Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


Morning all.

Rpm class booked for 3pm today so good start to the year.

Breakfast toasted sandwich with chicken and cheese. 1 and half fillets
Lunch I’ll have some scramble eggs and beans.
Dinner shepherd pie

The ‘box’ I have they have added insanity work outs. Anyone ever done this? Good to do at home? Work out a sweat when not at gym class.

Gonna try the IF next week when routine comes back. I feel I do it most days anyway


Rubbish first day yesterday due to so many leftovers. All gone now so hopefully back to ‘sensible’, and hopefully onwards and downwards.


Oh god I wouldn’t do the meetings, online is enough for me. I’ve already got my missus at home moaning about her weight, that’s enough for me :rofl:


@Orion1 …you could go for carbonated water, I’ve taken it up as it doesn’t constitute breaking the fast on my 20 hour fasted - no calories, no sweeteners nor sugar to spike the insulin.

No need to look at side of packet to see what’s in a box of 12 chicken nuggets!..12 chicken nuggets :grinning:

@Unimatrix0 leftovers should now be lobbedover…next door. Time to go fresh. Shop only for healthy stuff…lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. That way, when you’re feeling ravenous and ready to beat ‘bollix to weightloss, I deserve this!’…all that’s in the fridge and larder is… HEALTHY STUFF! :joy::joy:
…I know it - I’m a £uckin’ sage.

Oh, and PS…nuts! Not you, @atb88 …just nuts, assorted nuts but without 'kin chocolate round them, just variety of plain nuts, but only quarter handful at any one time…or in any one day really.


If it works do it!!! I am sure it is worth the money if it works and shifts the weight.


Draw a line under it and move on. No more slip ups now :slight_smile:


This cold and sore throat has really got a hold of me. Not had any sleep so took the day off work due to my driving job.

Yesterday I ate a bacon and egg on toast for breakfast and tea was belly draft pork with stirfry vegs. Also had a couple of chocolates to get rid of. My lad came over and got them out. He’s currently in the air as I speak off travelling for 3 months. Lucky sod. Also got a 2.45 mile walk in.

Today I’m feeling sorry for myself with the cold. Throat is in bits. Haven’t eaten yet. Looking at some soup I cooked and frozen up last month. No bread, just vegs. Not going to the gym tonight but might try a walk if I can get the missus to come.


@Zero4 In my head, I know you’re right about the nuggets. I just don’t want to fail again if I can help it, so as typical, I will start out by under-eating, which I have to be careful about. In the 30 for Christmas, I had gotten past 20 pounds lost and then past demons hit and I ended with about 7 or 8. I’m feeling good and ready for this go round.

Just trying to recognize the old habits, so I don’t repeat them. I have never been able to keep great track with what I eat. I’ve tried journals and myfitnesspal, but I have trouble being consistent.

Today is starting out well. Basically, I’ve just woken up, so there you go.

Seize the day all.


I’m all up for a bit of day-seizing @Orion1 …keep it good today. One day at a time!


I am so hungry but trying to stop myself snacking… I hope I can train my body not to want so much food soon


Yes Josh! That’s going to be my main problem too. My gut is used to being constantly fed, large amounts at that.

First weights sesh of the year done at gym earlier


A boiled egg, banana & an apple is what I am trusting to get me through to lunch.

About 220 calories.

Finally decided I need to feed & walk the dog earlier in the evenings to give myself a chance of getting to bed at sensible times.

Living 2 minute walk from a 9am start means you think it’s OK to stay up til 1am every night. And that traditionally lead to extra snacking…

Edit: on my 4th cup of Green Tea too. Something that I discovered I liked a couple of months ago, the salted caramel/gingerbread varieties anyway.
Currently working through some festive flavours from The English Teashop.


It’s not that we don’t agree with it, personally they don’t offer anything I don’t already know myself.

The science is still calories in/out.

Having said that, whatever works for you, you are doing this.


Proteins, proteins, proteins…

I used to do 400 calories for elevenses on carbs, now a boiled egg works wonders, followed by an apple.


Fair enough mate - it is just simple science really but for some reason a dumbed down version such as Weight Watchers gives me the kick up the arse (can i say that on this thread??) that i need to get me going,


And they (and SW) must be doing something right, to get so many customers.


I see Slimming World as just part of my arsenal to beat the bulge. Extra accountability works for me, its doesn’t for everyone though.

I am accountable to this group, my 30day group, my ManVFat Football team, Friends and now Slimming World but most importantly my family.


…and me @martinwhite …and me! :joy::joy:


Ok fellas. Wednesday still going well. I had another black coffee break at 17,000 metres on rower, as just about to round it up to a nice, neat 20k when on another thread £uckin’ @Greenballs had posted he’d just completed 21.5k on spin bike. It seemed churlish not to join him on his podium, so 4.5k it had to be, so 21,512 metres rowing for the day, supposedly 1,346 calories burned but I take that with a pinch of salt (although not until I’ve finished fasting!)… According to my TDEE/BMR score, I’d have burned off around 120 calories sitting down on the couch picking my nose!..but I’ve burned something off.

91 minutes of rowing absolutely nowhere, I still remain in the back garden!

Still fasted, and off for a shower and then dogwalking calls.


The joys of being able to pop home from work for lunch is a freshly made salad.

Dash of mustard for dressing. Still 200 calories or less.

Homemade lasagne this evening.

Edit: no exercise planned as I take a break on Wednesdays & Fridays but the dog gets a longer walk tonight.