Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


Not eaten an evening meal yet…

Opted for mackerel salad instead of soup earlier, followed by the fruit & yogurt.

Hae also had crumpets & a packet of grainwave snack things.

So that’s just over 1000 calories and this time the pasta bake with salad will come in at 336 calories.

Edit: just done a evening dog & jog. Now I will eat.

Been a physical weekend.


Evening, all. I’m in the hotel for my first night of 19, gonna stay strong no matter what. My second season at Leyton starts Tuesday with registration, really looking forward to getting back!

B: 4 poached eggs, 4 fried tomatoes, 3 buttered wholemeal toast.
L: 100g Wensleydale with cranberry with crackers.
D: Feta and red pepper pasta bowl, salt and vinegar Squares.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 3 litres.

The Squares had fewer calories than popcorn so I went with them although I didn’t really need them. They were banging though!

Also, uploaded this to Instagram earlier, thought I’d share here and in my group:


What a difference. There is all the motivation you need to continue the good work.


Definitely, mate. Cheers!


that’s a fantastic transformation - great job. New body, new hair, new glasses. You should be very proud of your achievements.


Great day yesterday but I needed it after a social dinner on Saturday night when I had a couple of glasses of fizz and some ice cream too. Back on the green smoothies for breakfast. After 2 weeks it’s now an automatic habit to reach into the fridge for my stash of kale and spinach in the mornings. Lunch has been left over salads and roast chicken. Supper last night was spicy bean burgers and salad. We’re eating vegan/vegetarian twice a week and it’s not too bad.
Need to concentrate more on tracking my calories as weeks 3 and 4 are normally where I start to slack off and sneak in little treats here and there thinking they wont add up to much.
Overnight hotel stay tonight so I will fast from lunchtime today until brekky tomorrow - should be 19 hrs.
@maxnas - thanks for the app - works great and better than my old spreadsheet. I first had something like this on an old PalmPilot back in the early 90s.


Cool pics @atb88 :smiley:

Morning btw ppl. Hopin a good week ahead foodwise also got a trial shift 4 a job this week :open_mouth:
Looking 4ward weigh in 2moro cos i think it shud b decent loss


I Morning all. Went a walk this morning. Had planned for 5km walk as was pushed for time. Got to 2.7 and decided to jog the rest. Only stopped once but prob longest I’ve jogged in a long time. New ground for me and small steps.

Just had porridge for breakfast. With an apple. Coffee earlier this morning.


Good morning/afternoon everybody.
@atb88 amazing pic you put up yesterday. Work off on that pic. That’s your motivation. It’s a great pic. You should be very proud of yourself. But get your hair cut.

My lunch is left over lamb salad


Yes @atb88 cracking photo, and well done, but I prefer hairstyle No1. :joy::joy: …juss sayin !


Seems all the old folk have a problem with my hair.

Gonna go count the f*cks I give, won’t take me long, pretty sure I’ve none left. :kissing_heart:


How many £ucks you got to?! :joy::joy:


@atb88 Did you make a promise to yourself not to cut your hair until you’ve reached your target weight? I’m sure you’re ready for a pony tail…:haircut_man:


@atb88 … he’s like Samson!!


Porridge, banana, apple, boiled egg, pasta bake, strawberries, raspberries, yogurt…

Yeah we got this, even if we have a lower weightloss tomorrow, I know how to fix it.


It’s just a fad that hair style. Let him have it whilst it lasts. When he’s older he’ll cringe at it. :joy::joy::joy:

Tea was chicken and stirfry vegs.
I’m planning on going to disco circuit tonight. Phoned up the gym to cancel and decided to freeze it until my lad gets back from his travelling. Mind you I saw him when he faced time us and he looks like he’s put on a bit of timber so hopefully he’ll be desperate to get back in on his return. So in the meantime it’ll be circuit training for now. I’m still aching from Saturday morning.


Good day today, fish for breakfast, tomatoes and a bag of crisps for snacks, sandwich for lunch, vegi chilli again for dinner. Also just finished a decent gym session, that’s four already this week with one more to come before I weigh in on Wednesday. It’ll be interesting to see if it makes a noticeable difference after only doing 1 session last week.


All you old codgers are just jealous of:

a) These curls,
b) This hairline,
c) Deez nuts!

Fight me!


@Bubba1966 I’ve been guilty of that too the past couple of years, adding bits in after a couple of weeks on a diet. Then the weight loss halts and I give up. Let’s both be stronger this time :muscle:

@atb88 great pic that mate. I’d be sticking it on the fridge!


Well disco circuit was hard. Just like Sat but I’ve managed to get down on the floor and managed to do the plank and press ups. Always been embarrassed cus I struggle with getting up and down, so chuffed I done it. The trainer was well chuffed for me. Anyway. Circuit with disco was good. Plus 3 blokes and about 17 women. What am I on about. There was 17 women. And some very nice ones as well. Actually I know most of em and so does my missus. They’re a good laugh. There’s an incentive if ever there was.
Weigh in tomorrow morning. Good luck everyone