Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


Fair enough makes sense! I really need to look into what labels actually mean haha. I know it is a simple calories in vs out but I want to find the best way of doing it for me.


1/4 healthy carbs, 1/4 healthy protein and 1/2 fruit or veg should make up the majority of your plates for a good balanced diet.

Your calories should really look after themselves with those proportions provided your plates aren’t piled high.


Count me in, should be a piece of piss as I am a big fat ■■■■.


In with a bang, welcome, mate. I’m also one of those.


No, empty calories.


Aren’t we all! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Weird thing iv had. Iv really struggled 2 smoke just havent fancied it, when normally i like it. Not had any 2day n many days i only had a couple. The only time i feel like i want 1 is when i hav a drink tbh. I dunno where this is come from but i do wonder if its cos of my diet???


You asked what I’ve been drinking more of, you can’t say no to it. :joy:


Good news, mate!


Will save money at least


I thought that you were suggesting a replacement for my abstinence. :slight_smile:
I misunderstood sorry lol


Well hasn’t this been a pleasant week. Last day of week 1 beckons & weigh-in for me on monday night. Will I be the first to report in because of it being MvFF night?

Am confident I’ll see a loss for here (will be a gain no matter what for the league as we have had 3 weeks off & I fell off the foodwagon :smiley: )


Sunday wasn’t a bad day for me; ate more than I wanted to, but exercise was ok. It was hanging around 3 degrees all day, misty and generally bloody horrible. Didn’t want to go out into a freezing cold garage to exercise, but did it anyway.

4 litres of water
Breakfast: none
Mid morning snack: none
Lunch: Beef roast dinner with apple pie dessert - 1473 calories
Mid afternoon snack: protein bar - 206 calories
Dinner: left over chicken fajitas - 704 calories
Evening snack: nothing
Total calories in: 2490

21k steps
1 mile run on treadmill
1 hour Kickboxing
1 hour walk with the dog

Total calories out: 4452
Daily deficit: 1962 calories


Added my weigh in this week. 2lbs lost, very happy!

I’ve found porridge for breakfast has very few calories, and playing football twice or three times a week will help! Just getting started though. Think we have 9 weeks, so if I’m to get 20lb by pancake day I need to be hitting just over 2 a week.


Pretty good day yesterday. Calorie intake around 1200, offset by a 6.2 mile walk.

Should be set for a good first week loss tomorrow - unless I f’up today :slight_smile:


8 weeks now, so you’ll be wanting another 18lbs.

Programmed my mind that I need kg a week.
(It’s actually 1.01kg a week but we’ll see what tonight brings for week 1.)

Well done though, decent start.:+1:


Had an alright day yesterday. My mum gave me a roast dinner so it went downhill but couldn’t say no to that on a Sunday!

Brunch was Porridge & Berries
Skipped lunch but snacked on a pepperami and crisps
Had the roast beef for dinner
As I had a few spare calories i also had the Reeses peanut butter egg I have been craving.

Walked the dog for about an hour up a steep hill for exercise.
Drank about 3 litres of water.


My wife got a Nutribullet for Christmas so we’re on spinach/kale based smoothies for breakfast every day. Poached eggs or omelettes as a treat on a weekend. Lunch is a piece of chicken or fish with a plate full of veggies and salad.
We both work full time so we get a food box delivered for our evening meals - fresh food, portion controlled and keeps us out of the supermarket. Meals are usually 350 to 500 kcals per portion.

I need to up the exercise levels but my buggered knee makes that a little tough. I did get dragged along to yoga last night which was fun and I’ve bought a bike pump so that I can get back on my bike - flat tyres will no longer be an excuse!


Weighin day:

Breakfast and elevenses as normal.

Lunch was 4 ryvita with a thin spread of creme de brie (it’s 72 calories for 25g) with cherry tomatoes & a cup of soup.

Normal routine: we feast this evening.


Back at work.

°Back to a routine.

°Familiar kitchen in which to prepare foods.

°There is no obligation to snack, nor indeed to eat three meals per day.

°One home gym in garden cabin.

°Three gyms within six miles of home.

…So no excuse then.

Supermarkets do sell healthy foods in addition to bad.
There is no obligation to purchase bad ones.

Weighed in today for my 30-day group and I’m 8 pounds down since started intermittent fasting, and attention and adherence to each and all of the above will see continued weightloss for me the remainder of both that group and my 20lbs in this group. It’s just a pity I’d already started IF before this group started as all of that 8lb loss could have been in my 20!

@Biffa94 … don’t forget, referring to your post above, intermittent fasting is not about denying yourself the foods you’re going to eat, simply denying them to yourself until the allotted hour.

Yesterday for me was long car drive …7 hours in France, then another 2+ in England. I was sorely tempted to break my fast at around 10 o’clock, around 4 hours into drive as croissants in services looked nice!..I even said as much to my missus, but she said “Have them if you want, but it’ll be a 5 minute satisfaction and within a while you’ll be regretting it”. She’s right…I didn’t.

Fast broken back near home with roast beef and vegetables in local gastro-pub.

3 weeks, 1 day IF and health feeling great plus reflected on scales too :grinning::grinning:.