Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1



Your generation and those prior to you lived much more active lives and ate far healthier, leading to fewer calories consumed and more burned, hence the lack of a need to control them.

Not a bad day, no exercise due to being busy and a few chest pains. 24 hour ECG tomorrow so looking forward to finding out what’s going on.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, bircher muesli with 0% fat Greek yoghurt, fresh apple, dried cranberries and pistachios.
L: Carrot and vegetable soup, quinoa chips.
D: Vegetarian canneloni with broccoli and 100g of Wensleydale cheese.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

All the best, gents.


Tell u what i like grapenuts. Havent checkd if theyr healthy tho


I went for a walk yesterday to clear my head with this cold I’ve got. Did I mention I’ve got a cold. Well man flu really. Anyway. I was walking around the back of Birmingham airport. They’ve put paths all round there now. I was telling the wife al the different parts we go to. The bomb holes, newt ponds. Walk, run or bike everywhere. Left my house in the morning. Got in for tea then back out. Walked to school which was a mile away.
Now my grandkids will get a lift to and from school. Sit on the ps when they get home from school. Ask em to go for a walk, they pull a face. They’re not alone.
When my kids were young, I booted them out and told them not to come home until tea time.
Life is so different now from when I was young till now. We have a nation off lard arses. Having said that when I was in my 20s I would go the pub 4/5 times a week. My kids now go the gym 4/5 times a week. Mad


Hope u feel better soon @Drums1875
Im lucky cos i dont drive n i dont kno much ppl who drive 4 lifts so even befor my diet i was big on walking
Ur kids n grandkids sound like they hav rly healthy life style!
I dont kno my grandparents, i hope they healthy n happy tho


Had two hamburgers for dinner with mustard; less sugar than my beloved ketchup and no bun with some broccoli.
The Mrs. found a 60 calorie ice cream treat so that was nice.

And was able to get to the 5 mile mark. Wahoo, but man I have the urge to eat. Grabbing a water instead as I haven’t had anything to drink for the past six hours.


Ok, just remembered new group was starting. I’m in.
Haven’t done a weigh in yet, but I know I went back up, took it easy over Christmas.
Will start tracking again tomorrow.


Gave in last night and had a rice cake as I woke up starving but still within my targets for the day. Started with a a banana for now.


Tell that to @atb88 …he thinks it was the other way round! :grinning:


What you on about, you fossil? He’s said exactly what I’ve said in that my generation is lazy and yours wasn’t. :joy:


Ooohhh my generation is better than ur generation.


A slightly better nights sleep but not brilliant. Still shagged.
Took the missus to work and tried to get my old jag fixed as it’s poorly too. It’s going to cost a couple of quid.

Came home and had some blueberries with a spoonful of full fat Greek yogurt. Sat down and fell asleep. At this rate I’ll be taking the full week off. Phone in work and a couple of drivers are off as well.

Lunch, I’m going to get one of my home made soup out. Not lost my appetite tho.


Waking up to snow falling on the ground. This will make my walking a bit trickier later. I will be trying to walk the longer way around at work, so I won’t have to slip and slide later.

As I just awoke, not sure what breakfast will be yet; probably eggs and a hot tea. Work has a two hour delay due to the snowstorm so that is decent.

Have a good day all.


Unfortunately @Drums1875 they say to feed the cold! Not what you need when in a weight loss group eh


Added another 10 mins to the usual dog walk this morning and been doing lots of housework, so lots of movement. Eating been very good so far too but choc cravings are starting to hit


Bet u glad u stocked up on that soup eh! Am gona try n do that


As I read it this morning @atb88 , when I commented, he said his nippers (I’m assuming that’s your generation) DO go to the gym, and he, when he was their age he wasn’t, he was down the boozer :grinning:.

As for fossil…I resemble that remark!

As for who might actually be right…I don’t give a £uck. Whilst I personally DID train a lot, I certainly 'kin spent a lot of £££££ over the bar - and it wasn’t on other people! (other than totty who wanted to get into my knickers…with some success I might add!) :joy::joy::joy:


Do you mean over 50’s? :thinking:


I think the point is us ‘millenials’ dont hav as naturally physical lives cos more equipmwnt n whateva n ppl walk less…but we more likely 2go 2 gym

I feel like its only recently there was a trend 4 blokes bein like all buff, not long ago that wasnt the cool thing funnily enuf not seen as v hard, abit preeny or whatever…or idk if i made that up liek??

I like 2 think i hav a balanced lifestyle tho. Into me gym but i think id regret it if i didnt ever go 2 pub/club/gigs u kno fun wild times


Spellcheck or auto-correct got hold of that!.. I’ve now changed it so that it makes contextual sense…totty it should have said! … Heaven forbid I should have limited it to just 50 FFS!


Tea was chicken salad. Eaten well considering I’ve been at home all day with the fridge full of food. Having tomorrow off. No beer this weekend planned.