Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2


Who cares what others think? It’s your journey and I guarantee my tits are bigger than yours.


Lol ok fair point


No one cares. It’s a journey and everyone loves being on it with everyone


I like that


Some decent figures put in for week 1 there lads.
Let’s keep it going.

Only have 945 calories planned after having just a banana at breakfast, not eaten all my elevenses yet either… lunch and evening meals included in that too. Will be boosting that at some point as also playing football tonight & a 1600 calorie deficit is far too low in my book.

Edit: added tinned peaches to the yogurt, now up to 1095 planned for the day.

Might scran ryvita & soft spread before football to tide us over… play footie get back, have the planned dinner and sit at 1300 calories for the day seems a good plan.


Genuinely mate we don’t care. It’s a forum full of fat people, this is the one place you won’t be judged for your weight, trust me :laughing:


It was a good first week. Momentum is on our side. A regular day ahead with no surprises coming my way, so should be decent.
Breakfast was two hard boiled eggs.


Well I’m down 5 lb. No exercise at all. Been eating left over chocs but not to bad food wise. A lot cleaner eating on the whole for the last few days. More importantly, no beer since the 29th Dec. 9 days. Whether that’s a factor I don’t know.

Lunch was tinned mackerel and salad. Still feeling a bit ropey and last day on antibiotics so probably no exercise. Is that a genuine excuse or just cus I’m not feeling it when the time comes. I don’t know. Soon see when I’m clear of this cold.

Well done everyone for posting. Some good results


Exactly how I’m feeling mate. I said I was going to start with the gym today but I haven’t even played football due to my throat. I probably am fit enough to go but I don’t want to make myself really ill by overexerting myself. Is this just an excuse from me to put it off, or should I genuinely not go, this is what I keep saying to myself.


I’ll weigh in in the morning - stayed in a hotel overnight and they didn’t have any scales - I’m sure if I looked for the gym I might have found some… Scrambled eggs, sauted mushrooms and grilled tomatoes for breakfast, 2 small pieces of fish and a large amount of spinach for lunch. Lots of water today and only 1 coffee. Feeling great.


@Josh, if youve got a sore throat it means you still have the virus in you. You’re better off staying away from the exercise for a couple of more days to clear the throat. I’m 54 now and more conscious of my health as I’m between thinking I can still do certain things then when I’ve tried my body tells me I’m to old.

Keep up the good work mate.


Ok done it


Suffering from premature efatulation?


@Bubba1966 and @Josh … I’d have suggested that all weigh-ins should be on same scales, on same hard floor (not carpet) under same conditions and time ((ie) first thing morning, having oblutioned and combed your hair, every week to get true comparison for yourselves respectively.

First thing one Tuesday morning out of bed and empty will give potentially quite different result to the next Tuesday evening after a meal :grinning::grinning:?


I’m convinced that my scales are just wrong, but I needed something as a start weight. I will be using same scales at MVF in the same kit every week moving forward. I did weigh at the same sort of time though.


A quick count up tells me we’ve lost just over 53lbs between 13 of us that have weighed in so far. 4lbs per bloke.

Great start chaps!


Yep using the ManvFat weighin myself too, just feels more official. I was another 2.2lbs lighter yesterday morning but I used an evening weight as the starting weight to keep it even.

Next episode of Britain Fights Fat on TV this thursday; I signed some footage over to them that again might not have made the show, but we will see on Thursday.


I dont enjoy programs like that but it b good 2 watch the bit about man v fat, especially if u make the cut, nice 1 :slight_smile:


What time did you last consume anything calorific the previous evening @Greenballs , and what time lunch?

Post some ‘eating’ window and ‘fasting’ window times. The cleaner (more pure) you fast, the easier it is. Black coffee and ordinary water or carbonated, but NOT flavoured waters… anything other spikes your insulin levels and makes it IMPOSSIBLE to maintain the fast.

Read more articles on it whilst you crack on the best towards maybe 18:6 windows and see if you can get to 19:5.

Even if you not yet fully convinced, if you read and look at forum or two ( and continue now you’ve kind of started, then you can quit or continue depending on your views later in week. :grinning:

Bear in mind we all fast every day. From around 10 o’clock in the evening (ish) overnight til say 7 in the morning, so that’s a 9 hour fast…now it’s just a question of when to break. You’re still gonna eat, you’re simply DELAYING not denying :grinning:.


Has my last thing to eat last night around 8. Lasted til 1.30 so 17 and half hours. Then stopped tonight at 7pm. I’ll prob go to 12 tomorrow or just after as I’ll be out in the morning anyway. Just drinking still water to rid any hunger I may get.
Gonna get a read of his blog. Looks like he has quite a few written.