Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2


Well I decided to have a change. Got a soup flask so I thought I’d have one of the soups I’ve frozen and take it to work as the weather is getting a little bit chilli. Got it piping hot, warmed up the flask. Put the soup in and jeez there wasn’t much. By the time I got to eat , it was just warm.

Managed to hold out until I went to the petrol station. The cashier offered my these new protein bars. 2 for 2 quid from 1.75 each. I never eat these things but had them. They’re not all that.

Tea was roast lamb , cauliflower rice and veg. Well down on calories. Need to keep it low to offset the weekend for the missus birthday.


All done at the gym … all one in fasted state:

30.5 kilometres on Wattbike
5 further kilometres on rower.

So that’s an hour and twenty minutes further to the cause. Smug or what? :joy::joy:

20 lbs on it’s way elsewhere…


Evening all. Thought I deserved a treat day after the last few weeks of being mostly good.

B: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, nutty cocoa bircher.
L: Veggie chilli with rice, lentil chips, chocolate marble cake.
D: Margherita pizza.
S: Walker’s poppadoms.
E: N/A
W: Over 3 litres.

Still within my TDEE most likely. Back to it tomorrow!


Pretty good day today,
2 apples and a pack of cherry tomatoes for breakfast,
Pret sandwich for lunch,
4 more apples and more tomatoes as snacks through the day,
quick gym session and now heading home for vegi chilli.
All in all about 1800 calories in.


@Drums1875 soup is always a winner, deffo when it is home made and you know what is in it. Well done for carrying on despite being ill. U are doing great mate!


After a late start just about under my allowance for the day.

Have premade in batch beef mince & veg hotpot & some stir fry, tomorrow will do the same for a fresh batches of lasagne & tikka masala.

We like what we know, and know what we like. Something like that.

Katsu curry vegetable stirfry this time:

Oh and some sugar free jelly and fruit.
Half a pint of the jelly is like 18 calories. Mad.

Edit: Going to take dog for a 4km walk now, should take the edge off of the calories for the day.

Edit of the edit: Took the dog a bit later than planned, and probably shouldn’t have run but wanted to see how bad the injury is if it’s not broken. Answer was ‘not that bad’ and that really is my exercise done until Saturday.


Major fcked up. Branflakes n yogurt 4 lunch
Chippy 4 tea. I dunno if it was cos i was 2 hungry or just cos am.a complete gross pig


And I bet overall you were under a deficit for the day still.

Tell yourself you will be more disciplined and move on to tomorrow.


@Biffa94 you said the other day about cooking and counting calories.

Tip: not everything has to be totally from scratch.

I work, I have a young baby, I have football, running, sometimes I need to cheat:

I added a chopped onion, 100g of mushrooms, 1 whole pepper… cooked in a wok, added the sauce, microwaved the rice and added to the wok for a couple of minutes after that.

Divided by 3 portions risotto style this one is 250 calories a portion.

Yes the sauce is not 'healthy’but it’s healthier than chips. Cooking can be as complicated or as easy as you want it to be.


Aye that actually lools nicer then me chippy an all tbh


Obviously meat would add to the calories but I always have a 1 meal with meat, 1 with just veg or fish (if having a salad.) & no worries about reheating these as just veg and rice.


Had an alright today. another day not over my limit.
Soreen malt loaf for breakfast with a banana
McDonald’s grilled chicken wrap with garlic mayo for lunch (forgot to bring mine and I work next to McD’s and their grilled wraps are surprisingly low in calories)
Chicken with a mustard and mushroom sauce for lunch with a few roast potatoes and mixed veg for dinner
Snacked on walkers popadoms.

3l of water. No exercise but packed my gym bag ready for tomorrow!


Decent mate but if I’m giving any advice then that’s wayyy too much fruit. 6 apples and 2 servings of tomatoes, too much sugar (even if it is from fruit)


I’m not too worried about where I get my calories from as long as I’m running a deficit. Always appreciate advice though so if I start to plateau I may switch some fruit out.


Don’t let it get you down mate, we all slip up from time to time. Just use it to motivate yourself more going forward.


Aye cheers
Hav 2b a better day 2moro eh


Edited my post higher up as ended the day with a run. Naughty Darren.


Couldn’t help yourself eh? Good to hear the injury is good. Will it hamper football?


Show called operation transformation started on rte in Ireland. Will watch that. Similar to the biggest loser shows. Gets quite a buzz in Ireland. I think if I was back I’d have tried to sign up but it’s a popular show. Some of the habits are crazy on it.

Anyway I’m doing quite well myself.
Having a lazy morning with gym planned later.
No breakfast as I’m currently ‘fasting’. Few days on and it seems ok. Have only had black coffee this morning which I had for the first time yesterday. I’ll go 17hours today and break it later with some porridge.
We have some meat there for sandwiches so may have a toasted one later. Haven’t decided on dinner yet.

@Biffa94 get yourself back on it. Seems you are too hungry as a result of the IF so maybe get the water or coffee into you. Or shorten the fast windows for yourself if you continue with it.

Good work from everyone to stay on it.


Pretty good day for me, an hour dog walking, an hour kickboxing and a mile run :+1:

Food was on point as well.

If I can get consistent now like this; back to 80/20, then I should start getting back to a 2-3lbs loss per week :+1:

4 litres of water
Breakfast: none
Mid morning snack: none
Lunch: vegetable omlette - 790 calories
Mid afternoon snack: Biltong and apple- 247 calories
Dinner: left over chicken stir fry - 829 calories
Evening snack: nothing
Total calories in: 1866

28k steps
1 hour walk with the dog
1 mile run
1 hour kickboxing
strength workout

Total calories out: 4827
Daily deficit: 2961 calories