Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


Aye. I get 2 thinkin theres a few different kind of hunger. The one in ur stomach u can power thru. I think when it gets 2 the point of feeling faint (and theres no other reason) thats probs time 2 eat


That’s why you have plastic containers (takeaway style, whatever) & fill those at the same time as you put your meal out.

For me it’s still about filling the plate, but with salad or vegetables.

That’s why the combined food/exercise 3 day figure this week is already nearly 3000 below the lose it allowance. Gunning for the target now, I actually have the same motivation now that I had at the start in 2017. I was slack in 2018 whilst still on a downward trend, 2019 is where I finish the job quickly.


Lettuce can be used as a wrap so then put a sandwich filling of your choice inside.

Carrots can be made into chips?


Lasagne tonight, just made the filling, now to layer it up with wholewheat lasagne sheets and get in the oven.


Cheers mate, that’s really interesting, are you finding that the IF is helping more with the Somatic hunger or the Limbic hunger or both?


Good day today, 6 apples, cherry tomatoes, a few nuts, pret sandwich and verge chilli later, around 1900 calories.

Also managed a good gym session for the first time this week so feeling pretty positive!


Theres a shout mind, gona try doin more of that cos its the worst 4 makin u feel all hard done by when u got a measly wee portion


2 apples 2 cereal bars (its been the theme this week)
Probs let meself get abit 2 hungry now am pure clammin 4 Takeaway
Gona chips made meself. Reckon ill do some chicken fillet things (they hav like birdseye stuff on it) n some peas


Ok @Darren_Welch you got me with lettuce leaves, but the carrots are gonna take some work :slight_smile:


I think we all know it’s definitely not the same :joy:


Just walked 2km in minus 25 degree Celsius, to get my Tim’s coffee and donut. Its our first cold snap of the winter. We need more global warming.!


Sometimes, temporary measures need to be put in place. I tried some Iceland ready made carrot chips the other week, they were quite nice, not the same as making your own though.


Lunch was a sunbutter and jelly sandwich with jello and applesauce. Calories have been low thus far as dinner out approaches. Planning on some sort of taco salad or something. Going to a Mexican restaurant tonight. Not sure if there are any healthy options from a Mexican restaurant.


I’m now on Day 33 of intermittent fasting. In answer to your question:

Limbic hunger - IF has absolutely TOTALLY transformed my relationship with food. To follow the analogies given in my post: were I to go and buy a bag of chips now, I can hand-on-heart say that I would be able to eat one, then give the rest away. It goes without saying that of course I’d not do that, but if I were in the company of folk who were trying to test my resolve, they’d be able to tell I was genuine in my disinterest. I can happily stare into a cakeshop and look at the fayre on offer (and I do actually do this for both personal fun AND, simply because I can) and pass on by! I’d just love to have a doughnut…and if I think some day soon I’m gonna have one, I will!

I spent the two week Xmas break in a rented cottage in France. One day I got it into my head that it would be churlish to be in France and fancy, as I did that one particular day in the second week, a croissant or two…and not have one.

Intermittent Fasting is not about denying yourself anything you fancy, just delaying having it until your chosen eating window…so I DID pop down to the shop and buy myself one standard croissant, one pan au chocolat! a custard cream that was simply winking at me saying “Go on…you know you want me!”.

I then returned back to the cottage; placed the three naughty items beside the microwave…then boshed out some metres on the Concept 2 rower I’d taken with us…walked the dog with missus who’d now returned from swimming…and scoffed the three items whilst she prepared supper! :joy::joy::joy:

NB. There is magic in IF; but the magic is in the way it places back into your hands the CONTROL of your consumption back to YOU. Without doubt, no-one’s denying it, in weightloss you have to end the day with a caloric deficit, but intermittent fasting (there’s a range of styles, not all suited to everyone) puts you back in touch with your “I’m full” hormones…which is subtly different from painfully counting out calories by looking on the back of packets, looking up in books…yawn, yawn…

Somatic Hunger: To answer your question in this regard, in following IF one simply disregards the hunger pangs you can get if you delay having food. Not so deep inside you just KNOW your not going to starve. You live in the UK…you’ve got food in the kitchen ffs!..or there’s an Indian restaurant down the road…you’re not going to starve!

If you just DELAY eating for a while, your body will accept it…and over time become re-acquainted with taking on board food when YOU mentally decide you need it, because quite obviously you need to have nourishment, and not taking any old food because “It’s 1.30 pm and I ALWAYS have lunch at 1.30”.

Quite astoundingly, to me anyway, after just 33 days observing the protocol, I’m back in control of what goes in to my body. Not Mr Kellogs. Not Mr Tesco.

I say 33 days…that’s how long I’ve followed the advice that I read up on before adhering to the protocol that I’d determined could provide me with an even healthier way forward, but in truth I adapted within around seven to ten days…

Cue someone to say ‘bollix’ for £199 per month I can put you right!


TL;DR - yes.


I accept everything you say.

The days were I haven’t had breakfast and then finally grabbed lunch at 2pm are unintentional fasts, but that’s what they were.

Still isn’t for me on a regular basis though.


Absolutely fine! Not trying to foist it on any one…what have I to gain?

Certainly not £199 per month, per person! :joy::joy::joy: .


So that lasagne… it serves 6 at 450 calories a portion.

No, I haven’t counted, not since the first time I counted. I always use the same amount of each ingredient.

Fill the plate.


'tis me being thick yet again, but wtf does that mean? …please! :grinning:


Chicken breast with half a plate of veg for me for dinner, porridge with almond milk and berries for Brek, small portion of home made bolognese for lunch (no spag, lean mince, loads of mushrooms, Peppers and spinach). Apple, banana, Satsuma, 1 spoon of PB as snacks.

Move over Kate Moss you fat cow. 15 skinny guys are coming to town :joy: