Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2


Ok lads here we go. Week 2

Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 1

Here we go again! Let’s do this! :sunglasses:


Reporting 4 down today. Had been more at a stage in the week but i got into the bread a bit much on a day or two. But a loss is a loss lads however the amount.

No breakfast today but just in from a 4.5km walk. Nice and sunny 27 degrees.
As I said in my group. Unintentionally on a 16hour fast as I wasn’t hungry for breakfast and isn’t too bad. I’ll eat soon though. Had eggs ready to craic but would have been eating for the sake of it this morning.
Chicken planned for dinner as I won’t have a lunch with it being nearly midday.

Spin clss to be booked for later so plenty of activity minutes building up today.


I’ve got this… weight flying (down) … I’m back with enthusiasm I had in summer months…in at 194.6 lbs and I just hope the wind doesn’t pick here in the south of I’ll be off like Mary Poppins. Lightest for many years :grinning::grinning: Smugzone or what?


Ur forever in that smug zone these days. Watched you go down from 220 something so great progress.


Saw this on mfp today for all you IF’ers


Smugzone @Zero4, really? I thought you must have been slacking! I’m sure we were pretty much neck and neck on the christmas challenge at around 200. Is it warm there in my slipstream :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bracing myself 4 a hard day. I woke up rly hungry and am in work 2day which can b quite heavy going. But cos of intermittent fast i cant eat til 2pm. Gona b a struggle


Did you weigh in?


Who me or Biffa? I did - 184.8 lbs, down 5.6


Am gona do it on my break hopefully else after work


I’ve already PM’d @Biffa94 …get some carbonated water on your break. That’s the answer with IF…and any other weightloss effort if you’re trying to stave off ‘not genuine hunger’ pangs.


biffs as noticed no start weight. All out in the open here.


I can’t find the weigh-in thread? @Greenballs… am i just being thick ?


Yes. It’s down the list but I also posted on week 1 last night


I’ve just started reading the ‘MFP’ article you linked @Greenballs …can I assume you read it all yourself?

Whilst it’s pretty much all positive, in fact ALL I’ve read in the article so far, but it’s funny they should mention that much of the research has been done “on animals”!!! FFS!..How does anyone think lions and tigers eat? They hunt, they kill. They eat their prey, the cubs too get stuck in. They kip. Next day they don’t again. One big meal a day. They have modest reserves of fat which they can call upon in case they fail to find prey for a day or two. But, apart from in captivity have you ever seen a film showing a hungry wild tiger, lion, antelope, elephant, wolf, …? - you catch my drift?

Sleep overnight…go out hunting, wandering around all day (or working you and me)… HiiT training, whilst they chase the prey, sometimes successful, sometimes not…catch prey: Eat as much until they’re full, but no more than full, then rest. Repeat next day. No snacking. No takeaways!

Get on board @Greenballs …it makes total sense :grinning: .


My loss of 1.4 lbs looks £uckin’ miserable given my singing praises of IF, but I’ve lost 8.4 lbs in 3 weeks, 2 days…but I started it two weeks before this group! Bollix! :grinning::grinning:


Just read it there as well. It’s all positive really and the way it’s described makes it seem so much easy. On that I’ve went 17 hours fasting from last night so I’ll look at today’s and do tomorrow also. Wasn’t that bad as i genuinely wasn’t that hungry. Just had lunch so I’ll be good now til later for dinner


Weighed in today and apparently have had an 8lb loss but that’s comparing the MVF scales to my scales which are usually well off so not sure how accurate but I’ll take it.

I will change my goal though to 18lbs from this week before pancake day so I can measure accurately.


Aye. Ill do it. I dunno what ppls gona think of it