Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


My thoughts exactly. I can hav the odd takeaway just not like 3 times a week. I can hav a few biscuits but not scran the whole packet in 1 sitting


Change of plan this evening, another run with the dog, but went before dinner so I could enjoy the protein in the batch of chicken tikka masala (I can have one of the stir fry after football tomorrow.)



Personally I would prefer a fakeaway these days.
Lower calorie, healthier.
Even homemade doner kebab!


Alcohol. That was the bane of my life. That, and the vicious circle that came with it, of pre-eating, post-eating and next day eating.

Over 12 months dry and over 8 stone down.

Will I drink again? I don’t know. Not until I’m at least down to a healthy weight.


Am hopin i mite lose the taste 4 it the less i eat it


good day.
Lunch was beans on toast
Tea pasta n tomato sauce tuna, onion pepper, cheese garlic bread
Few squares of chocolate


You aren’t alone in biscuits though.

I could do a 300g packet with one cuppa.

We don’t buy biscuits very often now.


Aye same. Or i buy ones i dont like much 2 slow me down hahaha.
Aaah man i forgot 2 count calories like i said i will!!!


My work offer free biscuits in the kitchen, getting out of the habit of picking up a couple every time I went for a drink was a pretty key step for me


Pastries are my main thing that I miss. Ginsters slices, Greggs pastries and sausage rolls (let’s not start the vegan debate on here!) I didn’t realise that each Ginsters slice has about 15g of saturated fat, over 70% of your daily limit so once I have one I know the diet is over but they are one of my favourite foods, bloody typical that I love something that’s so bad for me.


You can have one provided it’s within your calorie limits for the day and you don’t then eat another 4.

Better off without them though!


What you do then is have 6 days where you maintain a calorie deficit.

Then, as a reward, the 7th day is maintenance calories. No deficit but at same time, don’t go over, but the extra calories should even allow for a Gregg’s sausage roll.

Think of it as a reward for a job well done the rest of the week.


@atb88 @Darren_Welch totally get what you guys are saying but for some reason I tell myself that once I eat one that’s my diet over and that kind of restraint from something I love really helps with the willpower.

Also I said about the saturated fats, I’m not good with nutrition but how does that work? I could essentially have 4 pasties @500cal each a day and still be in a calorie deficit but I will be about 3 times over my sat fat limit so how does that play a part in weight loss, or is it just solely calorie deficit when it comes to weight loss?


The thing I’m cutting out is lactose, for health and medical reasons plus hopefully weight loss. So for me that is bye bye to my favourite products from uncle Cadbury. Also I’m cutting out processed snacks such as cereal bars and biscuits, and swapping for natural nuts seeds and fruits.

@atb88 yes mate, had my best weekend’s eating in a VERY long time. Plus the gym sesh and very long dog walk today.

Had bad choc cravings this eve. but made a decaf tea and it’s subsided


OK different angle.

What are you eating or drinking on a regular basis now that you never used to?

For me, bizarrely, it’s green tea.
Love the flavoured ones such as gingerbread & salted caramel & got some lovely festive ones from the English Tea Shop on Amazon.

From a food point of view, I am not eating anything that is new, it’s just more of it & less of the bad stuff.


That’s one thing I always struggle with, having one bad day then saying oh sod this diet over I’ll start again in a couple of days (Cue several days binge eating). You’ve just got to see it is a bad day at the office and get back to it


I don’t think I’m eating anything completely new, but I have been binge eating cherry tomatoes for the last week!


It doesn’t matter what diet you follow, what fad, what food, the basic science is calories in/calories out. Anybody losing weight has a calorie deficit. You need a bit of fat in a diet to help the body, just like anything else.


Saturated fats will clog up your arteries and kill you just as you hit target.


Alcohol free beers.