Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


Here’s a good app for this :slight_smile:



B: 100g Bran Flakes, banana, skimmed milk.
L: Egg mayo sandwich, 4 tomatoes, pickled baby beetroot (new obsession), pickled onions.
D: 2 cauliflower cheese crispy grills, mashed potato, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower cheese, instant curry sauce.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

Hope you’re good!


They are the best, as you may notice from any pic I have posted lately showing a salad, love beetroot, baby beets just seem even nicer.


Football lasted longer, skipped dog walk as somebody else took her, but ran/jogged with her this evening.

Did a 220g share bag of KitKat bites today & didn’t share, they were reduced to 50p in the local shop but they are all accounted for.

So at 2400 calories today but been well under for the week and exercise for today is estimated at over 1000 calories.

So in the scheme of things, not bothered tbh.


They’re the bollocks.


Messed up abit 2day. Class morning, gym class this morning, fasted until bout 3.30. Then i messed up n had fastfood. Am not good at sayin no of me pals is havin summit. Its not even so much what i ate cos i made up 4 it by having a v light tea. It was more that i didnt plan it, it was just me not havin the willpower. Need 2 think of a way round this, mebbes the odd cheat day as long as i dinnit gan to mad, dunno


Pretty good day yesterday, skipped breakfast, sandwich for lunch, handful of crisps and nuts for a snack, and then rabbit stew for dinner. Hard to be exact caloriewise as I was eating at a friend’s house so I’m not sure about the stew but certainly below 2000 calories.


Had one day off this and it all kicked off!

Had a busy day yesterday looking for a dog so did a lot of walking with a few. Was out and about too so didn’t have time to think about food and I did make the right choices.

Breakfast; Mushroom & Spinach Omelette
Lunch; Prawn Mayo sandwich and eggs/mustard (meal deal)
Dinner; Halloumi & vegetable bake thing with sweet potatoes
Snack; Cheetos
Going to treat myself to a twirl bar as well as it’s the weekend


Gona hav a good day 2day. Got me branflakes 4 lunch then got rice + cabbage 4tea, iv not decide what 2 hav with it yet. Is hallomi healthy? Wanna try it me


Halloumi is delicious and fairly healthy, it’s a cheese so quite high calorie but if you don’t eat too much of it it’s great!


Banana for breakfast, been for a 50 minutes, 5km walk with the dog & only just thinking about late lunch now… soup followed by fresh raspberries, strawberries & yogurt I think.

Then I am going to batch cook some spicy pasta bake…


What did the cheese say when it look in the mirror?
Hallooo me!!!


Dairylea triangles on ryvita do the trick. :grin:


Not doing so well in past couple of days. Been reaching for sweets and choc, and was out for a meal last night. It’s been difficult as missus is not feeling well so she’s had me doing mcdonalds and shop runs for nuggets, milkshakes, choc and ice cream for her.

On the positive side I was at gym yesterday, and amazingly I just gave away a bag of Haribo that I wasn’t even half way through eating. Used to love them but really not bothered anymore. Also did the food shop this morning and didn’t buy any crap for the week ahead.

Hope you chaps are all having a good weekend and eating healthily and exercising


Just over 6 weeks left, mate, do you really want that 20lbs loss? If so, turn down the bad food as much as you can.

Good job with the Haribo, try to do the same with everything else.

Hope your Mrs is better soon!


Ah sounds rough…it can b rly hard when other ppl round u is havin all that nice stuff eh
U proved 2 urself u can say no tho so remember that nxt time u dont believe in urself that u cant


Feelin quite good 2day am lookin 4ward weigh in on tuesday cos am expecting a decent loss…hope so!!


@atb88 I’m “only” gunning for 10lbs loss by pancake day, although @Zero4 challenged me to make it 11lbs so that’s the aim.

Even these not so good days are still WAY better than I usually eat. Certainly this is the longest I’ve kept it up in years. I turned down chance to get choc yesterday pm in co-op. And filled a very healthy trolley in asda this week. Very true @Biffa94 it has been hard as she was supposed to be cutting down with me but hasn’t so it’s made it extra hard at times.

Cheers for the gee up though guys. Haven’t eaten a thing since the given away haribo and will be having a healthy dinner and no naughty pud tonight. Hope you’re both on track this weekend


Not a great day for me today. Stayed over at a friend’s last night who made us a fry up in the morning, I could have said no but didn’t, 1200 calories.
Then I made the error of trying to skip lunch to make up for it. As a result when I got home I was feeling peckish so ate a load of chocolate. I was just weighing up ordering a pizza when thankfully my wife came home and talked me out of it. Had vege chilli instead. Overall around 2500 calories so not a complete disaster, will do better tomorrow.


My day has been a lazy doing Jack sh!t day. Even had a lie in. Got up at 9. Can’t remember the last time I’ve done that.

Food was a piece of chicken about 12. Lunch was a lamb roast dinner. Very nice. And this evening about 7pm I’ve had some berries and full fat Greek yogurt. Also had 3 pieces of different cheeses. It’s the weekend so why not.

I’m absolutely aching from my circuit training I done yesterday. Every muscle in my body is stiff. So it’s a good workout alright. Took a walk round to my mom’s house to loosen them up a bit.

Only 1 pint all weekend so massive plus for me. Going to give up the gym and concentrate on the circuit training. It’s more varied and burns more calories per session than the gym.

@Chocoholic it really helps if your partner gets involved. My missus has joined in now and we’re both doing well. Her down fall was crisps. Everyday she’d have a least 1 packet. Then she saw how I was starting to loose it and joined in. Now if I fancy something she’s their to pull me back. So stick with it and as the weight comes off and it’ll take a couple of stone before anyone starts to notice she may join in with it. My missus is glad she’s joined in with me.

@Josh what dog are you after. I use to have bullmastiffs but they were to big, when the kids came along had to keep an eye on them. So when they passed I never got another one. I want a border terrier but the missus putting her foot down. Said it would help us to get out walking but as she put it, whoes going to look after it when we’re away for our weekends. The grandkids said they would but their mom and dad said no. Oh well.

Hope you all had a good weekend