Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


It’s gone a bit em-mental last few posts


Ferrari Mozzarella came out well in this month’s Autocar review!


Edit: shouldn’t tease, should post the full meal.


Porsche oh.


Pretty good day today, ate five oranges and a load of tomatoes through the day, sandwich for lunch, houmous and celery snack, vegi chilli again for dinner. Also worked in a good gym session, strong start to the week so far!


Now let’s be serious - I’m sure when he said cars cheese he meant cats… that’s purrfect :smile:


Didn’t go running last night, won’t be running tonight. It’s simply too icy on the route after yesterday’s snow.

I have picked up an extra football match tomorrow morning though.


Nah, if you’re gonna go boys toyz, it’s gotta be the Lambo testerona surely, and quite nice with veggie rice apparently (ewe) :smile:


Hope u keepin warm mate! Least this weather finally meant the january gym crowd calmd down abit ha


Currently battling the urge 2 get takeaway. Tryna distract meself. The worst thing is av already had me tea


Ok, back to the plot, whatever that was…

My basic understanding was that all foodstuff consisted of macronutrients - Fat, Carbs, Protein. Everything else being sub catagories of these. Evidently my understanding was wrong… case in point (very tasty, and would still recommend) slimwell chicken tikka masala:
5.2 gr fat
14 gr carbs
63 gr protein

This accounts for less than 20% of the volume of the 500gr meal. I assume that the other 80+% is down to water. Whilst I DO get this, I can’t help feeling cheated… Surely if less than 100 grams of my meal is of calorific value I could have had a 200/300/400 gram meal with the same effects but less water. At least this way I am getting a good percentage of my water intake.

I’m sure other more knowledgeable peeps will tell me where i’m mis-understanding this (if I am)??


Ignore the previous, just looked it up.

@maxnas - any thoughts?


I hope not because of me, am trying to show you can cook healthier versions yourself.


Naw its just cos its friday n my brain still gans…treat nite.
I mite try n do a wickd curry nxt week meself they i wont feel deprived lol


Basically they will never add up to 100% as they are still a processed food.

It’s why raw food such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables & nuts are known as whole foods.


Jeez m8. I never expected 100%, but seriously, only reporting LESS THAN 20% is SOOO wrong. Why is this allowed?? I don’t get wound up that often… (OK, so let’s ignore BRExfarce), this is so wrong… I feel a complaint to however lives at number 10 next week coming on :slight_smile:


All this looking up what the macros and micros and whatever is total bollix.

First, if you eat stuff regularly and a few days later …or more likely the next day, you’ve eaten something NOT suited to you, your body will tell you.

Second, Do you really ENJOY looking up the various % balances? Do you genuinely think, even if you actually ARE doing it now, are you really going to carry on doing this for life?

Get real. Your grandparents didn’t know wtf a calorie is/was…they are sensible portions and cooked from fresh, and from scratch. Although they may have had a fridge (mine wouldn’t have)…they couldn’t store stuff for ages.

If you’re buying stuff from supermarkets that you require you to read from a list of ingredients on the back of the packet… you’re a tw@t. The contents of a packet of apples is - apple. The content of a pack of salmon fillets is - salmon. In a pack of chicken breast - chicken. A bunch of red grapes - red grapes. Are you getting my drift?

Processed food? - Just say “No”

Weighing foodstuffs each meal? Leave that for the sad boys.


@Unimatrix0 damn predictive text.
Anyway I hit the gym tonight instead of going out. A casual 30 mins row and 30 mins weights.


From one tw@t to another I don’t need to ‘read ingredients’ in order to know what is healthy, merely to feel worthy of talking to other tw@ts who feel they are better than me. Please be assured I won’t bother in future.


Mate you are looking mega, so well done you!!! you need to update your profile pic to show how far u have come.