Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


New week.

Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 2
Too embarrassed to order salad? #MVFNewsround

So. Just did a 6.1km walk near where to I dropped the wife this morning. Pacing at 10.18per km. now 6 months ago this was up around 11.30min. Glad to see lots of progress there. Haven’t eaten yet but I’ll start the day around 12 with some scramble eggs. I’m gonna skip the bread today. Weighed in this morning at 277.8 so a 4.6 loss on last week and 9lb since 1st Jan. aiming for 260 so well on the way there.
Dinner later I’ve chicken in a bag with rice planned and this will be tomorrow’s lunch is dinner also.
Gong to a bday party later for the kids. One of the dads own fish and chips shops and is getting stuff delivered. I think I will pass on it today as I may not stop. :+1:t2:


Great progress mate! It’s so satisfying when you can see improvements in both your exercise and the scales.


Weigh in=226.6lbs. Another 3.1lbs gone.


I am up 2 pounds and pleased about that considering how far off I went. Forced myself to go for a night walk to complete my five miles, I hadn’t done that for a few days. Feeling back in it and ready for a new week.


3.25lbs down.

Keep it going, guys. Eat less, move more, drink lots of water. Stay focussed, only a few weeks until target day, don’t let yourself down. :muscle:t2:

Edit: I’ve no idea how long there is left until target day.


7 weeks (for 20lbs).
And exactly 11 until my birthday (for 30lbs).


I was right then. Sweet.




So I had some fish at the kids party. All built into the calories. Dinner is as planned for later. May get another walk if the wife is up for it.
7 weeks lads. It’ll be over before we know it.


Is 20lbs possible in 7 weeks?

Been really off tack since December, before that I went to slimming world and did ok, but I have messed it up over Christmas. Now I am 250lbs and want to be 210lbs.

It’s worth a go. Went for a swim yesterday and going to go tomorrow.
Just about to walk to school to get the kids. Omelet for lunch.


Yep, virtually 3lbs a week so an approximate 1,500 calorie deficit. Can be done, definitely.


I have lost just over 3lbs both weeks so far & some of the guys have lost even more. So yes.


Have it as a target and try get as close to it as you can. Today is weigh in day so find the thread and post your weight.



Had 2 apples, real goodns, them whale granny smith kind :grin::green_apple::whale2:
2 cereal bars.
Plannin stirfry or summit later
Also gym

Feeling slightly less gross, a couple good days rly does help how i feel


Did we lose @Steve_Green and his million steps?:joy:


How do I rediscover the weigh-in thread? @Greenballs …help! :grinning:


Nope, but I can’t keep up with all the posting :laughing::laughing:

@Zero4 is keeping me honest in the other group. I’m on track to hit the target :laughing:


No better man. He’ll be all over you


…better than under!


Giver here :+1: