Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1


Good thinkin. Sorry im not v good at this thank u 4 helping


A decent day all around. I did fall into a bit of a food issue when a student gave me a belated Christmas gift of about 8 Oreo cookies coated in white chocolate. I think I ate 6 throughout the day and my wife had the other two. I walked about 4.3 miles in all; averaging about 5 miles a day which is my goal.

Stay on the road this weekend. Don’t let those highway billboard signs distract you.


Good day for me again, definitely back in the swing of things. Good job Christmas only comes once a year. Now for the hard work to shift 40lbs :+1:

4 litres of water
Breakfast: none
Mid morning snack: none
Lunch: veggie omlette - 790 calories
Mid afternoon snack: Apple and a banana - 177 calories
Dinner: Dominos pizza - 1148 calories
Evening snack: nothing
Total calories in: 2115

21k steps
Weights workout
1 mile run on treadmill

Total calories out: 4265
Daily deficit: 2150 calories


You guys are putting in far more effort than I am.


Get after it mate. Do the work.


Didn’t get to post yesterday, due to computer meltdown. Great for the diet tho’… @Zero4 you’ll like this it was practically an IF day. I only drank coffee (litres of the stuff, but with a little milk) and unintentionally didn’t eat anything for around 24 hours!

Usual routine - get up. turn on computer. go to loo and weigh in. log weight in spreadsheet… ah, windows running update. put coffee on.

Update finished but desktop wont load - ‘system file missing’. I eventually managed to run diagnostics and it says the hard drive has partially failed and the OS files are corrupt or missing. ‘Windows’ was inoperable. Thankfully I grew up on DOS. managed to XCOPY user files to an external drive (all 60Gb of them - it finished at 2 o’clock this morning, but there are still other files I need to try and recover (about 10 years worth)!

I forgot I hadn’t had breakfast, didn’t notice it was ‘lunchtime’ until 4pm, so decided I might as well wait until ‘dinnertime’. So I only ate between 7 pm and 8:30 pm. Consumed just under 1000 calories. Weight this morning down 1.2 lbs on yesterday.


Nice little dog walk for this morning.


First time posting, I weighed in on Wednesday at 319 pounds, the highest I’ve been in over a year, getting under 300 by pancake day would be a great start. I’ve had a pretty good start; hit the gym Wednesday, Thursday Friday and I’ve been reasonably good with my eating each day. This morning has been a bit of a let down, I’ve already eaten two bread rolls and a couple of sandwiches, now hoping that if I skip lunch this will put me back on track.

The biggest change I’ve made for this new diet is I’m only going to weigh myself once a week. In the past I’ve gone through countless cycles of starting a diet, weighing myself the next couple of days, being delighted to have last a few pounds (through reduced food intake and reduction in water retention), getting cocky about weightloss, starting eating more by day 3/4, then ending up at the same weight. And repeat. I’m hoping that not being able to see how much weight I’ve lost until the end of the week will help me keep focused!


Well done.


To be fair, I did do a run on Monday & Tuesday…

Weekend means bacon, so for lunch it’s my bacon omelette deluxe as I call it, yogurt for dessert.

Comes in at just under 350 calories all in.


Saturday 1.30…fasting all on track. Currently I’ve skived off to local bar for a black coffee with dog; ostensibly to find out if they serve food in the evening (No) whilst missus packs and cleans cottage as we leave for 7 hour drive to Calais at 5 o’clock in the morning!

If she wants car packed in a specific way…guess what? Hence I’m out of it.

No hunger pangs and now entered my fourth week on daily IF.

Last night’s meal consumption around equal to exercise of 10,000 metre row; so I’m pretty happy how it’s all going.

Get your badges!

waves heyo all. idk if I’m going to be able to actually lose that 20 or not. But I’m checking in, cause I do want to lose weight after the holidays. And getting back on track is rough.

Its currently 8:30 am, I have 1480 calories left to spend for my day (not including dinner, which I’m planning to be a yogurt). And, if the last 2 days have been any indication, I’m going to spend all of them with lunch or in the afternoon.


Good morning. Looks to be a busy day with a number of errands to accomplish. Eating should be okay as I generally don’t feel all that hungry when I am busy. The trick is to avoid the fast food drive thru; they are everywhere.

Hoping to get some walking in, but the forecast is calling for freezing rain, so we’ll see.

Starting off my day with a yogurt and a flavored coffee; coffee will be over 300 calories, but it’s a great for having a good four days and as mentioned above denying can be defeating.

Talk to you all later.


Evening lads back to it today. No shite. Not long back from a spin class and it was a sweat box. I’m sure they have the ac off.

Eating a lot better

Breakfast fried eggs and toast with two hotdog sausages. Worked these out at 60 cals each
Lunch nothing

Dinner pepper chicken and rice
Snacks apple early in the afternoon. Half twix with some tea

Can have a sandwich later if hungry

Good day for me after a splurge yesterday

I’m definitely down from start so it depends on how much by Tuesday.


Had branflakes n yogurt 4 lunch at 2pm. Im staying with a mate they was getting greggs, ask if i want owt…resisted :muscle:
Bought healthy stuff 4 tea later.
Am happy i am managing even tho im struggling with illness atm an that often makes it harder 4 me 2 plan an makes it more likely i binge


Great work mate, always hard to resist when your friends are eating unhealthily around you!


Aye for real!


Nice work guys keep it up!

Shocking day on the food front yesterday. Missus celebrating her new job so we had takeaway washed down with chocolate. Went to bed feeling rotten - bloated, nauseous, stomach pains. Our plan was to start on the food front on Monday as that’s when we’re both back at work. But I felt so rough last night I made a vow that I was starting right the food changes right there and then.

Today I’ve been perfect! Dog walk and weights sesh at gym this morning, been doing diy since then. Porridge for brek. Fruit as my snacks, eggs for lunch. No lactose, no crap food at all. Been on and off loo all day because of yesterday so thats helped remind me. Oh and done a meal plan for next week prior to tomorrows food shop


Signed up for the gym today. Don’t know how long it will last tbh but worth a go. I’m ridiculously unfit as I’ve said before and I’ll try but if I can only manage 10/15 mins each day is it really worth it??
I’m so nervous for my first time. I know most people will care more about themselves than looking at me but I need to get over it.


@Josh Absolutely it is worth it. If you are at zero minutes and then do 10-15 minutes then that’s an hour to an hour and a half more a week than you’ve been doing. I go to the gym sporadically as I like to walk outdoors. At 280 plus and aged 51, I am not able to be a gym fanatic at this time lifting weights and such. Plus, I see plenty of other people my size there, so thinking you are alone or being judged shouldn’t stop you.

Best of luck. If no gym, then you ought to go out around the neighborhood.