Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


Just got home from work. It was a decent day; not as much movement as I would like. Lunch was a tuna fish sandwich, jello and apple sauce with a granola snack later as a snack.

Going to head out for a walk before dinner and possibly hit my goal of five miles.

Hoping the Mrs. will cook dinner while I am out walking. We’ll see.


Me glutes rly hurt, its hard even 2 turn in bed. Ah well, least ill hav buns of steel soon :rofl::rofl::rofl:


24 hour ECG on the go, hoping for positive results tomorrow.

Good day food-wise again, looking forward to being able to exercise again all going well.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Falafel salad.
D: 8 falafel, vegan naked burrito, broccoli.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

Seems everyone who’s posting is doing well, hope all of you see good results from your efforts.


Last night gave into the evening craving & ended up around 1600 clories for the day. Still not too shabby. Today I have had the usual boiled egg, banana, apple (I love apples, there are currently 23 of them in the rather large fruit bowl :slight_smile:) … had a sweet chilli grilled chicken & salad bap from the village butchers for lunch, and a the obligatory weight watchers yogurt (best of British ones are my favourites)… the rest of the lasagne made last night with salad this evening. Even managed a slice of cake & still under the daily allowance. Yeah, could be even further under, but no point being miserable. :slight_smile:

The last dog walk of the day shortly will take care of the steps. Could have gone for a run but the legs just didn’t want it this evening. The Garmin watch says I only need one more session of exercise to meet the weekly recommendation so I’ll take that as an excuse.

Still, overall we are doing what we need to do.
First 3 days calories = 1751, 1632, 1612.


Which was the giving in bit, cake? Sounds decent 2me
My fav yogurts is called longley farm from morrisons or asda, theyr lush cos not to sweet like some yogurts


It was made by the chef at work (I work in the office of a care home)

The chef needs to go, keep making this sort of temptation. :joy::joy::joy:

These weightwatcher yogurts are 54 calories.
Some low-fat ones are twice that amount.
I like these and I also like the light & free ones that come in around 70-80 calories.


Nice! Ah yea that sounds good, u cant go wrong with yogurt its lush. I have it on cereal me


I have used yogurt with cinnamon squares before. The missus threw some strange looks at the time.


Haha why not! It defo jazzs up boring/healthy cereal an all


Had an alright day. Really struggled to resist having a beer while watching the football but I got through it.

Breakfast; Yoghurt & Berries
Snack; Banana
Lunch; leftover burgers (low fat in a thin) and also some wotsits
Dinner; beef stroganoff and rice (half portion and half for lunch tomorrow)
Snacks on a rice cake and fibre one 90cal brownie. Still within my limit for the day.

Haven’t started exercising yet. I’m really unfit and don’t know where to start… I really struggle just doing my half hour MVF games.


Are u in a gym? How about just doin some walks if u dunno what else?


Pretty good day again, shorter walk but ate less food too:

B - Banana, coffee, OJ
L - Mackerel in tomato sauce
D - 3 bean veggie chilli padded out with sprouts. ‘Berries and cherries’ with 0 fat Greek yogurt
S - none
W - 4 litres
E - Walk 6.7 miles

@atb88 Good luck tomorrow mate


@Orion1 winter can really put a damper on workouts. My city is terrible at cleaning off sidewalks so I can’t really run outside at all.
Well today started off just great. Got to the gym and realized I forgot my shoes:persevere:
No time to go get them and the gym does not accept working out in socks :sweat_smile: so yup, gym time today was me checking out the sauna and having a shower. Fun.
So far I’ve had a coffee.
When I get to work I’ll have cereal with milk.
Lunch is a couple hot dogs with homemade relish (my grandmother makes the most amazing sweet pickle relish).
Supper is going to be some snacky foods (wife’s choice) so pepperettes, fruit and some homemade sour cream dip.

I never posted yesterday.
Breakfast was cereal and coffee.
Lunch was same as today.
Supper was pan fried salmon, roasted baby Potato’s and some corn.
Due to a crap night didn’t get to the gym at all yesterday.


@Josh I hear ya, getting started, knowing what to do, is a major part of the battle. Getting out walking for a bit each day is a good way to start. You could also, if you don’t feel too immature about it, do what I did to get started and motivate yourself. Find an Ar (augmented reality) game on your phone’s app store (ingress or heaven forbid! pokemon go) they promote going around outside to accomplish in game objectives. While not high impact, if you push yourself to do as much as possible in a set time you’ll find you just naturally start walking faster and not noticing the time going by. Just an option though.


Waking up and feeling hungry. @theseventensplit The walking ended up being mostly okay. There were a couple spots that were tricky and it was dark so I didn’t see the slipping coming, but I didn’t fall, so that is good. I stayed to the middle of the road for the most part and it’s not a heavily traffic area.

Getting ready to start the day and am already hungry and still tired; probably about off to make some scrambled eggs.


12 mid-day as I type, here in sunny France…and it is indeed sunny.

Today is end of my third week of daily intermittent fasting and, guess what?.. I’m fasted! …and will remain so until supper tonight, we’re eating out at what promises to be a nice hotel restaurant overlooking a lake, well, reservoir actually. I don’t doubt it’s totally packed in the summer, but there aren’t that many folk around these parts at present, which is part of what’s made it a relaxing holiday!

A DEFINITE advantage of intermittent fasting is that, because it is putting one back into proper contact with your ‘I’m full’ hormones…you simply don’t eat as much. Tonight we’ll for sure be going for the à la carte menu because on New Year’s Eve when we ate out at lunchtime, we selected the menu de jour which had three courses and we simply didn’t actually need all that food!

Going à la carte tonight means we’ll be selecting probably just a main course, possibly with a starter, but I daresay not. IF definitely works. :grinning::grinning:.

Incidentally, the books say that three weeks is the usual length of time it takes the body to fully adjust to the intermittent fasting way of life, so I guess it’s a bit of a milestone…my missus has been doing it (for health purposes only, not weightloss) for just two weeks.

So far today: Two black coffees, a third is about to be sunk, and half a litre of carbonated water.

10,000 metres rowing…broke 41 minute barrier… I’m usually around 41.20 secs, so not too shabby


Darren, do you want McDonald’s for lunch?
(My colleagues asked.)

Said no, going home for a mackerel salad.
Homemade chicken tikka masala tonight too.
(After a quick 20 minute run.)

Edit: I have made the right choice.


Hi fellas,

I have just tendered a ‘resignation letter’! on another 30 group sub-post where we were doing a ‘Dry January’…but I’m going to go back to having a little tipple already this month and it could be that one or two of you could be interested in my thinking and reasons:

Here’s what I wrote:

It may be a terrible admition for you folks, but I’ve concluded that, just for a few days, whilst I continue to acclimatise to intermittent fasting, I’m actually going to revert to having wine in the evening once I’ve broken my daily fast.

It’s not any craving for alcohol, but what spurs me during the day is that I know I am not denying myself anything at all…in the way of food or drink - by choosing to fast daily, from around 10 o’clock at night until around 6 or 7 o’clock the next day I am merely DELAYING when I consume.

That is why the title of one of the books I’ve read is so apposite…‘Delay Don’t Deny’.

I’ve realised over past three days I’ve had a feeling that I’m denying myself something (by not consuming alcohol) at a time when otherwise for the past three weeks I’ve been continuously patting myself on the back and feeling great with myself, not only because I’m losing weight and feeling healthier as a direct of intermittent fasting, but because of the fact I am indeed not missing out on anything, but just delaying the time when I have it.

Now my body has got back in touch with the ‘I’m full’ hormones that we all had as kids until we some time starting eating more snacks and drinking beers, etc…I absolutely feel in control of my consumptions in the way of food and drink.

Whilst it’s true that combining intermittent fasting with packing in alcohol completely (even if for just January) would increase my weightloss still further, I don’t want to have that feeling of denial. Once I’ve done maybe three months of IF and it becomes even more ingrained in me as a lifestyle I may then choose to stop drinking for a month, or more…but I’m so chuffed with how I’m going at present, I’m simply going to continue in the same vein.

I’ll still pop into this thread and see how you’re all going, but hope you can understand why I feel like the above: If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it!





Chortle…and swerve!