Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


2nd spin class in a row done today. Booked for tomorrow lunch time already.

Didn’t get a lunch as wasn’t hungry from big breakfast this morning.
Had shepherds pie this evening and then a banana afterwards. Wife mentioned going to shop for some crisps so I’ve nipped that in the bud already.
Will have some eggs later if I get hungry.

No booze 2/2


Iv messed up already cos i forgot i was doin fasting thingy n i ate sumthing at 12.30. Really annoyed. I want 2 go 2 gym later, am worried its gona b busy tho, dreadin it


You haven’t messed up. Fasting isn’t the only way to lose weight & there is no way I could go that long without food.


I suppose. Just thinkin i let myseld down cos i said i will do it but didnt, after only 1day

On the plus side i just signed up 4 a class i never done at the gym b4. Goin along shortly


Good luck at the class Biffa

Nice start everyone.


Omg it waa so hard i nearly passed out like twice and nearly dropped a kettlebell on me own head pmsl


Getting ready to leave work. Breakfast was an egg and tea. Lunch was leftover sausage and onions and peppers. My snacks were some sort of oatmeal/granola thing.

Walked over three miles thus war. So so tired. First day back to work from a 8 day vacation. Update after dinner. Still early enough here for me to get my miles in.


Fast finished at 20.30 hours, so 22.5 hour fast.

Eaten remains of goose stew with steamed carrots, cauliflower and spinach.

Pretty good day. My issue yesterday was breaking fast because my missus was hungry after her swimming, so I broke MY fast at 18 hours not because I was hungry (at the time), I wasn’t, but because of 'er indoors.

I made sure that didn’t happen today. I ‘suggested’ that today she snacks when she’s hungry after swimming, and we eat our main meal (my only one) when my fast is due to end (ie) at LEAST 19 hours into my fast.

With intermittent fasting, although folks can be successful on 18:6 windows, perceived wisdom says 18 hours is when ketosis , fat-burning kicks in, so if you go 19:5 you’ll have an hour of fat-burning before you break it by eating.

Hence the reason I go 20:4…to get two hours of fat-burning, which can be accelerated by exercise…hence getting in some rowing each day.

Hope you’re all geared up for good choices tomorrow fellas, 9 weeks will soon be 8 weeks…til Pancake Day :grinning:


So after the lasagne we are at 1311 calories consumed for the day (minus 111 for the dog walk and we are 626 under apparently.) That includes some Spekulatius thins that she was hoarding from the Xmas remains. But at only 28 calories a thin - biscuit fix!

Am 3500 over my daily step allowance, so even on a non-exercise day, it’s been a win.

And despite the party food monday night we are in deficit territory now.


Channel 5 , the big fat lies about diet and exercise. Should be interesting.

Food good but I’m struggling with this cold. Taken me right off my feet. No exercise and no work. Off tomorrow as well.


Not had a bad today to start with today

Breakfast; a yoghurt & mixed berries
Elevenses; an apple
Lunch; batchelors pasta n sauce (didn’t have time to do my “healthy” food shop before today)
Dinner; Two burgers in thins (5% fat mince)
Snack; a handful of peanuts and a banana

Drank about 2.5 litres of water.

That’s me checking out for the food today, have brushed my teeth so any other snacks I have will taste disgusting :grimacing:


Being away in France I can’t tape @Drums1875, but hope it’ll be available on catch-up when we’re home. It will be interesting @Drums1875, so can you please make sure I’ve remembered it next week?

So much bollix spoken. So true…some of it quite ‘local’ #myway #orthe #highway #maxnas

How come in my grandparents generation bringing children up c1930-1950, and MY parents bringing up 6 of us 1946 -1956, didn’t they have to even consider counting calories?


Much better day today. Back in the zone.

B - Banana, coffee
L - Skinny chicken burger, salad.
D - Chicken tikka masala, cauliflower, sprouts
S - Grapes
W - 3 litres
E - 12.25 Miles walk.

Lunch was at wetherspoons, but came in at 464 calories (grilled chicken burger with salad - no fries, dressings or alcohol).

Walk allegedly burned off more cals than I consumed all day. Result.


Got out for a 5k walk tonight. Plenty of activity today. Legs may feel it tomorrow at spin class. Sure either way I’ll get an hour in.

Got hungry tonight so just had some Rice Krispies late enough. Noticing some water weight coming off as well so positive mood here


Rice 'kin Crispies!.. Let me think, I haven’t had ANY cereal in YEARS!

I used to buy, and store…and following that awaken, get up, and thereafter AUTOMATICALLY drift towards cupboard to pour out, add the necessary milk (and sugar)…and consume, without a hint of a thought.

This @Greenballs has put more perspective on my teenage + 20/30’s years.

We should speak more on this ‘auto’-behaviour… it’s re-opened my eyes.


I spent 43 years saying that I didn’t like porridge. Then I discovered those portion-controlled porridge sachets… when I get up in time to have breakfast before work, that is. Other than that, Curiously Cinnamon cereal is quite deadly.


Lunch 3 chocolate biscuits, cheese n onion roll (as in pastry not bun)
Tea vegetable stirfry
Snack 4 more chocolate biscuits

Exercise propa radge body pump class

By the way ne1 heard this greggs vegan sausage roll hype is it quorn? Mite hav a blast me


Yes, Quorn. 311 calories compared to 327 in the standard sausage roll.
Personally would go for the proper sausagemeat.
Either way, is it a good choice of food on a weight loss plan though?


Hadn’t had cereal in weeks so fancied a wee change with it being late.


I never use 2 eat propa sausages when i was a bairn only quorn ones so id probs like it
Im not sure i suppose it depends what u eat the rest of the day calories wise