Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


Thank you. That makes sense it does add up. Sorry it I sound stupid here though but if I’m only burning say 100-200 calories to me it doesn’t seem worth it because it’s so much easier for me to cut those calories out of my diet, is all that hard work really worth it for a packet of crisps or whatever. That’s my thinking a lot of the time.


Yes mate!! I honestly was the LAST person u wud ever think will get in2 the gym, but iv been gan strong over 3yrs. I dont mean that 2 boast just mean i can ANYONE can
At this point i think the biggest thing is gettin in2 that routine. Once ur in that habit its likely u gona stick at it. Set urself a thing 2 go 2-3times a week or whatever. Then go. If u ONLY manage 15 mins that dont even matter at this point cos its about gettin in that routine. Again, focus on the stuff u like. If u hate the rowing machine but like the treadmill 4 example, go easy on it n focus on what u enjoy. Mebbes further down the line thats not as good advice but right now i think its good 2 make it as fun 4 urself as possible not punishing. Again, more likely 2 stick with it.
I also think if possible stick 2 regular days 2go.

Note obv. Am not a trainer or qualified in owt, thats just my bit fat lad at the gym tips i learnt in my own experience if they help.


@JPLANT Good to see you’re around my weight. Actually I’m 3 lb heavier I think so I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress.

@Josh Get to the gym. My advice is tho, get a plan and stick to it. There’s plenty of apps on your phone that you can follow. Also read up on the exercise you want to work on. It all helps. I’m currently going in on my own as my gym buddy has gone away for 3 months. So need to bite the bullet and get in there.

Food wise a bit hit and miss today. 2 bacon and egg on toast for breakfast. Popped into a country butcher’s and bought a small pork pie and a packet of pork scratcings. Shares them with the wife. This was my lunch.
Popped into another farm shop for a cup of tea and a slice of sponge cake.
Tea was an omelette with the remaining piri piri chicken wings. (5).

Still no exercise due to this cold. Havnt had a decent nights sleep for a week now. Hopefully I think it’s getting better.

Plan is I’ll be back in work Monday and going to the gym on the night. Let’s get tonight and tomorrow out of the way.


So here’s the thing. Lost 5 stone (ok 4 stone after the Xmas feast), not once did I step in a gym.

Bought an exercise bike, still use it.
Bought a 2nd and treadmill, sold it after 3 weeks for a profit.
Own a few dumbbells and should use them more.

Anyway, sometimes you need to cut out meat for a bigger portion. Sweet chilli & garlic vegetables with rice for 604 calories.


Thats the good thing, theres plenty ways 2 do it.
I havnt got the space 4 bikes n that. But even if i did, the gym is important to me. Its not just about fitness or weightloss even. Havin sumthing 2 go in the evenings were i can b around ppl n feel am acheiving things…it really helps me. I got in2 the gym weirdly when i was in hospital. They had a gym there n i got in2 just 4summit 2do. But it rly helpd me n i decided i was gona stick w it. Its still helpin me now. No more hospital since then.

But also i kno ppl includin u who lost loads without the gym so whatever works…what they say…sumthing about weightloss bein mainly in the kitchen :plate_with_cutlery:


Evening, all.

@Chocoholic - hope today has been better than your shocking attempt at yesterday! Glad you’re getting it under control, look forward to hearing how you got on.

Good day today, skipped breakfast as I tend to do on the weekends and had two vegan ready meals with extra broccoli added. Obsessed with broccoli currently, it’s cheap, quick, easy and tastes great.

B: N/A
L: Wicked Kitchen cauliflower curry with rice and small onion bhajis, broccoli.
D: Wicked Kitchen butternut curry with rice, broccoli.
S: Chocolate Halo Top ice cream.
E: N/A
W: Over 3 litres.

Snacked on some Halo Top low calorie ice cream which hit the mark to get rid of the cravings for chocolate and didn’t blow the calorie bank wide open. Finished on approximately 1,600 calories for the day, if that.


@Drums1875 … pork pie and a packet of pork scratcings. …top £ucking nosh! There’s a chap with health foods in mind. How long have you been so diligently vegan? !!:joy::joy:


…and a new slimline picture / avatar I do believe @atb88 ?


Indeed, Sir. Great observational skills! I’ve read your most recent message and will be responding in due course, just been busy today, mate.


Had a great day food wise for a Saturday! As I mentioned earlier I signed up for the gym and cleaned my car today (inside and out, probably a few calories burned!)

Breakfast; Bacon in sandwich thins (x2)
Lunch; leftover beef stroganoff
Dinner; Steak, a few potatoes and mixed veg

Only snack was an apple

Drank 4 litres of water too


Something strange happened tonight.
Decided to take the dog for another long walk, meh might as well do the same route as this morning…

About 10 minutes in, decided to test the dog out as a pacemaker, she stayed in front the whole time and we shaved a fair bit off the time, although I stopped the watch by the shop the corner as the staff were on the path locking up.

Food wise at about 1800 calories including a bit of chocolate, but the walk and now run will keep a decent deficit for the day.


Early evening and have about 4.7 in miles, so I going to go out down the street and back to get the goal.
Dinner was a large tuna salad. It was from a take out place and better than a sub sandwich or fried food and I vowed I would not eat pizza this month. The tuna sucked. I actually feel sick to my stomach now. Hopefully it will pass soon.
So for the most part I was on point today even with the rain.


Tuna needs something to season/flavour in my book.

I normally use lighter than light mayo, 11 calories per spoon…


When my work makes it, the tuna is awesome. Not this take out place. Reminded the Mrs. to never let me order that from them again. Two hours later and still feel sick.


Brand new to MVF…need to lose 100lbs if I’m honest with myself. 330lbs is not a good weight to be at. My wife bought me the MVF book for Christmas - she’s been trying to get me to lose weight for years but I’ve never consistently stuck at anything and always end up back at my starting weight.

20lbs by PanCake day is a great challenge. I’ll post my weight on 8th on the other thread.


Welcome. Good group here and a lot in for the long haul. Started off mvf myself at 319 I’m now 279 so it can be done :+1:t2:


Another good day - starting to build a streak now with no slip ups. I also bought a desktop planner that I’ve written my:

Current weight
Target weight

I’ve mapped this out for the next couple of months worth of Mondays. I have to look at it constantly as I sit at my desk. No excuses this year.

4 litres of water
Breakfast: none
Mid morning snack: none
Lunch: left over Dominos pizza - 820 calories
Mid afternoon snack: Biltong - 163 calories
Dinner: chicken fajitas - 1056 calories
Evening snack: nothing
Total calories in: 2039

23k steps
1 mile run on treadmill
1 hour Kickboxing

Total calories out: 4370
Daily deficit: 2331 calories


A good day again yesterday. After Fridays ‘accidental’ IF day, I made a conscious effort to do it yesterday, with a view to seeing if I could sustain it. If I stick with IF (and it’s a big IF) :slight_smile: , I’ll need to get smarter with my food, to ensure all the carbs/protein/fat and nutrients I need are included in my (basically) one meal, and also enough calories to last me 24 hours. For the last two days I have just had more of what I would normally have for dinner. Also worried about the amount of coffee I am drinking!

So yesterday just black coffee and water until 6pm then 3 bean chilli with extra veg followed by ‘Berries and Cherries’ and 0 fat Greek yogurt. Over a kilo of food, and I reckon less than a 1000 calories in total.

@Steve_Green Very impressed with all that exercise!


Iv been doin IF, might not stick with it but wanna see how it goes


Welcome. I started at 276, got down to 216 during the summer, currently 232, will be sub 200 by pancake day and ultimately aiming for 176 as that is slap bang in the middle of a healthy weight.

I can do it, YOU can do it.