Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2


@Biffa94 Have you tried myfitnesspal? It’s free to join, and you just tell it what you’ve eaten and it works out the calories for you. You can also put in your exercise.


I hav but i found some of the calorie info was wrong/not clear what portion it meant. It took alot 2 try 2 get it 2 add up sumtimes not possible


Ohhh I think my watch tells me that but not sure how to find it. I just got it to have a fancy watch. Maybe I should see what I can actually do with it, should I post my burned calories on here including the BMR or just the ones I’ve actually earned then?


You will @Biffa94 … you’re heading in the right direction …downwards!


Do what you want to, mate, I don’t post them but if you feel it’s worthwhile, go for it.


Fair enough I got moaned at yesterday for using 2 different scales so I just thought maybe we should all follow the same thing as if someone posts their BMR and someone else doesnt then it doesnt give us accurate figueres


@atb88 is of course right…BMR basal metabolic rate is what your body uses up simply making the brain function, the blood be pumped around your body by your heart and other things.

…and here’s the important factor too:

Usually (unless some compensation is made within the machine accounting for the user’s weight and gender)…if you go on something like the treadmill at the gym for half an hour and it tells you that you’ve burned off 250 calories - it’s not true.

Depending on whether the person is male (they burn more calories being alive than women) or female, and what their actual weight is (the heavier the person the more effort and energy is being required and used to do the exercise)…alters the calories expended.

So a 17 stone person running at average 3 mph for half an hour will use more calories than a 12 stone person of the same gender, running at the same speed for the same half hour.

HOWEVER - if your basal metabolic rate is, say, 2,600 calories, meaning your body uses up that number of calories simply by you being ALIVE for 24 hours whether you’re asleep or awake, then you’ll have expended 54 calories even if you’d simply sat on a chair watching someone else do that exercise!

(2,600 BMR divide by 24 hours in the day (108 cals) …so 54 for the half hour)…

Therefore if the machine says you’ve burned 250 calories in the half hour, you’ve actually burned only 250 minus 54, so 196 calories, because you’d have burned off 54 of the supposed 250 calories staying at home picking fluff out of your naval watching Coronation Street :grinning:.

For what it’s worth, I had my bodily measurements taken and printed from a ‘Boditrax’ machine at a David Lloyd fitness club and, based on my heart rate, gender, weight and maybe somethings else I can’t recall, my BMR is 2,100 …so in other words my body burns 87.5 calories per hour if I continue to breathe.

If I burn 600 calories in an hour’s rowing in the gym, I need then to deduct 87.5 from the 600 alleged calories I’ve burned to get a truer figure, so 512.5 calories used up.

…and all this is, only a very approximate estimate. Given that you’ll NEVER out-exercise a poor diet it might very well be a good idea if you’re going to count calories IN against calories OUT, to ignore exercise calories altogether (treat them as a bonus), and simply calculate the calories you stuff INTO your face, or allow to glide gently through your lips against whatever is your (approximate) basal metabolic rate.


Would definitely recommend weighing in on the same scales wearing the same clothes at the same time of the day. It gives a truer reflection of your weight loss, especially as all scales weigh slightly different.


@Josh i use the ones in boots it is embarrassing but at least it probs quite accurate


Fair play mate. If I ever have a week where I can’t make the football I will use the boots ones rather than mine which are crap


Well done. These challenges have got you very far. Keep it up


Ultimately it doesn’t matter what anybody posts about BMR, what calories we have haven’t eaten (myself included). What matters is on the scales.

And yes, do not eat more because of exercise calories. As mentioned above, they are an estimate.

This is why I concentrate on intensity minutes rather than calories burnt.


In other news, taken the day off work.
Been at hospital all morning, nothing broken.
Nothing eaten yet, will be changing that soon.


U ok mate?


You are right there mate. I find the accountability, the friendly competition and fact were all ‘in it together’ helps no end. I may stray from the straight and narrow occasionally, but at least I can always see the path from here :smile:


Surely if you wear boots you’ll be heavier… alright I suppose, so long as you wear the same ones every week…:joy::joy:


Today going bang on plan for soon-to-be littler old me. I’m still fasted at 2.30 and no issues with holding it. It’s now three weeks and fifth day and body now used to sliding into ketosis by somewhere round the 2/3 o’clock mark, and I get the taste in my mouth like I’ve been chewing on iron filings…in truth I’ve not actually chewed on iron filings before, but I’m getting what I imagine the taste would be like.

It’s like a badge of honour I can wear for holding out to have supper in the evening, but I DO know the weight’s coming off and, reading up on IF, I’m aware too that health benefits will be kicking in.

Off to gym to work in continued fasted state…get those posts in fellas, we need today’s progress reports.


@Biffa94 am fine, just a bad night after getting injured at football (went in goal for last 10 mins when I had been running all over the pitch for 45).
Few days rest and should be settled down.

Going back to what @Zero4 said, this is why Loseit or MyFitnessPal are good apps to start with. Because they ask for your weight, height, gender, age, they base your daily calorie allowance on this, minus whatever you have asked for as deficit per week.

As you update with lower weights, it both gives you a lower calorie allowance (mine drops 13cal a day per kg lost) as well as showing less calories burnt per exercise.

To highlight again why calories burnt are an estimate, my Garmin watch & LoseIt can often given 100s of calories difference for an exercise session.

So play it safe lads & don’t use exercise calories for extra food.


Had splitting headache last night, feeling very weak & fatigued today. I feel like I’m going through some kind of detox. Probably from the lack of dairy and/or sugar. Usually when feeling this rotten I’d be reaching for the biscuits or Dairy Milk. But not today. Not this Man (v Fat)


@Chocoholic Good for you my friend. You are doing brilliantly. Stick with it. You KNOW you can do this (maybe more water will help with the headache).

I don’t want to get into ‘alternative’ methods here, but I have often ‘talked’ myself out of headaches… It’s a thing apparently, and worked for me even before I knew it was a thing. Thats me - Mr trendsetter :rofl: