Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


Just finished having lunch; school meal today as I woke up late and couldn’t prepare a lunch. It was a cheesy egg thing and way disgusting and had 4 hershey kisses. Tough to pass those up. I’d like to blame the co-worker who has a jar of candy at lunch each day, but in reality it was just me. I’ve had over 1800ml of water so far and that is a vast improvement as of late. I am at 1.5 miles walking thus far at the noon hour. After work the wife and I will be headed to the gym. I will be taking it easy just walking on the treadmill, but better than nothing and hopefully by that time in the day, it will bring me to my five mile goal.


I can’t find the other weigh in thread from off my phone. Can anyone tag me in it please.
Today I weighed in at 313lb from 326 on new years day. So dropping like a stone at the mo if you pardon the pun.
Food today was tandoori chicken thighs with a salad. It’s going to be a late tea as I’ve got to take my grandson to his training and won’t be home till after 8. Well done on the weight loss everyone.


Just saw your weighin added on the weighin thread. Top effort so far Drums! Even at my heaviest the most I ever lost in a week was 6.5lbs, so bravo. You’ll be losing 40 or 50 lbs at this rate, which can only be a good thing.


Breakfast porridge & banana, apple, egg, last of the pasta bake (gonna have to make a spicy one next) and off to play football at Soccerworld.

Which means by the time I get home, I will be deciding what to eat for a late dinner whilst sitting on a 1650 deficit against the daily allowance, which in real terms is about 2150 deficit against maintenance calories.

Nice place to be in.


Missus sat next to me eating big bowl of chocolate trifle for pud. Meanwhile I have a decaf lactose free cuppa and 1 square of manky dark chocolate ffs :cry:


Stay strong, dude. You’re doing well!


Its always a good shout 2 buy manky chocolate, then u wont end up eatin 2 much lol


Right had couple of apples, couple of cereal bars, havin stir fry yet again this time with rice. Its turnin in2 abit of a go to easy thing for when i cba but dinnit wanna get takeaway. Ok had a couple of biscuits an all but it was ok yea
Gym, mainly treadmill + bike


Thanks @atb88. My best week eating for months last week, but shit result on the scales so I’m disappointed and had negative thoughts about it all today. Not giving in though.

Good result on your weigh in again today mate nice one!


Exactly! If it was Dairy Milk i would wolf the whole bar down haha


Cheers, mate. Don’t think about it, it could be your body adjusting from the previous onslaught of shite food.

Give it a week of good eating again and you’ll get a good loss. Keep it up!


Got home 8.15 and had 5 chicken wings plus veg stirfry. Got my boxercise instructor on my case to go back to him. After last night’s gym I might be making more of an effort to get back to his sessions and knock the gym on the head.


Had a weird day really. As I had my gym induction early that affected my sleeping pattern I’m knackered, my plan is to go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday but I had no energy today… I’m using the reallly bad excuse that my induction classes as a day at the gym (it really doesn’t!)
Anyway, on to the food log which was very chicken heavy!
Breakfast was a chicken sandwich (I also snacked on the spare chicken)
Lunch I had a chicken salad from subway with mayo and some wotsits
Dinner I had 3 old El Paso soft tortillas with guacamole.
Snacks; a nesquik cereal bar and fibre one bar.


Whats up, u not sure which 2 go for gym or class? Is it hav 2b 1 or the other


Well done on doin ur induction…gona check in with u on thursday tho eh! How was it, nice atmosphere n that? Is it council or a different company?


Good day today, gents, seems to be getting easier.

B: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, nutty cocoa bircher.
L: Sticky tofu bánh mì, quinoa puffs.
D: Butternut squash pasta salad, falafel and hummus wrap.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

Hope you’re all well.


Home from football & don’t even know what I want to eat.

Scored 7 goals at Soccerworld tonight, best for years, in a happy place right now.

Edit: decided on Hunters Chicken & Wedges, with salad.

Add in a weightwatchers yogurt & I am done at 1477 calories food, loseit app says with the exercise I am just over 1000 under target for the day. Superb!


Yeah mate please check in on me and make sure I do it haha!

It’s a leisure centre I think they are called Better who run it, think it’s half council not sure tbh.


Pretty good day today, dried mango for breakfast, pret sandwich for lunch. No snacks today as i knew i was having Cheeky Nandos for dinner. All in all around 2000 calories. I need to start getting to the gym though I’ve been poor this week, hoping it won’t have too much impact when I weigh in tomorrow morning.


@Biffa94 the gym was rammed. I know it’ll get better. But couldn’t get on anything. Didn’t go till 8. I don’t want to go any later as I’m up a 5.30 so need my beauty sleep.
I’ve just got over a bad bout of lurgy, so need to get back to my boxercise as haven’t been for over a month. So I want to do both but may sack the gym as I do t enjoy it on my own.