Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2


@Greenballs … you’re not posting so much this week? Are you still making strides with IF and now maybe logging times you allocate to eating ‘within’ the window, that doesn’t mean eating all through it! …

It DOES get easier…and you need to stick at it however much you are just ‘hanging on’…(ie)if you find it difficult through supposed hunger (often only thirst) to get to start of eating window.

The thing is, once it does become easier, it is because you’re body is getting back in touch with what amount of food it genuinely NEEDS to survive…

…and not listening to YOUR greedy self just stuffing things into you just because something smells nice or it’s on a special offer, or because your mates were having one too.

Another reason people decide to eat, is "because it’s 1 o’clock, or 7 o’clock, and I always eat then!


Sounds like your doing great, hope you can keep up those big deficits!


Feelin propa fat , feel like me work clothes is tight on me even tho its probs just in me head. NOWT til 2pm AT LEAST 4 me


Posted yesterday morning then was busy in the afternoon. Time difference is an issue. Woke up to 17replies this morning on this.

Still on the IF. Broke fast yesterday after 2 then back on the at 9. Didn’t realise and had some crisps in a bowl. Was supposed to be 8. So I’ll break fast today at 2 again with some porridge.
Finding it easy enough at the minute that I’ll give it this week and then maybe go into the 18hr fast windows. I’m following away at your progress also.
Key thing is is that all food consumed is within calories. One thing I noticed yesterday. I had a biggish start. 2 eggs and toast and 3 hot dog sausages thin ones. Now this records at just under 600 cals for that meal. Not my usual as i usually only have eggs and toast. But I felt really full after it. I didn’t eat til 7ish then and i only ate as I wanted to start the window earlier. I’ve started drinking black coffee for the first time and it wasn’t bad. Have now had 4 cups over the last 2 days. My water consumption helps greatly as I don’t find that difficult.
Most importantly I’ve noticed the weight coming off. Pre Xmas weight is within 1 more pound.

To round off. I’ve never tried it as I never felt the need to or knew what it involved but I know it’s something I can do if I put my mind to it


So yesterday was a bust. Snowed in with no work, so felt like a bear getting ready to hibernate and ate way more than needed. The only good part is there is no junk food in my house, but the calories were still excessive. Off to work now and in a better place.

Didn’t get my walking in as everything was icy and slippery as well; did some shoveling though.


Actually @Greenballs in the initial (up to) three weeks …whilst the body becomes acclimatised to eating or drinking within the 6/7/8 hour window, the most important thing is not specifically worrying about the number of calories consumed, but to ensure you adhere to the non-consumption between your fasting hours.

As your body adapts, once the eating window opens over time you’ll find your body becoming attuned to it’s ‘I’m full’ hormones…and you’ll, without counting, and over time without thinking (!) naturally limit your own calorie intake.

It sounds and seems counter-terrorism I fully appreciate…the trouble with counting calories in this first three week period is that should you think you are 'kin hungry, you’ll break the fast.

THAT is what you need to avoid …


Agreed. I’m still logging as I do of course. Weekend and out of routine will be the first test. We shall see.


I can see how the different routine of a weekend could be a challenge… I’m fortunate in that my missus is doing it too, having said that she ate only small and healthy portions only anyway.

If you explain to your missus and daughter that you’re testing this as ‘special’ and adhere to fasted window, you join them for evening meal and a possible snack one side of it or the other. More later, gotta go!


Hopefully this might relax your mind a bit mate, the fast itself doesn’t actually provide any additional benefits on top of ‘not eating calories’, meaning if you ‘break’ the fast it makes no difference apart from breaking a structured routine/pattern.

The benefit is from reducing caloric intake or for managing hunger by removing calories that you consume when not hungry & instead eating them when you are hungry, but the ‘fasting’ itself doesn’t actually do anything in human beings (flatworms yes, humans no).

I know there’s tons of books & products that use IF to sell things, but the evidence/science just doesn’t back it up.

It doesn’t mean it’s not useful, it’s super useful for people who don’t wake up hungry as they now know they don’t have to force breakie down their throats & can instead save those calories for later in the day.

Also you can actually ‘manage’ your hunger over time, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to adjust to a new routine, for some at least.

“Key thing is is that all food consumed is within calories.”

100% right mate, this is absolutely the key and the entire point of following any routine (they all do the same thing)

But yeah, don’t stress over the ‘breaking the fast’ thing mate, IF is just fancy terminology for skipping breakfast &/or having smaller large meals rather than multiple small meals (remember when that was a fad? Lol), to satisfy hunger whilst eating less food/calories/energy that your body wants/needs to maintain.

It’d be no different from waking up first thing & having a big meal, then not eating all day, then having a big evening meal…… you’re essentially doing the same thing, having larger meals to satisfy hunger & not eating when not hungry.

Just posting this with the hopes it’ll free you up a little bit & not force you into a fixed box but instead give you some flexibility to find how this all works best for you



Seems there is footage of me singing the praises of jaffa cakes on TV tonight.

BBC1 from 8pm


Hard de beat an oul Jaffa cake tho. I’ll watch it tomorrow.


Not a great day today, didn’t have the energy to go to the gym.
Breakfast, fish
Lunch, pret sandwich
Snacks, oranges, tomatoes, packet of crisps
Dinner will be vegi chilli again.
Overall will end up just over 2000 calories, not terrible but I will up my game the rest of the week


Keep at it mate and remember the end goal


Tonight i put my day on.

Fasted today til 2pm. Not missing breakfast in the morning yet. Took myself for a 5.5km walk this morning. Was gonna have a lazy morning but got bored lying about.
Had some porridge then a chicken wrap. Didn’t eat til dinner when I had some toast and eggs. And some sausages. I’m gonna sickens myself with this.

Haven’t eaten since which was around 6.
Decided to go to a spin class then at 8.30 sondid abotber 45min on the bike. 22.8km cycled.

Gonna take it easy and watch a film with the family then hit the hay.
Overall feeling good.


Cheers @Unimatrix0! Almost through day 6 lactose free. Actually almost dairy free completely apart from a little bit of lactofree milk and cheddar. Guts feeling slightly better for it. Headache cleared after reluctantly taking nurofen - which is also not good for your stomach. I do drink a lot of water but I down a lot more that eve to try to help.

I’ve seen you’re doing well on the scales and with the food and exercise. Keep it up buddy!


Choccy cake, pizza and cheese sandwich?! Arggh so jealous! But I can’t/won’t give in. Hope you got back on some decent healthy foods today chap


Don’t call yourself names and beat yourself up like that mate, it’s not good for your mental health. Accept that you made some mistakes with the food, then let it go and move on. Hope you’ve had a better day today, plenty of nutritious foods like fruit and vegetables and lots of water


Cheers pal, aye its a bad habit. Better day 2day. Me guts paying the price 4 a high fat meal like


Fastd til nearly 4pm cos me guts was playin havoc lol. Had a couple cereal bars. Just doin a couple ready meals from the healthy range cos cba lol


Crimewatch is on early.