Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2


I just tell it before the football starts that I am running and protect the watch under sweatbands.

I like my one, although it did cost just over £200, sometimes you get what you pay for, and some cost 3 times that.

Can even see where I was on the pitch (last 10 minutes were spent in goal)


Pheeeeeeew bit outside my budget, 1 day mebbes


A snowy crappy day here. Eating too much crap today. Glad it is over and back on point tomorrow. Eating is always my default when I get to being beyond stressed. Haven’t yet been able to figure out a different plan to use before I eat what I really don’t want.


Posted my figures on the tracking thread. 8.6lbs down for the first week. This is normal for me at the start of a weight loss campaign. I lose big time at first then I start to think that this is easy and I add food back in, snack more, bigger portions etc and the loss slows and eventually reverses. This time HAS to be different.
Kale and banana shake for breakfast, 25 mins on the rowing machine.I will fast today until 7:30 so that will be 13 hrs since breakfast.


An okayish day for me - got hit with the Keto flu in the afternoon and ended up going to bed for a bit. Missed my exercise goals of running and kickboxing, but happy enough to be back in a ketonic state as a result of dialing back the sugar and processed carbs.

Let the weight loss begin :+1:

4 litres of water
Breakfast: none
Mid morning snack: none
Lunch: vegetable omlette - 790 calories
Mid afternoon snack: Biltong and apple- 235 calories
Dinner: left over chicken stir fry - 829 calories
Evening snack: nothing
Total calories in: 1854

16k steps
1 hour walk with the dog

Total calories out: 3562
Daily deficit: 1708 calories


Ok just in the door from a 5.3km walk. Left wife to work and walked along the creek where she works. Cool 21 this morning. No breakfast yet but I will break fast at 2pm. Few doing IF I see. I’m
Just not hungry yet. I’ll have eggs with toast. Or I’ll have some porridge. I’ll see what I feel like.

Dinner we have chicken curry and rice

Water will be 4-5 litres over the day


I don’t mean to question how you do things mate but how exactly do you get to 3562 calories out?
1600 steps is about 800 calories, nowhere near 3500?


That’s superb, you’re an inspiration to us all, also just saw on your profile you’re a fellow toffee!


BMR + excess?


Oh god another one💪🏻


Yes, lad, thank you! Nice to see another blue in London!

Be wary of the kopites on here, lad. Place is swarming with them. :face_vomiting:


What does that mean? Is this BMR something that helps to burn calories sorry I’m really bad with this :joy:


I started my diet on the 2nd of Jan, so weighed in this morning. Down 8 pounds on last week, says far more about how much I ate over Christmas and New year than anything else but a good start anyway!


Basal Metabolic Rate. Means how many calories you burn just by existing.


@atb88 Well done mate! You must be well pleased and you’ve done it so quickly. When I lost 5 stones before it took me 6 months, so twice as long as you. Good on yer.

I too have some great news! Just weighed myself this morning and I am down 0.8 lbs from yesterday. Not a huge number in itself, but … it has taken me down to 13 st 2 lbs, and pushed my BMI down to 24.9 - so I’m officially no longer a fat f*ck :thinking:

Healthy BMI covers a range of 48 lbs, so how do you decide where is the right place to stop?


Sterling effort, mate, well done! Thank you, I’m over the moon, mate!

Think it’s best for you to decide where you feel and look as healthy as you can be. Take some photos and see if there’s any lingering fat you could get rid of and maybe build some lean muscle?

Great job on getting healthy, proud of you. Make sure you stay there!


Cheers mate, tbh there is still quite a bit of lingering fat to get rid of. Also as you get older (like me) your skin loses its elasticity, and as such there are quite a few wrinkle as well. Fat is a bit like natures botox :rofl:


Congratulations mate well done!


Good start wow!


Must admit am not managing well at all with calorie counting. I dont mean stickin 2 it more like actually workin it out, i cant seem 2 get it straight, i think i need a telling off or summit

Just confessin coz said i will b failed so far. Keep tryin tho