Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2


Had a fairly good day, mate, thanks.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Soup, Thai yellow seitan curry with rice and salad.
D: Spinach, feta and roasted tomato quiche, 2 sweet potato and onion bhajis.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

Quiche was a single portion, quick and not too bad. Probably 1,600 - 1,800 calories for the day.


Good Going pal


The edited version was far better than the full video. :slight_smile: relieved


Hopefully more to come. :joy:


Decent day today, actually probably most proud I’ve felt since I’ve been on this. Exercise may not seem like much but it is for me (I’m proud of myself at least!)

Breakfast; Soreen bar
Lunch; Chicken with mushroom sauce (leftover) with rice
Dinner; lamb casserole
Snacks; snack a jack rice cake and spoonful of the low cal Ben and Jerry’s

Exercise; 10 mins on cross trainer (not for me!) and half hour on the bike

Water intake about 3 litres (I lost count :rofl:)


Anyway, apart from the brief tv appearance, meals were

breakfast porridge, banana
elevenses apple, boiled egg
lunch katsu curry vegetable risotto, jelly in fruit
early evening snacks fridge raiders, boiled egg, apple
evening mince beef hotpot

Still only just under 1500 calories, off for a dog walk & jog. I bought the watch in November and average 300+ intensity minutes a week. This is the first time close to 400 and there’s 3 days left in the week still I blame you lot. :rofl:


That’s great keep it up.


Keep going josh. Good to see.


Nice 1 pal


Iv only had about 5 cigarettes since monday. I kno thats got nowt 2 do with anything but just wanna make the point that this daft idea ppl say that cuttin down smoking makes u gain weight is NOT TRUE cos obvs av lost weight in that time, gained £££ tho


I don’t buy into the cigarette theory other than people replace cigs often with something equally unhealthy like a mars bar.

Woken up this morning in a great mood. Don’t know whats been wrong last few days but feeling highly motivated today.

Plan is as follows:-

B : Hifi Bar
L : Soup
D : Burger, Wedges & Salad
E : Hours Football tonight
L : 4 Litres Expect this will go over due to football


Agree. I dunno why ppl say it. If anything i think its the diet whats caused me 2 cut down smokin cos it makes smoking feel worth, think its 2do with blood sugar or summit


I’ve cut down smoking too… mainly due to my sore throat making me not be able to swallow let alone smoke but during that i realised that i didnt even miss it and I am so much fitter not smoking. I still have a few duty free left so will smoke now and then but definitely going to cut down, havent had one all week and dont even miss it


Nice 1 pal! Am similar, not rly makin a big thing about quit cold turkey just like cuttin down see hpw it goea, like i say it happend quite naturally. I honestly think, this is just my opinion, but i think smoking is more about habit then actual addiction in most cases. Often if ur lifestyle changes abit the smoking automatically gona b affectd. Still reckon ill hav the odd 1 with a drink at the weekend or whatever but i dont need 2b gettin them just 4 thw sake of it


Having given up smoking in May 2017…

If you are giving up, then stop. NOW.

Give the rest away. You plan to stop to allow yourself to live longer, why would you ‘smoke the last few’, even ‘now and then’?


I agree mate. It’s more on my lunch breaks at work that hit me hard as my mates are smokers and my gym and my house is nowhere near work so i have nothing else to do during lunch so i feel smoking is better than eating…


Go for a walk or just don’t go out on smoke breaks.


Yeah but only problem is my only time to catch up with a lot of these people is on the smoking breaks… we work in different sides of the business so never see each other during the day and we never find time to socialise outside of work


Get what you’re saying mate but i go on a night out once a month and that will inevitably lead in me smoking (if I’m going to treat myself to a few beers I’ll also treat myself to a few cigarettes) so I always keep some in reserve for this.


I can see how that wud b tricky, i only got round that cos i just startd a new job so i never got in the habit of it 2 begin with plus i didnt kno the other smokers v well. Am not sure what 2 suggest… i think the odd one or 2 at work is probs not so bad if u can keep off them the rest of the day. Or u mebbes get a vape just for that situation? At the end of the day ur already workin hard on the weightloss so of u hav the odd slip up fag wise i think its ok unless ur really really keen on stopping and doin it now