Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3


Cheers. I’ve kept my avatar pic to remind me of what I looked like at 28 stone.


Someone’s had a drink.


Evening, all. Naughty breakfast and lunch, no dinner to make up for it. Rough day carting a lot of luggage from Croydon to Crawley and then Crawley to Euston.

B: 2 veggie sausages, 2 hash browns, 2 fried eggs, beans, tomato, 2 brown toast.
L: Cheese, coleslaw and salad baguette, quinoa puffs, chocolate crispy cake.
D: N/A
S: 2 x 5 calorie jellies.
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

Hope you’re all well and that this thread doesn’t descend into chaos. :joy:


That is probably a good thing thinking about it. But good to see your progress mate.


I prefer if there is a long list of ingredients on the packet, the food is probably bad for you. That doesn’t mean don’t have it, it means have it in moderation.

But most of my meals are made with wholefoods and the odd sauce.


It is because of water content amongst other reasons. But it isn’t a case of saying might as well have a small portion minus the water… I mean the human body is over 50% water but we aren’t sloshing around like we belong in a bucket… welcome to the wonderful world of biochemistry.

The answer is as I say earlier. Wholefoods. The more you eat of them, the better.


An example of water content in meat @Unimatrix0


Maybe when i Have my next one (only one left), I should weigh it before and after cooking to see how much of what I paid for has evaporated :slight_smile:


I definitely notice when I buy cheaper meat (which I don’t do often as I’m now mostly vegetarian) it shrinks massively when you cook it. It seems to me almost as though some supermarkets inject the cheap stuff with water to get the weight up.


Joking aside, thought I was having a decent week, the scales say otherwise halfway through.

Anyway, the ice appears to have melted overnight, so football this morning then providing I come through unscathed, dog walk lunchtime & a jog with the dog tonight.


I’m in the same boat, weighed in this morning at basically the same I was on Wednesday, just got to put it down to weight fluctuation and stick to the plan.


I’m up. And I want ridicule. Went out for anniversary dinner 2 nights ago. All good eat what I want. I was fasting of course and within the window. Get up yesterday break fast early with cheesecake. It was the Cheesecake Factory after all. Go to a bday party yesterday have some cake then home for dominos. Feeling it today and tomorrow spin class will be a journey. Back at it today. With good choices and food being prepped for the next few days. So I’m 4 up since Tuesday. Easy to get off I’d say but anwyay.

Now hit me with it. :facepunch:t2: :tongue:


You are what you eat, you pudding.


Don’t let @Zero4see this. He’ll go off his rocker


I’ve been on the money this week. Been to circuit training this morning. Now showered and off out for the day.


Hey mate, thought’s on what exactly? :slight_smile:


Horses for courses mate… having the freedom & intuition to manage yourself like that is really great, although many people do struggle with that approach believe it or not, some people actually benefit from tracking initially to give them some ‘aha’ or ‘lightbulb’ moments & the realisation of how much they’re actually eating compared to what they thought they we’re eating.

Ultimately the important thing is finding what works best for you as an individual, which you’ve done for yourself… more power to you for that

It’d be great if everybody could eventually get to that point, but for many it’s a case of getting ‘out of debt’ first & having a structured plan of action… others like yourself, not so much :slight_smile:


This one, @maxnas, please.


Ah right, yep just like you said, the shit that they can get away with on nutrition labels is really bad… you’ll find the total sum of macros vs total calories is almost always different, which doesn’t make any sense until you find out the margin of error (lies) they’re allowed to get away with.


Weight fluctuations - if your’e weighing daily you may see the weight go up and down - you just need more down days and you’re a winner. Remember if it takes a net deficit of 3500 cals to lose a pound of fat it’s going to take a 3500 cal excess to gain. So being 2 lbs up after a bad day is not 2 lbs of fat. You have to think of the body as a number of constituent parts. The ones we are concerned with are fat and muscle but the big variables are fluid and the bag of food, poop and fibre that is our digestive system. Simple moving average of your last 5 days will smooth the peaks out. Weighted moving average would give a better figure. I used to have a spreadsheet for this and I’ll try and dig it out. Very useful if you’re weighing daily.