Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 4


Oh, so you agree with them @atb88 ; it takes a strong man to admit when he’s wrong. SB and S.


Stop being senile. It’s a middle finger emoticon.


I’m nearly 45!


Seems to be a real mix of positive and negative vibes here since the last weigh in. To the guys that are feeling down about it all - DON’T!

To keep myself on track I remind myself constantly of the following:

  1. I’m eating consistently better than I have in a very long time and should be proud of that.
  2. The number on the scales is coming down gradually
  3. My fat boy dog walking trousers are feeling looser and belt in a notch (bit of a girly thing to celebrate but eff it!)
  4. I must be doing a lot of good to my insides too.

So stay positive lads and don’t give up!

(edit - I mean to say I’ve been feeling disappointed that I haven’t lost as much as I’d hoped/deserved by now so this is what I try to think about)


@Drums1875 was born in 1875.


Crikes. He’s younger than me :joy::joy:


I am a ‘young person’ but only til november this year. Dunno what i am after that. Old person?


Aren’t you like 12?


Evening, fellas. Fairly good day today, bought 8 cans of alcohol free beer for tomorrow night, couldn’t resist and had one of each (Pistonhead and Freedamm), both 66 calories per can.

Not a big fan of the Pistonhead but the Freedamm is really good, not sure it tops Erdinger Blue though!

B: Beans, 1 slice of dry brown toast.
L: Mushroom soup, butternut and avocado wrap with rice.
D: Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap, 2 boiled eggs with spinach.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres + 2 alcohol free beers.

Hope you’ve all had a strong day, if anyone wants some verbal punishment then give me a shout.


24 the maturest kind of young person :tophat:


Not a great day for me today, ended up eating around 2250 calories which included and unnecessary bag of crisps and half a bar of chocolate. Also just realised I haven’t been including the milk I have in my coffee, which has probably been 200 - 300 calories a day, might explain my slower than expected losses, going black from tomorrow.


Come on, blue, sort yourself out, lad. Next time you go to pick up some shite food, think of us, think of your target, think how disappointed you’ll be when you get on the scales.

It’s all in the mind, let’s keep it going!


Cheers buddy!


I’ve copied this over from my other group.

Had a good day food wise. Lunch was tinned mackerel and salad
Tea was mince meat and lentil curry with cauliflower rice. Was pretty damn good. I always let it stand a day to make it taste better. Frozen the rest. Had some melon afterwards.
Not sure I’ve said but trying to learn swing dancing on Thursdays. I’m absolutely tat at it. The missus didn’t have any tea before we went and where we go there’s a great little coffee shop over the road, so went in afterwards and she had some food. Me, I resisted and just had a black coffee. They had some nice cakes as well.

@Biffa94 your younger than my kids.

Hope you have a good day


Hope u enjoyed the dancing even if its not easy 4 u.

Aye well, mite b the youngest here (??) But most of yous probs can run rings round us eh literally, am just tryna keep up me ha


Having a bad day, bad news about a good friend.

So keeping this brief with the only stats that matter.

Includes a bit of cheesecake dessert today, all good.


Am rly sorry mate, u take care eh


I’m 24 too son. Not for long though…


Ah nice 1 pal, 20 something club yeeea :+1::facepunch:


Sorry to hear about the bad news, mate. Still a good day had which shows you’re exactly where you need to be on your journey.