Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2


Cheers, mate. Still waiting for the call at 7pm. :joy:


No news is good news :slight_smile:


Decent day food wise (2×cheese bun things, raisons, tuna, tomato, cheese pasta) but i crackd n ate at 10.30 cos i was so hungry n water wasnt helpin sorry @Zero4 i messed up

Am buzzin cos am up early for me gym class 2moro, i feel all saintly. Am abit nervose tho cos i must admit it was VERY hard last time. I struggled more then every1 else, dunno of that was cos it was my 1st time or just cos i was easily the fattest there, infact there was only rly 1 other person there who wasnt slim. Hopefully the 2nd time is that bit easier then the 1st n so on each time


Friday was overall a great day. Woke up 1lb heavier than Thursday but no issues with that. Hit the hills for some mountain biking first thing - great on the downhill and had to walk up. Only did an hour but that was a start. Banana for breakfast. Omelette Paratha for lunch. 1/2lb smoked beef brisket with brocolli and beetroot salads for dinner. Did some walking too.
Smoked salmon omelette for breakfast today as a weekend treat. Will miss lunch and get a decent dinner. Back on the nutribullet green gunk tomorrow. Scales were back in my favour this morning.


Got this gym class yea wish me luck that i make it thru without collapsing am serious! No breakfast but am not gona do the mistake i done last time n forget water, nitemare


@Biffa94 u got this m8 :grinning:


Good luck at the gym class @Biffa94. Keep up the good work lads.

I’m about to waddle off to the gym myself. A weights sesh then a bit of swimming

Bad half day eating yesterday. Lots of Free From crap. Then snapped myself out of it afternoon onwards and was all just water, meat and veg/salad from there on.

Completed 1 week lactose free!!


Good luck mate!

Pretty good day for me yesterday, salmon for breakfast, tuna sandwich for lunch, chicken tikka for dinner, definitely under 2000 calories. If I can stay on track this weekend I should have made some good progress!


Done it. Dripping with sweat, v hard… but 1% easier then last time so thats a start. When i come in i got this sinking feel like every1 was thinkin Oh god whats that fat useless f#ck come back for? But then i realised it was just my head sayin that every1 was nice n that


Well done @Biffa94. You did it. :muscle::clap::clap::clap:


Thanks :slight_smile:


@Biffa94 Congrats I’m sure it wasn’t easy both physically and mentally but you did it and should be proud.

One one matey


And remember, you are doing it to be less fat & more healthy.


Dog walk turned into a 5.6km trek this morning. Dog looks more knackered than me.

Not had breakfast yet either, so time for brunch.


Had an OK day yesterday, think I went over my plan but still should be in a deficit so can’t really complain.

Breakfast; 1 x crumpet with peanut butter

Lunch; John west steam pot with a pepperami and prawn crackers (not all at once but I count it as lunch)

Dinner; 2x chicken fajitas

No real snacks but I guess you could say my lunch was kinda snacky.

No fruit or veg which is pretty bad (apart from what was in the fajitas)
Didn’t count my water but at least 2 litres.
No exercise (rest day)


Aye im lookin forward 2 the day im actually able 2 do it as good as other ppl. Its a big goal


Am watchin this program on about if its that important 2 eat round a table ‘as a family’… theres this chef bloke arguing that ppl make 2 much fuss about it, what u eat is more important then were an i must say am well with him on this, i say the same


Brunch is served.
Doubled up on the bacon as a reward.
Still comes in under 400 calories.


Lazy day for me at present. Back is sore but still thinking of a spin class later or a walk.
Broke my fast at 1.30 and have had 2 roast beef sandwiches. Threw on a roast last night and will do me for a few days. Fussy eaters here so they are not keen meat eaters. Few crisps on the side with sandwich.
Feeling full so I’ll put on some hard boiled eggs to gnosh on.
Water at 3litres


Mate u got my respect already. I only ever did one of these classes once - body combat I think it was. Only two blokes in a class of over 30. I turned left when I should have turned right, forward instead of back, walking into other people, sweating like a pig while the little old ladies twice my age and half my size are just chatting away while they nail it. Never again. :rofl: