Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 4


Morning all. Weighed in this morning up 0.6lb. Have to be happy as I was 4up at one stage. Still 8.4lb down on the challenge. Goal this week is less snacking and eat within that calorie goal. And no take outs.:+1:t2:

Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3

@Greenballs - you can do it. Regardless of what the scales say you’ve done all that exercise and are healthier this week than last. I see you’re in Dubai - me too (but working in Abu Dhabi) We use HelloChef to deliver 4 meals a week that we have to prep and cook ourselves. Good, healthy, calorie counted meals and it means there’s always meals in the house so no take-away temptation. We find the box for 2 easily feeds the 3 of us.
For snacks I’ve made my wife and son put all their stash of Pringles, Bounties, crisps and cookies in a single cupboard which I never open. I’ll sneak a square of 70% chocolate from the fridge or a dozen almonds if I’m peckish.


Good morning everyone. Had a good week food and exercise wise. Only drank 1 pint over the weekend. So was looking forward to a good result weight wise. Only list a lb. Tat. Oh well. Back at it.
Good luck everyone


Gained just over a lb.
Not sure what that’s about…

Will just carry on as we are & blame the scales.


Been really pushing myself this last few days. I just bloody hope i get a good loss 2day or am gonna b ragin like


Morning, gents. 1lb down and I punched the air! Scales showed me up all weekend so I’m delighted to have lost 1lb somehow.

Have a top day, gents, @Greenballs - cheers for the thread links in the last post!


Small world. There’s quite a few of those meal delivery places around. Not Talabat😉. Gym im in used KCal. You may know it. We like to do our own tho.


YES nearly 2lbs, just when i was thinkin my body doesnt do weightloss lol


With us both working it mean we always have something healthy to eat rather than reaching for the delivery option. KCal is supposed to be very good - a friend of mine swore by their salads.


Alright. Week four here we go. Gained .2 lbs, nothing significant there. Looking to write down everything I eat today to keep myself to task. We recently got a bunch of snow and freezing rain on Sunday and the roads are still ice covered near my house, so planning on doing a bunch of walking around the halls of school this morning as we have a two hour delay due to the cold and wind. It’s below zero F, and the winds are a howling.


I think you meant to put 280.2 on the weight loss thread instead of 282.2 mate?

Also @Zero4 you’ve done yourself out of 0.6lb matey… should be 4.2lbs lost to date, not 3.6, going by your start weight.


@Chocoholic Dang, I can’t remember what my weight was now. Will have to recheck tomorrow. I remember thinking, no bad only a .2 gain. It’s going to be a long day if my brain is already toast.


Oh cheers @Chocoholic …and can you please message me daily with similar news please! …that way I’ll lose weight that much quicker!


Sorry lads, I’ve been mad busy the past few days - food log below.

B; Porridge & Grenade chocolate spread
L; Mackerel and Rice
D; Tesco Beef Bourgingon
S; Snack A jack rice cake, hula hoops puft beef and a mini babybel
Ex; Full game of football

TUESDAY so far;

B; Yoghurt & Berries
L; Prawn Mayo sandwich with baked crisps
D; not had it yet but planning a jacket potato, not sure what with
S; Not sure yet, see how it goes but a snack a jack is likely.
E; Planning on going to the gym after work


Yesterday stayed bang on the track as intended. Fast broken at 8 o’clock on return from climbing off the Wattbike after one hour ride. 32 kilometres of fun!

Here’s the intake…and ‘No, not a whole bottle of wine, just one large glass’ :

BD8F31FF-3F55-48D6-9EFE-C256065CF55A.jpeg2448x3264 2.19 MB

In bowl: Salmon fillet, feta cheese, Endama soya beans with sugar snap peas.


Right, off to play football at Soccerworld.
If I only have a tuna salad when I get home,
will have topped out today at 1219 calories eaten.

Well, it isn’t gonna shift itself…


I’ve been feeling hungry all day. My job today didn’t help. On a boring 1 today with a lot of sitting around doing Jack. Only ate my food that I took which was a mackerel salad. But nearly went to the cafe. Don’t know why. Got home and it was on my mind. Went into the fridge looking for food. Ate some left over meat. Was going to boxercise but had my tea instead which was pork chops and veg stirfry. Still hungry I had some berries and full fat Greek yogurt. An hour later walked into the kitchen and nicked a chicken thigh that the missus had just cooked.

Currently sitting here thinking why. I only needed to get ready for my class then things would have been good, but succumbed to my weakness.

Oh by the way. Lost 1 lb. A bit disappointed in that. Worked hard for that 1lb. Maybe that was in my head. A crap return for the effort.


I know how frustrating it can be when it doesn’t feel you’re getting the result you were expecting. But a loss is a loss and if you stick with it next week you might get a delayed impact from this weeks effort!


Good day. I honestly think am gettin better at self control n i hope this gonna b summit i can use in other bits of my life not just weightloss

2 bananas , chocolate cereal bar, chicken sandwich, eggs beans n boiled potatos. Boring food day lol


Evening, all. Ate and drank as much as I could before weigh in tonight as it’s the registration session, aka start weight.

I was presented with a medal for most weight lost throughout the season and they’re finding out if I’ve broken the national record, so we’ll see!


B: Grenade Carb Killa Go Nuts protein bar, ruby cocoa KitKat.
L: Veggie burger, fries, yoghurt, granola and strawberry compote.
D: Chipotle bean and cheese wrap, egg mayo sandwich, 2 protein flapjacks.
S: One Milo chocolate (11 cals), 1 protein flapjack.
E: 45 minutes football.
W: Over 6 litres.

Up to 17k steps and will probably net another 1k by the time I’m back in the hotel. Back on the good boy bus tomorrow as I want the top scorer award!