went for a run.

I am not a runner and 2 or 3km is my limit it seems.

The missus is pointing out how much unopened crap is about and I have said she can either eat it all or give it away. :+1:

Now time for lunch, think I’ll make one of these with salad for 300 calories all in.


That looks amazing :heart_eyes: is it gammon?


I need 2b clever when i shop cos am rly worry about food waste but i dont think its a good idea 4me just eat everything


Hi @Steve_Green they were both based on walks organised by the local councils ‘walking for health’ scheme. They have (generally) short walks every week, and people usually drive to and from the start points. They were started as a means of getting people back into exercise, so many of them really aren’t at all challenging for anyone who is relatively fit, but it is a good social group. I just figured to challenge myself some more I would walk to and from the walk. So the christmas day walk included 7 miles to and from, and the Sunday walk 9 miles to and from.


It’s 2 microwave omelettes, with chilli flakes added before cooking, with bacon, lettuce & tomato with a dash of lighter than light mayo.

250 calories on it’s own (no different to bowl of cereal really) so has plenty of protein and so delicious.

Today’s version: