Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 4


Yeah I know just bloody annoying! Especially when I try and keep the times I eat on weigh in days and water intake the same.


Alas on this occasion it was an Iceland cheat. They were 50p a bag a little while ago so I got some to try. That was the last of them & they don’t seem to be on the website anymore. Shame as they are quite nice.


I was going to cook properly until the missus suggest having an easy night between us. :slight_smile:

Still, a calorie deficit is a calorie deficit.


Good evening. Was disappointed with myself yesterday with shying away from boxercise and eating extra instead so decided to do a hiit with weights class tonight. First time I’ve ever done this class. Jeez, it was hard, but I managed it. I’ve had a few comments from the people who go to these classes which cheered me up.
Food wise 2 tandoori chicken thighs with a salad.
Hiit class then tea was 3 tandoori chicken thighs with stirfry vegs. Hopefully back on it.
Also had another success as I went to a van that came on site that sells food and drink to the lads on site. I only ordered a black coffee and resisted all the goodies on there

Copied over from my other group Weigh.

@Josh I think @JPLANT is right. It’s mad how you put all the effort in with little return, but your body inside is improving and that’s what you have to focus on. It’s a new way of eating that we want to get into so over a long period of time we’ll get to a healthy weight. It’s not a race. Let’s see if we can continue with it. It’s easy to fall back in to our old habits. Good luck and plod on.


Evening, gents. Good day, back at it!

B: 3 boiled eggs, 2 brown toast.
L: Salad, yoghurt, granola and strawberry compote.
D: Falafel and hummus, Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap, massive bowl of salad.
S: N/A
E: 12k steps.
W: Over 5 litres.

Seems like we’re all doing well. Let’s keep this up and hit our targets whatever they may be! It’ll soon be Pancake Day, let’s have it so we can enjoy our pancakes guilt free!


Also :fu:t2: to any of the hair comments I’ve not responded to.


Had an awful day today. Skipped breakfast as I didn’t feel hungry but then once I ate my lunch I didn’t feel satisfied so kept snacking.

L; leftover stir fry
D; Salmon new potatoes and rice
Snacks 4x Bourbon biscuits and 2x ferrero rocher (may be others that I can’t remember)
No exercise (rest day).

Tomorrow is a new day. I WILL go to the gym and I will eat well.


What sorta comments u had @Drums1875 ?

Am hungry :confounded::confounded::confounded:


This. Steady & slow gives your body more time to get used to it, meaning less risk of gallstones, loose skin… 5 stone lighter & not a single bit of loose skin here.


Eat an apple. Asda Gala apples are 6 for £1 & only 53 calories an apple.


Aye am gona get afew in 2moro like. I like them whale granny smith ones, theyr lush


I normally eat 2 gala ones per day. Some apples are a lot more calorific.


Eee never?? How do u find out the cals in granny smith?


Don’t beat yourself up worrying, just mean some apples are 100, some are 50…

Tonight’s batch cooking is minced lamb curry with mushrooms & peppers…


Aye iv heard mixed messages about apple, didnt clock differnt kinds had different cals


Apples are good for you. Fibre, natural sugar.
Lower in calories than a cereal bar, etc.

Anyway, 4 portions made, risotto style.
386 calories.
Well it is lamb (although only used 250g in the whole thing.)


Yea am quite into apples, defo best fruit


Morning ppl here i am ready 4 another day of bein fat lol
I hav another work trial om, feelin ok!

Plan 2 fast until tea time if possible. If not i can hav 2 apples


Good comments mate. How much my body has changed and how well im keeping up with the classes. One lad even said im a lot fitter than i look. Ha ha ha ha.


Alright @Darren_Welch. The loose skin isnt to mch an issue at the moment but it will vome as i lose more due to my age. Its been stretched for a very long time. If you’re young enough it’ll go back and by looking at your pic youre a bit younger than me.


@Darren_Welch Im not sure if i will get loose skin or not. Right now am not bothered, i dont see what difference it makes if i do or dont. But i mite feel different if it happens??