Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


Aye, its rough when its rammed eh. I think u hav 2 do what u enjoy exercise wise cos if its sumthing u dont like its gonna b harder 2 stick with it


Will do mate!
Ah yeah i go 2 a council one an all, its a decent atmosphere normally cos u get allsorts from the oldies healthy hearts class to the bairns games to the new 2 exercise ppl and everything in between its not like some elite meathead gym. Hope u liked ur induction


Hit the gym for a bit of walking and made the five miles. Wahoo. Dinner was a chicken breast and some tortilla chips. My goal is to not snack any further tonight.


So got another walk in this 7km at a pace of 10.05. Much quicker than yesterday. I’d say something to do with the softer rubber surface in the park. Steps goal for the day hit already so nice active morning and it’s only 11.

Quiet day today really for me. But may get out later again if the wife decides not to go to the gym.

Haven’t eaten yet but I have fruit ready for lunch time. Strawberries pineapple covered in yoplait. I’ll see later how I’m feeling for dinner. I think some tuna pasta maybe in order.
Water will be the usual 4litres + and snacks should be limited if at all. Maybe an apple later


2.1 lb loss for me this week, not too bad though slightly under the 1kg I was going for, still a loss is a loss. Onwards and downwards!


Morning ppl
Gona try n not eat much 2day til tea time n thats 4 money reasons as much diet lol (b#stard universal credit lol)
Av got some chicken breasts n potatos in. Gona see if theres a semi healthy way 2do chips lol

No particular exercise exept me bit walk



Chop your spuds into chip shapes, little bit of oil, in the oven until they’re golden. Bosh!


Good thinkin ill giv it a try


Cut as wedges, in the skins.


Fought off the desire to eat after dinner last night. Today, I go out to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Planning on eating light during the deal as the dinner will be more calories than I’m used to.

My 5 miles may be hard to come by today, but we’ll see.


good stuff mate. Am the same, after tea is the hardest bit, thats when i get thinkin about raiding the cupboards!! Hope u enjoy the meal out later


I’m one of those guys that would eat dinner and be full but still go to the fridge and open it to see what’s there. Old habits die hard


I’m the same, I eat out of habit/boredom rather than hunger.


We’re all the same. That’s why we’re all on here.
Food is chicken wings and a salad.
Not sure what’s for tea


Had a great day so far.
Woke up early and decided to go to the gym for about half an hour.
So far I’ve had avocado on toast and I’m due to have my leftover tacos for lunch. Off to my mums tonight so not sure what dinner is going to be…


Porridge, 2 bananas, boiled egg so far.
Lunch will be sweet chilli chicken salad for approx 225 calories plus yogurt.

Dinner undecided, maybe homemade lasagne.

Run later too, so should be around 900 under target by later.


@Biffa94 Deffo. The thicker the better (less surface area to absorb cooking fat), and deffo skins, they are the tastiest bits. No, that doesn’t mean just having skins with bacon and beans and cheese sauce (ah feck, really).

So I tried doing home made pasta bake, but really struggled with portioning it out (basically made enough for 4 days, ate in 2), so may stick with ‘This pot contains 400kcals’ etc in the short term… but have bought some freelance chicken, sauces, ham and mushrooms - so might try again at some point soon :wink:

All power to @Darren_Welch and others who can have delicious hot food in front of them, and say “No, I’m going to save this for the day after tomorrow”

I think the secret is to make food that is horrible - then you wont want to eat it (I am reminded of the Marmite cake in the vicar of Dibley):scream:


Exactly the same mate, thats the problem with pasta bake its just tooo nice hahaha, end up scrannin double what i mean to if am not careful!!


For some information @Drums1875 and @JPLANT :

LIMBIC hunger:

…is a namebthat happens when your eating behaviour conflicts with your long-term preference to eat less. The name ‘limbic’ apparently comes from the limbic system, the part of the brain that connects primitive drives, emotions and memory.

For primitive humans, eating a lot when the food was available made perfect sense.

You can’t eat just one chip because of limbic hunger. Eating one chip triggers more appetite because primitive limbic signals tell our brain we should eat as much as we can while the food is available. This leads to more eating, connecting in a vicious circle that doesn’t stop until the bag of chips is empty. Limbic hunger in this land of plenty causes many of us to eat too much, and too often.

Limbic hunger can be impulsive and stealthy. You decide to eat just one doughnut. A few minutes orba few hours later, in the middle of your second or the third doughnut you remember your decision to eat only one. That something that that made you reach for the second and third is limbic hunger overriding your willpower and your conscious preference to eat less.

SOMATIC hunger:

…is the sensation of discomfort in the stomach area that is commonly called hunger, or hunger pangs. Whilst it can seem unpleasant, it doesn’t actually mean you are hungry. Nature is not stupid. If hunger alone were to incapacitate a hunter-gatherer by being excessively distracting or intolerable, then the hunter would be unable to hunt and our species would have died off long ago.

We’re built with more resilience than that. As it happens, one objective, and ability given by intermittent fasting is to make that sensation of hunger less frequent, less intense, and much less distracting.

Humans evolved in an environment in which meals were likely a once-a-day event because it took hours, sometimes days, to hunt the wild game, then hours to prepare it. The kill was consumed in one sitting because there were no refrigerators to hold leftovers for a midnight snack or a later day.


Tell me about it mate!

Why can’t lettuce or carrots be as appealing as cheese or chips?