Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 4


Had a great day today in my opinion. We have a huge cup final on Monday in the football so I’m trying to do whatever I can to keep the weight down as I’m out this weekend and I hope that the beer doesn’t let me (and the team) down, please don’t try and give me tips for a healthy weekend by the way, this is my one big blowout and I’m making the most of it!!!
Today’s diary is as follows

B; Porridge with chocolate protein spread
L; Salad with chicken and salad cream (think I’ll stick with mayo next time, salad cream does not go with chicken)
D; Gammon with a few new potatoes and beans/sweetcorn.
Only snack I had was one snack a jack large rice cake thing.

I outdid myself in the gym today. 10 mins on the cross trainer and 30 mins on the treadmill, only fast walking/jogging but still I’m happy with that.


Bottles instead of pints. :wink:

Good effort today, mate, you’re wrong though. Salad Cream goes with chicken.


Thats waxxa , was it u who was worried u wasnt doin long enuf at the gym or was that @JPLANT ? Either way good progress!!

Enjoy ur weekend, sounds mint


Not me, I’m pretty pleased with my gym sessions at the moment :blush:


Nice 1 mate soz 4 the mix up


No worries, I’m pretty pleased with it so glad of a chance to bring it up!


Bit backwards day tbh…wont b havin tea cos am on the sesh later lol. Eating is cheating ha. Thinkin cereal, yoghurt, fruits, cheese sandwich n soup. Then a few drinks
Thinkin of treatin meself 2 some new jeans, wonderin if i can get away with the nxt waist size down??? Optimistic lol


On my travels and has been a success so far. Had supper at 7pm last night. No beer or food at the airport, nothing but water on the plane. Sitting in Paris right now at noon Dubai time - 19hr fasting. Have had a banana and 2 clementines for breakfast with some sort of green smoothy. Feeling good and happy that i have started as I mean to go on. The tough bit will come later when faced with a large spread of delicious food - I’ll have to sit a long way from the buffet.
Good luck to you all over the weekend. Keep up the healthy eating. If you are consistently in calorific deficit nature will take care of the rest.


What app do you use for calorie counting?


I’ve used my fitness pal for a long time. Currently playing about with lose it free version. It doesn’t sync up with the Fitbit I’ve found.


Whelp, just checking in. I started January 2nd at 181.9 lbs. As of Tuesday Morning, I’m down to 173.9 lbs. So I’m def recovering after the holidays!


I use the one called ‘Lose It!’.

A good friend from MvF passed away last night.
I may have mentioned him last week as having had a heart attack; sadly he never woke up again.


Sorry to hear that Darren. I mind you saying last week. Terrible news


Sorry to hear that mate hope you and everyone else who was close to them are doing ok.


He was our 'keeper at SGP in 2018.
Raise a glass for him tonight, wherever you are.


That’s terrible, mate. My condolences.


I didn’t even drink at Christmas…


Aw mate am so sorry . Hope ur ok thoughts to all who knew n cared for him n had the pleasure tdo Mvf along with him


Sad news @Darren_Welch.


I’ve had another good day food wise. 2 chicken thighs with a salad for lunch. Tea was half a small chicken with stirfry vegs. Its a good job I like chicken.
No exercise today. None tomorrow either as I’m going into work.

I have decided that I’m going out tomorrow after work. I’m taking my spare clothes, and going for food and beers. There’s a couple of craft beer pubs not to far from work. Going to meet the missus and going to have an Indian grill for lunch then onto these pubs. I will be drinking as I want to. It won’t be a session but a lazy afternoon early evening casually.