Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


Wow! That’s a lot of exercise. I’m impressed!


I was down at 249 nearly 6 years ago and have steadily put it all back on since then. Buggered my knee running and just got too lethargic. Looking to get back on the rowing machine this week as my exercise levels are appallingly low - 3hrs in a car commuting does not help either…I can do this but my problem has always been sustaining the weight loss.


Didnt get up until nearly 11am.

Only had an apple so far & it’s nearly 2pm.
Dog got a longer walk than yesterday. Well no, her walk was the same but I was still walking when she was tied up outside the local Co-op.

Bought junk that the missus wanted & fresh strawberries & raspberries for my dessert later.


Up and ready to face the day. About to do the weekly grocery shopping with the wife. Grabbing a tea on the way. A long two hour meeting today which aims to be boring and won’t allow me time to walk around and it’s smack dab in the middle of the afternoon.


@Biffa94 how you getting on with it? I’m only on my third day - surprised I haven’t felt more hungry.


It works really well on days am not in work. Still find it hard on days when i am in work tho. If am in early an i hav quite a physical job, aye it can feel like a long wait til lunch!!


So the belated lunch, all teenagers & older were out so pretty pointless thinking of a full roast dinner anyway.

So I took a packet of stir fry, added mushrooms, hunter chicken sauce (Asda low calorie) & wholegrain rice to make a vegetable risotto type affair. Made 3 portions so 2 are cooling down for in the week.

Half the pack of strawberries, half the pack of raspberries with yogurt for dessert…

Decent calorie figure for the 2 meals (the figures are one-third of each part…)

Edt: after posting, decided that it was having banana too.


Alright lads. I’ve been sorting and getting prepped up for work and working on my exercise plan. Thought I’d jump on the scales for an idea on where I’m at and dropped a couple of lb. Checked with my recording on my phone and I’ve recorded the wrong weight for last week. Trying to convert st and lb to just lb got it completely wrong. So I’ve changed it on the weigh in post. Here is my pic of it.

Anyway, I’ve had a sausage and egg, and a bacon and egg on toast this morning. Only 1 would have done but missus bought the other 1 in so ate it.

Lunch come tea was a roast chicken dinner. Hopefully that’s it for today.

Still feeling crap but going in tomorrow. Still struggling to sleep and now the missus is coming down with it. Was going to try and do some light bike down the gym but head is feeling a bit fuzzy so going to get into tomorrow.

Sorry for the crap post but that’s what we’re here for. Not just the good but the bad as well. Good luck everyone


Good for you mate, I’m in pretty much the exact same boat, joining up is a great step!


Yesterday was a bit of a right off for me, after a few sandwiches for Breakfast I proceeded to eat a couple of brownies and chocolates that were left over from Christmas. Probably not too much of a calorie surplus overall but still not good.

Much better today though, four eggs for breakfast, houmous and carrot sticks for lunch, tomatoes and oranges for snacks and dinner tonight will be a bean chilli. Throw in a couple of cups of white coffee and my overall calories should be under 2000.


Back on track yea! Hopefully u rid of the xmas food soon!!


Evening all on the wind down here. Welcome to our new challengers today. keep posting and watch it fall off.

Breakfast today nothing as I was out and about. So just cup coffee
Got home after gym about lunch time so had my peppered chicken and rice from last night
Late afternoon I had some chicken and cheese sandwiches.
Dinner 2 sausages and 2 fried eggs with side toast.

Lots of bread today.

Exercise Went to gym this morning for spin class. And just in from a 4K walk to try burn off the bread. Calorie burn high today with the extra exercise so I’m not worrying about the bread intake. Fitbit says 105mins of activity so I’ll take that. :metal:t2:


The last post got me thinking.

Is there anything you guys cut out as soon as you are on ‘a diet’? Apart from the sweets & crisps etc.

For me, it’s bread. I only really like tiger bread and would eat it sliced, rolls or baguette version.


I’ve cut out was much processed crap as I can, so no breads etc. I’ve also cut out milk.

Don’t miss either.

The point is, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

If you want a new health experience, you need to be prepared to make changes and do some things different.

Sometimes that will seem like a sacrifice, but think of what you’re gaining.


@Darren_Welch With the 20 to Pancake Day, I decided to kick pizza and diet soda to the curb. I want it, but how much value is there in them other than emotional. Feeling good so far.


Nothing really cos if i say im not allowed it at all then thats probs when am gona fail. If it works does that mean i need 2 stay off it 4 the rest of my life else put the weight back on? But thats just me, i can see reasons both ways.
My idea is am allowed everything in moderation as they say


Evening, gents. Spent the day packing and cleaning my room as I’m moving out a week on Monday. Still nowhere to move to after my lease ends here so getting a bit nervous!

Healthy day food- and water-wise. Busy week ahead with work, flat hunting and finalising the packing and cleaning of this flat.

Football on Tuesday as well, last game of the current season and final weigh in! Excited to see how much damage I’ve done.

B: N/A
L: Wicked Kitchen mushroom bolognese, broccoli.
D: Wicked Kitchen naked burrito, broccoli.
S: Snack a Jacks, 3 x 5 calorie jellies, chocolate protein flapjack.
E: N/A
W: Over 3 litres.

Hope you’re all doing well.


Well for the first time I’ve completely kicked booze, though that’s more because my wife is pregnant and I’m trying to be supportive rather than just for the diet.


I never drunk a lot and in the past year hardly ever apart from the odd function we’ve attended.

This Xmas/ New Year, the missus banned herself from alcohol due to breastfeeding the 4 month old (she’s not had any in a year for the same reasons as your wife) so I just followed in her footsteps.


The last bit that you wrote is the key to your future. We all got fat because it wasn’t in moderation.