Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2


I spent years wondering what I would do walking home from work, or out for a beer, all the moments when I smoked.

And now I know. Absolutely nothing.

My boss at work keeps saying she is going to give up, but you can tell that she never will because she’s always got an excuse why she needs a cigarette today.

The clue is in the word ‘excuse’.

Us ex-smokers are the worst, I know.


I must admit i dont think i can really get in2 the idea of quitting completely. Am buzzin that av cut right down n suprised how was. But i dunno if i wanna go as far as stoppin completely, i just dinnit hav good enuf reason, balancing the reasons for + against tbh

I think its often set out like an all or nothing thing lile unless u quit altogether u gona b on 20 a day. Its not been like that tho


Is extra years on your life not a good enough reason? Is not pumping your body full of chemicals you don’t need not a good enough reason?

Think about it, mate.


Exactly what @Biffa94 said - I like smoking and if I have a day where I want to treat myself or have a special occasion I’ll treat it as such. Like i said, one weekend a month I’ll go out for a few beers, I’ll probably end up having a takeaway and smoke a few cigarettes. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion, as long as I cut it down.


Because it is all or nothing.

This is a copy & paste from an article that I read that triggered me into quitting the smokes…

There is no safe level of smoking. Even one cigarette a day is doing you harm. There have been scientific reviews of research into smoking-related illness in light smokers.

Light smoking increases the risk of lung cancer five-fold versus non-smokers, and also increases the risk of cancer of the oesophagus, stomach and pancreas. Any smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Dementia risk is also increased in all smokers. An awareness of health and lifestyle has led many to avoid additives and chemicals in food, skincare etc. The irony is that many of those who like to be “healthy” and avoid additives in their foods are ingesting far more dangerous toxins through their cigarettes. Ammonia, methane, methanol, toluene, cadmium and stearic acid are just a few of the toxins that make it into the average cigarette.

Smoking is associated with disease in virtually every organ system. Contrary to popular myth, smoking increases stress levels.

Smokers also age faster than non-smokers. The cosmetic changes referred to as “smoker’s face” can leave someone looking on average 10 years older than their non-smoking counterparts. Changes include early crow’s feet around the eyes, deep wrinkles on the lip line, sunken hollow cheeks, thinner skin (due to lower levels of collagen production), superficial broken veins, ruddy cheeks and yellow teeth. Cosmetic surgery isn’t always the answer as the risk of complication is higher in smokers and scars heal more slowly.

Quitting is the best thing any smoker can do for their health. The benefits are real. Within 20 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure start to fall. Within 24 hours, nicotine is eliminated from your blood. Two weeks later circulation improves and at a year, coronary heart disease risk is halved. Stroke risk is halved in five years and by 15 years the risk of cardiovascular disease and smoking-related cancer is reduced to that of a non-smoker.

Anyway, soapbox over, back to the weightloss.


Aye i agree theres no safe amount but probably the less u smoke the better so i reckon am doin sumthing good 4 my health as well as my bank balance. Nothing 2 lose by tryin is how i see it

I suppose different ppl depending on there life style n personality etc hav different idea about hope much risk they can put up with. Its a individual thing, i get that other ppl hav different situations which effects how they feel about it


So agree @Biffa94. If you are happily ‘married’ with 2.4 kids and a dulux dog living in semi-detached euphoria and a nice pension to look forward to why wouldn’t you want to live forever. Most of us aren’t. I lost my first partner last millenium, my dad 2 years later, mum a year after that. Inherited mums dogs, who gave me many years of happiness. Second partner of 12 years died almost 3 years ago, next year younger dog, last year older dog. I have ‘mates’, but would anyone care if I lived or died - probably not beyond ‘its so sad’. I don’t ever want to be dependant on others for my basic human functionality. Right now no one needs me, and I need no-one. Kinda scared by that , but resignedly ok with it too. So smoke yourself to death, drink yourself to death, live yourself to death. Your gonna die someway, so if You enjoy an occasional ciggie then who can tell you it is wrong for you.


Honest. I like it. You’ve been through the mill.


You’ve had it rough, mate, very rough. My condolences on your losses.

I only really have one thing to say in that, if you’re going to smoke yourself to death, may as well not worry about your weight either as that’ll be killing you just the same.

I hope this doesn’t come across insensitive in any shape or form, but you’re improving your health by losing weight and then doing damage by smoking. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Again, apologies if this comes across insensitive, it isn’t meant in that way at all and I am truly sorry to hear what you’ve gone through, mate.


Am glad u said it cos thats what goes thru my head but i didnt kno how 2 explain it. Thats abit what i was getting at when i said different ppl hav different opinions on risk n that depending on there situation.

Id defo give up the smoking n all that if i had kids. But i dont. I feel same as u pal, i mean i dont kno what its like 2 lose all them ppl n am so so sorry what u been thru. But i relate 2 the thing of bein quite alone in the sense of yea i hav mates but no1 am responsoble for/to. I went in2 care when i was quite young n i wasnt able 2 return home. I just dont hav that same relationship with my mam or family generally how some ppl do. I dont mean that self pity it is what it is. I dont need 2 worry about worrying them if it makes sense.
I suppose sumtimes the question of do u do the thing better 4 ur longterm health or what will cheer u up in the short term isnt always simple.
Its a good question of @atb88 why bother at all, i dunno how it is 4 u mate, but for me when it comes 2 losing weight n cuttin down on the fags is … i dont kno!! I honestly dont kno why i want 2 try but the fact is i do. Mebbes part of me has a positive mentality 4 the future, gona b good things am gona b around 4 n b fit yea. I hope u hav some hope in ur life, i hope u have good times ahead @Unimatrix0 i rly do. U deserve that happiness however is the right way 4u


Hey @atb88, sorry m8 if I got a bit drawn in and incoherent. I have only ever smoked twice in 54 years - both times hated the taste in my mouth the next morning. I am not a smoker.

I guess I was trying to say ‘everyone has to die of something’, and if you have no reason to go on, then why take options to prolong your life if they oppose what you enjoy. Smoke. Drink. Eat.

As you rightly said, I’m losing weight - for me I have a goal - I am pushing forward, but I know how difficult this can be. Happy to share if it helps other guys.


No worries, mate.

Anyway, this is Man v Fat, not Man v Smoking. As long as everyone is as happy as can be, that’s all that truly matters.

Suppose we should try and swerve back to fatness, got a bit distracted there. Good talk, lads!


Soz didnt mean 2 go off topic, just realised id cut right down n wantd 2 say, didnt think how it mite go off

Canny day here. Had a couple of cheese n pickle rolls like the cheese n pickle was actually baked in2 it not a sandwich. Was lush. Was that hungry tho i scranned them at 10.30am. Had some raisons, probs afew to many but whateva
Not planned tea yet

No particular exercise 2day but get this am up early saturday for a gym class 1st thing hahaha i dunno whats got in2 me like


go u m8, @Biffa94. I’m planning on hibernating, 'til the heating kicks in :rofl:


Us fatties get distracted from the real issues, lad. Glad you’ve cut down, ultimately, it’s better for you than before.


Back to the food…

Double curry day; last of the katsu stirfry at lunch, making the usual chicken tikka masala this evening.

Even with breakfast & snacks added, plus desserts (yogurt at lunch, jelly and fruit later), will still only at just over 1500 calories.

May have a night off from any jogging, done a run of some sort 6 days in a row…


None of us has any idea what lies around the corner for any of ourselves. The one constant in anyone’s life is THEMSELVES. Let’s say this is you, it could be any of us. You’re alive. So stay that way. If you’re going to be alive, you may as well be in the best shape you can be whilst you’re here. If It makes sense to NOT smoke and maintain a healthy weight to maximise your enjoyment of life. Wouldn’t it be a total £ucker to let yourself go to seed…meet with a loving soulmate after years of waiting, only to be diagnosed with a terminal illness just as 40+ years of possibly unexpected happiness had beckoned? IMHO😀


Evening, all. Waiting on a call from the doctor regarding my ECG results so still keeping exercise to a minimum. I’ve noticed I’m walking a lot quicker now and can jog after soon to depart trains and buses if necessary.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Soup, egg mayo sandwich, quinoa puffs.
D: Vegetarian canneloni, whole head of cauliflower.
S: Mini Cheddars.
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

Not sure why I had the Mini Cheddars, had a hankering for them and gave in. Looking at 2,000 calories or so for the day, maybe less as I tend to over estimate just in case.

Hope you’re all having a good day and looking forward to a healthy weekend hopefully!


@Zero4 So agree mate. ‘I am the only constant in my life’ has almost become a mantra. Sometimes it is hard fighting the world alone… but hey, that’s what us superheroes do :roll_eyes: Don’t get me wrong, I am positive most of the time - just maybe want to share my life with someone special sometimes :persevere: I am in better shape now than I have been in years… am I doing it to find a soulmate, or because I actually have learned to value me? Only time will tell…

Afterthought - why can’t it be both?


@atb88 all the best for your ECG results m8. I know you have worked well hard on losing weight and fitness so hope you get deserved results.