Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


I expect the only way you’ll know if you can do it is to go and give it a shot, you might surprise yourself!


Spin is for all abilities. I was on the spin bike at 22 stone and loved it. It’s helped me get where I am and I still do it when I can. Just say to the instructor it’s your first time so they know. They may ask anyway at the start of the class.

Enjoy it. And sometimes do it 4-5 times a week and even twice in a day if I can


@Josh…don’t give £uck what the others in the class may, or very probably are not, thinking. It’s all in your head.

I’ve done cycling training camps, every year we go to Pyrenees with the motorhome to tackle climbs previously done in Tour de France…I’ve done a bit of cycling.

I’ve got a decent stationary bike of my own in my cabin gym, but for a change of scenery and motivation I occasionally go to local gym to do a spin class:

I know of very few of decent cyclists from local cycling clubs that actually participate in spin classes…

If you only knew or believed…most of the other class members would be £ucking lost out on the open road. They don’t build a sweat up, and they don’t change the gears up to that supposedly demanded by the instructor…they should, if they only thought about it, be as self-conscious as you. They are crap. Promise.

I suppose I’d be in the range of ‘decent cyclist’ - from my perspective I don’t even give a single glance at other participants…

Just get on that class spin bike and do your own thing. Just enjoy getting your heart rate up and build some endurance. Enjoy it. Love it. The others are crap. …and after, as you put your bikes away or drift out of the gym towards the door they’re all friendly and fine. They’re all crap cyclists, but nice people…it’s just your (lack of) confidence… but believe me, they’re all crap cyclists…so you’ve got nothing to worry about.


I tried… and failed. I did half an hour which I guess is an achievement but you could tell I was nowhere near the pace of everyone else. I think I’ll try and get my fitness up then maybe try again. I finally found my limit though and it’ll push me to go further moving forward.


You didn’t fail, you tried, that’s the battle right there and I commend you.

Go again next time and watch your performance improve!


Like £uck you failed. You’ve only possibly failed if you don’t go back for the next class.

Trust me on this…it’d be like me coming back from injury or illness. You go back to the run/cycle meeting you’d previously done (in your case £uck all)… and you pick up from there.

Suppose I normally did two hours on spin bike at 15 mph, but then got puffed out and stopped.

Then I break my leg and have three months off. The first ride back I can only do 20 minutes, then I’m £ucked and climb off. The next day 30 minutes, then £ucked and climb off. Next day 35 minutes…you’re getting the drift of this…

Keep going. Your endurance will build class on class.

If you can’t keep up with the instructors instructions …go off piste! your own thing, just keep cycling til the end of the (45 minute) class. Your endurance WILL build…but not if you pi$$ off early.

Read my earlier post that I probably put on after you’d left for the class. The others aren’t cyclists. They just stayed on longer than you. This time at least.


Decided today was going to be a bit more of a slack day.

So after lunch, did a box of jaffa cakes (you can see why I did the TV thing lol) & a packet of sunbite snacks… lasagne and salad for dinner.

And you know what? Still only at 1738 calories.

No damage whatsoever. Back to it tomorrow.


I might get a box of Jaffa Cakes… you tried the strawberry ones? To die for!


Good day today food wise, fish for breakfast, cherry tomatoes as snacks, sandwich for lunch then vege chilli for dinner. Also managed to fit in a gym session but it wasn’t very satisfying, I struggled with cardio then did a core workout that felt too easy. Oh well I’ll refine it for next time. Sounds like everyone is making good progress!


There’s a reason why I did that thing about Jaffa Cakes.

‘it’s like whoever invented them, had in mind that you’d want to do the whole box in one go.’

Darren, BBC1, 2019.

Still, I’m within the LoseIt 1kg a week daily allowance still (which is now a measly 1786 a day) and 2979 under for the 4 days. Tomorrow I hit the exercise & go for sub 1500 calories food again.

It’s homemade tikka masala night (again! already! week came round quick!) tomorrow
& there’s poppadoms as well as naan this week…


Well then. Im Going to let you all into a secret. My missus loves a dance. Hence we go out a lot clubbing, (soul ) . So for her birthday I bought a six week learning to dancing swing for the 2 of us. So tonight I went to my 2nd swing (dancing) night. Well I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m shite at it. A different type of exercise I thought. I’m absolutely useless at it. A little exercise but not much.
I also achieved a major step with food today. Last night I cooked a lamb caserol which I had for my tea. The missus came home, ate nothing all day and we had to go out to this dancing lark. So on the way home I popped in to the chippy for her and she had sfc with chips. Me. Cus I’d eaten my casserole I didn’t have any. Not even a chip. 1 nil to me I say. Lunch was a ham salad.

Que the p!as take about my 2 left feet


Classes r much harder then normal gym in my exeprience. But ppl dont mind if u need a break or go slower or whatever. Every1 gotta start somewhere. Im by far the shittest person in the class i do lol


Bog standard day. Only had a cereal bar all day cos am annoyd with my body. Decent meat n veg type tea


Evening, gents. Relatively good day today, didn’t go overboard and enjoyed my evening out.

Finding that I’m walking a lot quicker now and able to maintain the pace a bit more. Also jogging to catch trains and buses more frequently which is great fun.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, nutty cocoa bircher.
L: Risotto with garlic bread and salad.
D: Vegetable kothu (roti, veg, eggs, curry sauce), 2 small Sri Lankan veg pasties, 3 veg gyoza.
S: N/A
E: N/A - 15k steps.
W: Over 4 litres.

Didn’t need the gyoza but I fancied them and they were worth it, really enjoyed them. Bought 4 and gave 1 away, so not too bad.

Hope you’re all doing well and you’re not planning on messing up your good weeks with bad weekends.


There’s a fine line between eating too much & eating too little. Neither are good for you.

If you need help making some sort of plan then ask, because your comment worries me a bit.


I’d score that at 2-0 @Drums1875. It’s good for the moral, that type of victory over food.

On IF I’m getting such victories each and every one of past 34 days now! (I sound like an evangelical preacher, even to me!)


Sorry, i must admit iv been rly cutting back during the days that was cos i hav some catch up 2do dpnt feel like am doin good progress. Also been skint so am tryna see how far i can stretch a box of cereal bars. Probs went abit far idk :confused:


Im trying my best doin intermittent fast i AM stickin 2 it.sorry if i let ppl down tho i didnt mean 2 i tried 2 follo the advice i honestly did @Zero4 i want 2 keep trying am sorry if am missing sumthing. Part of the reason i decided 2 do it was cos it was quite simple rules, typical me if av messed even that up some way i am sorry


Don’t worry about letting others down mate, you’re doing it for you, you’re the only person you’re letting down. The rest of us are just here to support


Stop apologising, mate, you’re not letting anyone down, not even yourself. You’re trying, and that’s what counts. If you have more wins than losses, overall you’re still winning.

Stop being so hard on yourself, this journey has to be enjoyable for it to work, otherwise you’ll be miserable when you’re succeeding and miserable when you’re not.

If you do mess up, forget about it and move on, but please stop apologising, even to yourself.