Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 4


All you needed was 3 litres of water, would have added 3kg and then after weighing, long visit to the loo… works better than any food & is then gone again a lot quicker.

Congrats on the medal.


Well done mate well deserved.


great effort - well done in getting recognised for your weight loss


2.9lbs down for the week - I’m weighing in kilos so the conversion does throw in some fancy decimals - I was tempted to round that up to 3lbs…
New goal is to hit the 20lb loss on 5th Feb, 1 month ahead of schedule. I have a heavy weekend ahead with a return trip to the UK for my Mother’s 80th. I am planning my eating strategy already. Don’t need to eat on the flight as it’s a overnighter. I’ll grab some fruit on arrival on Friday morning for breakfast. Probably skip lunch and then family dinner in the evening. Similar for Saturday and Sunday. The booze will be the issue. I’m going to stay off the beer, stick to wine and water hopefully.

My yoga teacher was discussing the power of positive thought in the process of healing, I’ve started to apply that to my weight-loss. I’m thinking of the thinner me, the things I’ll be able to do again, the normal size clothes I can wear, the healthier years I’ll have to live. Also thinking of all those nasty fat cells shrinking away one by one. Seems to be working.

What is also working is the accountability of reporting on this thread. I know I can’t do this on my own (although I kid myself that I can every time I start this journey). This thread and the whole MVF ethos will get me through the plateaus and the self-doubt. Cheers guys.


Just finished a 8.1km walk. Went a little bit longer than I was planning. Good to get that out of the way anyway. No breakfast yet but I’ll not get settled at home til around 2 so that may be my first food.
Soup planned for lunch and plan on omelette later with some beans. Should be a low cal day. Fitbit said I burnt over 900 cals walking but I’ll not be including that anywhere

Water usual 4 ish litres.


Fantastic @atb88. A great effort. And looking good. Well done and keep it up. Just get your hair cut :eyes::muscle::massage_woman:‍♀️:haircut_man:


Morning. Iv got appointment with the nurse 1st thing, dunno if they gona weigh me or not we will see.

Plan 2 fast as long as i can, break it with the usual kind of stuff, will check in later. Gym later an all


Poor day for me yesterday, skipped the gym as I was feeling tired then ate some extra cheese and crackers, probably came in just under 2500 calories overall. That’s been reflected on the scales, less than a pound of loss this week. Frustrating but I’ll keep pushing on, under 140kg now so at least that’s something!


Ah, @atb88 …I understand it now; once you get to your ideal weight THEN you’re going to treat yourself to a haircut.

I see your logic. Well done on your acclaims!


Really annoyed. Weighed in yesterday and only lost about half a pound (0.2kg) but I’ve had one of my best weeks food/weight wise in a long time


Seems like a lot of us are in the same boat, hitting a third week plateau on the scales. Can’t let it stop us though!


Lets hope it catch up next week eh!


Am thinkin am gona boost my fasts up2 20hr a day instead of 16. I feel abit desperate tbh so this mite give me the push i need


I really don’t understand how it’s possible for you to plateau though, surely if you are creating a huge calorie deficit why does your weight loss stop? Can anyone help…


The body can take time to catch up with your changes, take it each day as it comes and don’t stress over it.


Porridge, 2 apples, banana, last pasta bake, yogurt…

that left 1000 calories without thinking about exercise, so got salt & pepper chicken wings with carrot fries tonight.:grin::+1:

Edit: works for me.


B non
L non
T 2 big serving veg soup 4 piece of bread
Exercise gym.


Is the carrot like done in the oven? Does it taste of normal carrot if thats not the stupidest question ever


It’s often just that your weight per the scales can fluctuate loads depending on lots of things (like how much water your retaining, how much food is going through your digestive system etc) that have nothing to do with how much fat you’re carrying, so you might have lost 2 pounds of fat but because you are retaining more water you only weigh 1 pound less. If you stick to it you’ll lose more in weeks to come, but if you let the plateau be an excuse to quit you’ll never know… at least that’s what I’m telling myself!


Decent day today, apples and tomatoes, meal deal lunch, crisps snack, now home for vegi chilli. Also managed to force myself to go to the gym despite very low levels of motivation do I’m feeling chuffed about that