Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


Top tip: try using spiralised butternut squash as a spaghetti. I have used butternut squash lasagne sheets before, would cut the calories in my lasagne even further but happy as it is for now.

Edit: or courgetti, used that before too!


It sounds like it’s really working for you, if my current weight loss plan starts to plateau I’ll give it a try!


Joined mid week on week 3 so may not hit 20lb but I’ll definitely be happy if I hit 10-15 over the next 7 week’s.

Currently sitting at an uncomfortable 22 stone exactly.
Goals for this year is 4 stone weight loss. Should be achievable, even with my dodgy knees.


Pork chops with an omelette for tea. A bit peed off with myself but in a dilemma as whether to hit the gym or cancel my membership. My lad has frozen his because of his travelling but I’ve got no desire to get there on my own.
Anyway I’ve over done it on the protein side of things today. Chicken and eggs, more eggs and pork. Mind you I do eat a big bowl of mixed salad for my lunch.


Thanks might give it a try. I’ve made a cauliflower base for a pizza before. Was absolutely disgusting!


Evening, gents. Another good day although probably should’ve left the quinoa puffs, they’re so good though and only about 200 calories.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Paneer curry with rice and naan bread, sprouts, green beans and kale, quinoa puffs.
D: Mixed vegetable tortilla, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes, 2 small halloumi and courgette pastries.
S: N/A
E: N/A - 14k steps
W: Over 4 litres.

Normally I’d have eaten the full packs of mozzarella and pastries, but I had half of each and put the rest in the fridge. Times are changing!


Hey mate, wow, that’s a huge argument… I know you used to go with your boy, but did you not feel the benefits for yourself - if not then maybe you’re right and the gym isn’t for you? Are you just peed off 'cos it’s busy? - It’s January, they’ll be gone in a few weeks :slight_smile: What about the classes, the boxercise? It sounded like you enjoyed that too? If you give up the gym what’ll you do exercise wise? I’m not a member of a gym and get my exercise from walking - average 6 miles a day, but that may not be possible for you timewise with your work schedule.


Tortilla wrap, some sauce, even sweet chilli or tikka masala, veggies, bit of chicken, 30g low fat cheddar.

Pizza hit fixed for under 400 calories.:+1:


Occassionaly I bulk food with konjac based products.

They are not suitable for eating alone, but are fine once rinsed and cooked with everything else in a sauce.


Sweet chilli stirfry with beansprouts, peppers, mushrooms, onions & konjac rice.

211 calories per each takeaway tray. Can serve with numerous things or just eat as they are.


That’s where I started and I lost over 30 since last year. You can do it


@mgluby …it’s a nice round number at least. Downhill from herein :grinning:


Welcome 2 the group :slight_smile:


Woke up feelin not well this morning. I hope i feel better when i get startd, and hope gym makes me feel better. Often does
Plan 2 keep it v low food wise during the day, cereal bars and apples ONLY til tea time.


Just in from spin class. 25km on the bike. Really enjoyed it and a nice change from the walking. Still have managed something everyday so far.

Nothing eaten yet but I’m having some strawberries with yoghurt in a bit. Plan is to eat light enough today so I’ll get something mid afternoon. And dinner I’m thinking omelette and beans. Usually a filler for me so that may leave me in a good enough deficit. Scales are not in my favours seem to be plateauing this week but we’ll soldier on.


Welcome to the team! After two weeks I’m still a pound over 22 stone so you are in good company


I was in the 22Stone club a few months back but now I am in the 20.5Stone. More importantly I am getting to grips with things and starting to shift that weight.


If it’s still like this later then today can be a rest day.

So far all the usual stuff;
porridge, banana for breakfast, apple & egg for elevenses shortly…

Stir fry at lunch, might add some hot & spicy chicken breast to the equation & lasagne/salad for dinner again. (3 people eat the lasagne so it’s gone in 2 days, no point freezing it!)


I can’t do the classes. I went in Monday and two of the instructors were playing cards, and one was having pics done of himself showing how ripped he looked. The music is shite hence got my own headphones. I feel like bashing a couple. When my lad is with me we can ignore it but when I’m on my own and I’ve got to think about things my head goes.


Had a good-ish day yesterday.

I had avocado on toast after the gym for breakfast, leftover tacos for lunch and then it all went downhill when the sweets came out at work (but I had a lot less than I normally would, probably not that bad but as off plan I feel bad about it) then I went to my mums. She only did new potatoes veg and fish which was a lot better than expected so made me feel better at the end. She also showed me a pic she found of me a couple of years ago and it gave me motivation to stick at it 100%…


Booked in for a spin class tonight and i’m actually quite unfit and i’m worried from what people have told me.
I don’t know if i should just cancel and normally go to the gym -anyone who has been to spin would you say it isn’t for beginners? - it says all abilities but is it really though