Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


Know how you feel mate. It’s the first week back of our football league and I’m too f’ing ill to play!! I’ve signed up for the gym and got my first match and I’ve come down with strep throat. I’ll still turn up though and get my weigh in as a minimum.


At weighin. 1.4kg down since Monday night.
So target hit this week anyway. :+1:


I’m struggling today, won’t be able to go to the gym as I’m having to work late. To make matters worse I’ve already eaten all my calories for the day, it’s going to take a lot of willpower to resist an evening snack!


Good work dazza


Got out for a walk this evening 4.5km with the fam.
Food plan stayed as posted didn’t have anything else this evening and it’s now 11.15🤘🏻


For tomorrow lads. If anyone fancies doing a spreadsheet feel free but we can keep an eye on this one. If people want to record weight and weight lost in brackets. :+1:t2:


Great work mate!


Evening all. Interesting to see everyone’s approach to weight loss and how differently we are all tackling it. Looks like you’re all doing really well, nice one lads.

Hit gym again this morning and today has been my best day’s eating yet. And 3 days now lactose free, which has been tough at times

Weigh in day tomorrow!


Cheers lads.
So 943 calories consumed before weighin, already planned to have the same same stir fry and fruit/yogurt as yesterday when I get home soon.

Add in football tonight and a dog walk and today’s deficit will sit at about 1000 calories. That’s against the LoseIt ‘lose1kg’ figure too.

Good way to continue into week 2.


Another good day. Have to say I am feeling more positive about IF today than yesterday, although not yet as loved up as @Zero4 . I am not feeling hungry during the day - which I guess shows I was just eating out of habit rather than necessity (“Just got up, must be time to eat breakfast” etc). I have made a deal with myself that if I do feel hungry at “lunchtime”, I will eat at “lunchtime”, but 4 days in and feeling ok.

Broke fast at 6 pm today (an hour later than yesterday) for 2 and a half hours. Up to that point only had black coffee and water. Dinner was chicken and prawn paella with added veg (800gr/460cals) followed by frozen blueberries and 0 fat Greek yogurt (400gr/230cals). Also OJ, and tea/coffee with s/s milk.

Total cals in around 900. Offset by almost 1600 cals burned on 14.2 mile walk.


I messed up calorie couting again cos i cudnt figure how much was in my tea :frowning: try again 2moro. Done IF tho :+1:


Not been able to eat much due to bad throat but have tried to eat the same as usual to keep up the steady WL
Breakfast was porridge and choc protein powder
Lunch was a risotto thing but I only ate about half
And for dinner just some tomato soup and 2 scoops of low cal ben and Jerry’s

3 litres (ish) of water consumed and absolutely no exercise done due to feeling crap. My season starts next week.


Evening, all, been busy today and must sleep.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: 4 cheese ravioli, side salad, slice of garlic bread.
D: Cheese ploughmans sandwich, salt and vinegar Snack a Jacks, veggie risotto.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

Fingers crossed for the weigh in tomorrow!


Had to leave the house earlier today due to bringing son to school for a meeting and forgot to post. Had a sandwich and jello for lunch and two eggs for breakfast. Dinner was 8 chicken wings. I just got back in from finishing my walking to get up to 5 miles. Looking forward to tomorrow’s weigh in.


ok, so between Wednsday of last week, and this morning, I was limiting myself to 1900 calories. And I lost 5.1 pounds. Idk were my limit is, but I know that is way too low. I’m upping my limit to 2000 calories, and going to see where that leaves me.


Pretty good day for me and a solid start to the week. Have made a visual note of my weight loss target and stuck it on my desk planner so i have to look at it all day.

4 litres of water
Breakfast: none
Mid morning snack: none
Lunch: left over chicken fajitas - 704 calories Beef roast dinner with apple pie dessert - 1473 calories
Mid afternoon snack: Biltong - 163 calories
Dinner: left over Beef roast dinner - 982 calories
Evening snack: nothing
Total calories in: 1849

23k steps
1 mile run on treadmill
Weights workout
1 hour walk with the dog

Total calories out: 4246
Daily deficit: 2397 calories


Some great week 1 numbers being pulled on weigh in thread so far… Jump on the scales lads and join the fat loss party!


@Greenballs - week 2 thread?

4.25lbs lost in week 1. :muscle:t2:


Lads post in here from today.


sorry guys - I have a lot on at the moment so struggling to make the time to prioritise this (I had a rough christmas which has resulted in my priorities being shifted drastically). I just wanted to check in briefly and give you guys the update. I do apologise.

It would be wrong of me to commit at present to anything and offer to set something up because i genuinely can’t spare the time at present guys. Sorry!

If my situation changes pretty soon, I’ll be back and straight in to help.

Apologies guys.

Best of luck with the weight loss in the mean time and hopefully speak soon