Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


Thank u both of u i dont suppose i can aplogise 4 apologising haha. So i will just say hopefully tuesday will show i done myself proud not let myself down we will see !!

I'm the new boy in class

Failed a bit on Thursday - cookies at work and then a larger than expected slice of carrot cake to celebrate January’s birthdays. Tom Yum soup for supper and usual breakfast smoothie.
Today has been great so far. Dragged my fat arse up the mountains on a bike with my son. I’m great downhill but as expected shit on the climbs. MapMyRide clocked me at 2634 calories for my 2 hrs…I guess when you drag 320 lbs up those climbs it must burn off something!
Breafast mid-ride was 2 energy gums for 120cal and lunch was smashed avocado and a 2 egg omelette. My wiofe is currently searching for a place to do for dinner - likely to be a BBQ meat feast which will keep me very happy. No fries.


Help me guys…I can’t stop snacking

I had a cereal bar for lunch, a peperami, 2 oreos and someone’s brought in cookies and i had one… ALL BEFORE LUNCH!!!

I can’t stop myself :frowning:


Just reduce what you have for lunch and dinner, no harm done.

In future, try and limit the snacks you have by replacing them with healthier snacks or distracting yourself.

Don’t feel down though, you’ll get into a negative cycle and will probably revert to comfort eating. You’ve got this!


Never be sorry for trying mate. Just dust yourself down and go again.


I haven’t bought lunch or dinner yet… The Mrs is in charge of dinner tonight, I’ve warned her and asked for it to be something that isn’t calorific…
It’s the end of the week so I’ve emptied my healthy snack drawer but even when I’m in this mood I’ll eat too many healthy snacks anyway!

Any suggestions on something low in calories that I can get for lunch, or just a subway salad again.


So far so good this week. Need to get the weekend out the way. Tonight no plans as yet but it’s my mate birthday and a few are out with the wife’s. Blues are playing Norwich and I think it’s on the box so I’ll do well to stay in.

Food so far was a piece of sfc my missus never ate with a salad. Mmm it taste so good even if it was cold.


Any salad is good providing it isn’t loaded with cheese and mayo or other sauces.

Meal deals from a supermarket can be sub 500 calories if you choose well.


I struggle to resist snacking too, that’s why I’ve started eating so many tomatoes, less than 20 calories per hundred grams and pretty tasty. Try a range of different low cal options and see what works for you (I also use chewing gum to replace snacks).


Making sensible choices on meal deals has made a huge difference for me, you can easily go over 800 if you don’t bother to check but you’re right that if you think about what you’re doing you can get something just as good for much lower.


We’ve made it lads.


Asda sell a lighter than light mayo that is just 11 calories per 15ml. 2 servings of that in salad, no harm done.


I’m not really a salad person, and don’t find the supermarket ready made sandwiches very filling. If you’re allowing yourself to go upto 500 calories then Asda and Aldi both do 500gr ‘slimming’ microwavable ready meals that cost £2. They both have a fairly good range (if you like chicken) and most come in at around 300-350 cals, so enough left over for an apple or banana or grapes.

My colleagues used to laugh about my ‘traffic light’ snacks - all healthy - red tomatoes, yellow bananas, green apples. Always kept some in my desk for ‘emergencies’ (like when everyone else was on the cakes/donuts/sweeties)


Well done mate, and for turning it around from yesterday.

I can sort of mirror your progress, although I seem to have alternated between good and bad days all week. Yesterday was a bad day - I just couldn’t stop eating. At least these days there are only healthy things to pig out on, well, except for the half kilo of potatoes (ooops).

So no surprise when this morning my weight was up 3 lbs on yesterday. I went for a brisk walk (at these temperatures going slowly wasn’t an option or desire). I covered 13.9 miles in exactly 4 hours, and according to app burned 1482 calories. When I got back I weighed myself again (just out of curiosity - no I am not obsessed, yes I can handle the intermittent rises/falls - being informed is never a bad thing), and 2.6 of yesterdays pounds had gone.

It’s now 3 pm and I am thinking I am starting to want to eat (so far today only had loads of black coffee (0-10 cals depending who you believe). On my way back from my walk I stopped at the supermarket, and have lots of healthy things to put into lots of meals. I will try to be better at portion control with this batch and will let you all have the details if I’ve made anything noteworthy.


I’m trying a low carb diet where cheese is ok mate. I’ve cut out anything that comes out of a box, packet, or tin. Bread, pasta and rice. But cheese is ok. Better if it’s sheep or goats but I only eat cars cheese. Mixed in with nuts to help fill you up. But I’d rather have sfc and chips any day.

Tea was left over lamb casserole. Tastes much better a day older.


Had 2 cereal bars then also had 2 cheese n pickle roll things (not a sandwich like thats the flavour of the whole thing)
Feel abit unsure if it was good choice. I dont rly wanna hav tea but probs will anyways
Tryna hype meself 2 gan out 4 gym , its the cold i dinnit wanna face


M8, how do you make cheese outta cars - unless u is Italian - lol - so many cheesy cars :joy:


I test drive a Parmesan once, quite nippy!


Could’ve gone with a Brie-MW.


This is my favourite post in 3 weeks