Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2


She’s a she! …short for Virginia I’d guess @Greenballs .

Try carbonated water, I used not to like it as a drink (that seems a bit daft…what else could it be?), but since doing IF it’s become my go-to weapon to stave off the hunger pangs. They’ve honestly come quite rarely, but they’ve remained gone with a few gulps of carbonated water.


Eeeh the gym was soooo busy, worst i ever seen it, must of had some offer on like
Lucky i had some absolutely wiked tunes 2 cope with it, good session, 20 mins fast on the crosstrainer then some weight machines


First time was more MANvFAT which was why I was disappointed they didn’t include it. This time round is just some words about jaffa cakes :rofl:

Article is slightly out of date now but it is all linked in to the same thing.

And the Newcastle Utd foundation promotional video for MANvFAT:

Busy chap, I am :+1:


Nice 1 mate, lookd/sounds beltin. I tried 2do that newcastle can thing i think it clockd i was a makem tho cos it didnt work. One of these days i will join man v fat hopefully


@Biffa94 @Darren_Welch ManvFat also featured on Food unwrapped diet special last week, and there was another diet program on channel4 that featured the ‘Greggs’ diet - literally you can only eat stuff you can get from Greggs. The guy doing it lost 2 stones in 12 weeks! :thinking:


Heard about that one, tempting lol. Omg so many diet programs right now!!!


Tea was gammon hock meat with a stirfry vegs. I’ve been tracking my calories on mfp and coming in under 2000 calories as of yesterday. New week and all that. Once I can get rid of this lurgy I’m going back to the gym. Currently been doing some floor work just to keep something going.

Got the missus birthday next Monday but were going out Saturday for a meal, drinks and hotel. Do a bit of shopping Saturday or Sunday. Got to keep them sweet. I’ll probably be having a beer this night as we might end up clubbing. I’m telling ya. We’re the oldest swingers in town. Lol


How to win at life (sort of);

Get home from playing football, missus mentions turkey rashers need to be used up. Hmmmm need the protein after exercise, so quick change of plan for my evening meal…

All 10 rashers under the grill (just 51 cal per 2 rashers) & a bit of salad. Still only 300 calories & still a deficit of over 1000 for the day.

The weightloss mojo is well and truly back…


I saw an article about a Gregg’s diet the other week too. Can’t be good eating their food all the time but does prove you can eat anything as long as you have a calorie deficit.


Not a bad day today, I really need to start eating proper meals but at the moment I’m not that bothered as being ill seems to have curbed my appetite but I seem to be snacking more.

Breakfast; Oat So simple porridge bar
Snack; Soreen lunchbox loaf
Lunch; Grenade protein shake
Dinner; corned beef sandwich
Snack; Wotsits

3litres of water consumed. Went on a 30min brisk walk but that’s it for the exercise today.


From my Newcastle Can page:

My advice to others would be to plan, to discipline and to be confident. Don’t think of it as dieting, think of it as healthy lifestyle changes. Keep that relationship between you and food as healthy as possible, make sure that any food plan is full of food that you will enjoy to eat.


He was eating from their new healthy range, so misleading. He was making sure he was in a calorie deficit as well. Yawn.


Nice tips. Thats part of my problem i hav a terrible relationship with food which actually means a good 1 cos its a better friend 2 me then most ppl hahaha


That’s shocked me more than the weight loss. A healthy range at Gregg’s? ■■■■ that, Festive bakes & sausage rolls all the way. I’ve seen those salad boxes they do. How comes any salad I make still comes in at less calories…


Evening, all. Great night tonight - 5kg down over 3 weeks at football taking my total weight loss for season 1 of MvF to 32.6kg.

Overjoyed with that figure, really really happy. Started on 18th September 2018 so just over 5st in a few months is truly life changing.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Salad.
D: Salt and vinegar chickpeas, banana, 2 protein energy bars.
S: Fererro Rocher.
E: Man v Fat football.
W: Over 4 litres.

Knackered - night, lads.


B nowt
L branflakes berries + yogurt
T cheese sandwich pickled onions n baked crispa
Snacks strawberrys n few squars of chocolate
Exercises 20mins fast on.the cross trainer plus some weight machines n that
Happy with that but strugglin alot on the calorie counting :confused: .


It seems that I have broken my toe again. :confused: It had only just about settled down from the last time.

Just as well I planned for no more exercise until the weekend (it’s only tuesday & I’m already at a score of 235 intensity minutes against a target of 150.)

It’s all about the food for the next few days…


Whats the intensity minutes mean?


I have a Garmin fitness watch.
It’s one of the things on the settings / app.
Running.and football count towards vigorous, walking counts as moderate.

Last week: as you can see I do stuff start and end of week with a break inbetween (missus likes to spend time with us.)


Cool. I tried 2 get an app but it was a disaster (cost), so 4 now i just try to do 3 intense gym (class or freestyle u kno) then i do plenty walks. If am lucky i get me dance at the weekend