Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


Some great week 1 numbers being pulled on weigh in thread so far… Jump on the scales lads and join the fat loss party!


@Greenballs - week 2 thread?

4.25lbs lost in week 1. :muscle:t2:


Lads post in here from today.


sorry guys - I have a lot on at the moment so struggling to make the time to prioritise this (I had a rough christmas which has resulted in my priorities being shifted drastically). I just wanted to check in briefly and give you guys the update. I do apologise.

It would be wrong of me to commit at present to anything and offer to set something up because i genuinely can’t spare the time at present guys. Sorry!

If my situation changes pretty soon, I’ll be back and straight in to help.

Apologies guys.

Best of luck with the weight loss in the mean time and hopefully speak soon



Sorry not @rkr786 … we’ll crack on, but all the best to you :grinning:


Don’t sweat it, mate. Hope everything’s OK.


Don’t worry about it @rkr786
Not long left of this challenge.


Ok lads this was busy at the start with a lot of takers. Who wants to be on 6 week challenge to Easter. 10/15lb off by Easter. Let’s keep the focus